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chapter 3

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Okay. just another intro. 'cause i feel that i haven't explained this whole thing right. Sorry if I take a while to post the next chapter. With school, and pondering about the plot, and homework, and neglecting my homework, and nagging my mom to let me dye my hair and nagging my mom about getting guitar lessons, I don't have that much time. But, I'll try to post a chapter a day. Just be patient. if that's possible xD. Oh yes. uh i have some conflicts with the characters. so the band members are in the story. the conflict is: i still want the characters to listen to the same bands. SO. here's how it's going to go down. Example: patrick stump= a guy who looks almost the same as patrick, but different last name, and isn't in the band Fall Out Boy. get it? i hope so. 'cause i don't think I'm that good at articulating. Anyways, let's begin.

I opened the door to detention. At my school all the people who got detention that day are in the same room with one teacher. So when I walked inside, there were only about five people.

I was pretty suprised to see only five. Usually we had more troublemakers at school but I guess people wanted to leave school as soon as possible for the weekend. I couldn't blame them.

I took my seat next to Kiana in the back row.

The teacher came into the room and sat down at her desk. "There is no talking. There is no eating, drinking, chewing gum, or anything similar to that. Just do your homework quietly and you won't recieve a second detention. You may begin."

It wasn't my first time in detention, so I pretty much knew the routine by heart. I had finished most of my homework, and forgot to bring a reading book, so I did what I did best. Abosolutely nothing.

After five minutes or so I got bored, so I decided to look around and see who was there. Kiana, Jared, Pete, Brendon, Patrick. Whoa, wait. Patrick? I didn't know he was a troublemaker.

I looked at Kiana and nodded my head in Patrick's direction. She understood and passed me a note.

Oh yeah. I'm kinda suprised, too. Pete got Patrick into trouble. They were playing basketball in P.E. and Pete dared Patrick to pull down that new guy's pants. Patrick didn't want to turn down a dare, so he did. The new guy swore really loudly and punched Patrick. So they both recieved detention.

Aww, poor Patrick. I wrote back.

Kiana rolled her eyes and continued her math homwork.

I scanned the classroom for the new guy. Whoa. I quickly wrote a note to Kiana.

Whoa, the new guy is HOT! Think I should go for him?

Kiana scrunched her nose and wrote on the back of the piece of paper.

He's not my type. But I thought you were going to the mall with Rachael tonight so you could find hot guys. Mabye if you don't find any there you can go for him.

Okay. I tried to get a better look at the new guy. Then I nudged Pete who was sitting next to me. I wrote a quick note.

What's the new guy's name?

Who do you think I am? The king of gossip?

Whatever, Pete. Tell me.



Because why?


Okay, whatever. Wait, do you possibly LIKE this guy?

Just tell me his freakin' name!

Ooh, Ava's got a crush.

I was so fed up with Pete. He was so freakin' annoying, I didn't even know why Rosie put up with him as her boyfriend. But then Pete would be sweet and write her cute notes on special occasions. And then he'd just be obnoxious again.

In a desperate attempt, I decided to ask the new guy, himself. I scribbled down my question and handed the note to Patrick.

"Pass it over to the new guy" I mouthed.

Patrick, being cooperative unlike Pete, passed it over to the new kid.

The new guy opened it and mouthed to Patrick while I was trying to look inconspicious and looking at my textbook, "Who's it from?"

Patrick pointed to me.

The new guy wrote something on the back of the piece of paper.

The teacher looked up from her book to check the time. "You may leave."

As soon as she said that, everyone rushed to the door. Everyone but the new guy.

He slyly slipped the note into my messenger bag while I was yelling at Pete to stop walking in slow-motion.


I got home and checked my bag for my cell phone because I wanted to call Rachael.

When I opened my phone, a tiny slip of paper fell out. I saw my untidy handwriting. I opened up the folded note. One word was written on the back.

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