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Chapter 2

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okay, another mini introduction 'cause i forgot to mention some things. this takes place in the present, but the band members are high school-ish age. so same songs now, just not from those bands, i guess. does that make any sense? if not, tell me 'cause i'm not good at articulating things. here's chapter 2! tell me what you think! :

I slowly walked into Science.
"That's the second time this week, Miss Voss. I will see you in detention this afternoon." the teacher said.
I swore under my breath, as I sat down at my desk.
Izzy passed a note with the homework written on it over to me.
I mouthed "Thank you!"
She mouthed back "No problem."

I'd love to say I finished my homework in class and the teacher applauded my effort and took back that detention, but then there'd be no story. Or there would be one, but it probably wouldn't be as enjoyable. You'll see why this detention made a difference later on.

The bell rang and I took the detention slip Mrs. Young had written out. I glanced at what she wrote.
Miss Voss has been tardy two occasions this week, and therefore recieves a detention. it read.
It took her that long to write that one sentence? Come on. We need better teachers here. Not some playboy aspiring dim wits. I thought to myself.
I quickened my steps so I could catch up with Rosie who was a couple yards in front of me.

"Rosie!" I yelled.
"What? Why do you have to make such a scene?" she snapped.
"'Cause that's what I do best." I joked.
"True. What's up?"
"Umm, not much. Mrs. Young gave me another detention. I just hope my parents don't cancel that concert we're going to in December." I explained.
"Oh yea! You better stop socializing during break and go to your classes." she said.
I rolled my eyes as we headed to the cafeteria.

Well, I go to your average school. There's all the cliques. My friends and I are pretty much a whole clique by themselves, but we always allow new comers. We pretty much talk about everything. Music, guys, TV, movies. All that stuff. We have one rivalry. That's with the cheerleaders. We think they're so fake. Well, actually, we KNOW they're so fake. And you're probably thinking this is so cliche' and like some Disney movie, but it's true. That's where the whole idea of snobby cheerleaders came from. Anyways, back to the story.
Kiana, Izzy, Rachael, Rosie, and I all sat at our favorite lunch table towards the back of the cafeteria. Even though lunch tables weren't assigned, you pretty much had your table picked out from the first days, because of all the cliques.
"Ugh! I got a detention from Mrs. Young today." I told the group.
"Me, too!" Kiana high-fived me. "But it was from Mrs. Miller."
"You guys, I don't think getting detentions is something to celebrate." Izzy reminded. "If you get in trouble with your parents again, we have less time to hang out!"
"She's actually right." Rosie agreed.
"Whatever." Rachael said. "I have better matters to discuss."
"Like what?" I asked.
"Well, you know how I entered that contest to get 5 backstage passes to see My Chemical Romance?" she asked.
"No freakin' way." I said, dumbfounded.
"Well," she continued with a half-smile. "Hot Topic, the sponser, called me yesterday."
"And," Rosie urged."
"I," she started.
"Just tell us already!" Kiana yelled impatiently.
"Won!" Rachael finished.
Our table erupted with cheers.

The cheerleaders, hearing this outburst decided to make some fun. They sauntered over to our table.
"What, you found out that Garrett guy is single?" Kara, one of them, asked.
"It's Gerard, dumbass," Rosie retorted. "And it's better than that."
"You guys are like obsessed with him. What could be better than that?" Ashley, another, questioned.
"Why should we tell you?" Izzy inquired.
"Yea," I agreed. "I thought you didn't care about My Chem."
"We don't." they replied quickly.
"Then leave." Kiana demanded.
"Whatever." The cheerleaders said in unison. Then they laughed at their amazing ability to say "whatever" in unison.
They slowly sauntered back.

"So," Izzy reminded us of the important matter at hand. "When's the concert?"
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