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Chapter 4

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okay. just start expecting these intros from now on. I've been hearing a lot of stuff about how Ryro seems mean and all that. i just want to say that the Ryan in this story is based on Ryro's looks and the fact he can write lyrics and play the guitar. that's about it. So. let's get on with it.

Rachael and I ended up not going to the mall. One reason was because the mall was being redone so we would have to manuever around all the construction. Two, because the mall was SUPER crowded on Friday nights. And three, we ended up finding guys that we were interested in that day.

I, of course, found Ryan. And Rachael found this really cute, if I'm allowed to state my opinion, guy named Brendon. He's super funny and listens to pretty much the same music as Rachael, so of course, she was totally turned on from the start. They met. at the music store across the street from our school. That's basically where all of my friends and other music lovers go when we ditch school. But don't tell my parents that.

Rachael was looking at the "New Artists" section because we love to listen to that music before it becomes popular, just so we can scoff at the kids who think it's new when the song becomes popular. An example of this was "Hey There Delilah" We listened to that song for three years until it became popular. Then it got overplayed, so we moved on.

Anyways, sorry that I ramble, Brendon liked that section, too, so he walked over there as soon as we entered the shop. Rachael picked up a CD that Brendon had bought and loved. Brendon saw her action, and told her that she should definately buy it. And now they're on a date. Talk about speed.

I, however, am practicing guitar because I want to get "Of All the Gin Joints in All the World" just right. What can I say? I'm a perfectionist. But only when music is involved.


--Ryan's POV--

I hadn't really made many friends since I moved from Vegas to Seattle. I was missing my friend Spencer to death, but I kept calling him. I said I would move back there as soon as I had the money. Unfortunately, it would probably be a couple years until I got the money.

So on that Friday in detention, I was stunned that somebody as pretty as Ava would want to know my name. Oh yes, Patrick told me her name during detention when I asked who had given me the note.

Anyways, I can't get my mind off those couple of minutes. It's sad that we don't have any classes besides Math together. I really want to get to know her. But I'm afraid that I'll make a fool of myself.

What's a guy to do?


---My POV---

Nothing worth writing down happened until school started again on Monday. It was an overcast day, typical for Seattle, so I had my super warm My Chemical Romance hoodie and grey skinny jeans on. As I was walking to school, I saw Izzy walking ahead of me. I practically ran to catch up with her.

"Why.... do you walk.... so... effin... fast?" I asked between breaths.

Izzy laughed and replied, "Mabye you're just slow."

"True," I admitted. "What's up?"

"Not much." she responded. "I'm really looking forward to that MCR concert."

"Me, too!" I said and pointed at my hoodie. "MCR effin' rocks!"

"No kidding." she said, then changed the subject. "How was detention."

"It was suprisingly cool. Except Pete acted like a total asshole."

"The usual" she replied.

"But you know that new guy?" I asked.

"Yea," she said. "He's in, like, four of my classes. He moved here from Vegas."

"Whoa, that's a big change." then I went back to what I was going to say. "I might try going for him."

"Really? Why?"

"Hell-oo! He's gorgeous!" I said matter-of-factly.

Izzy laughed again. "Okay. But have you tried getting to know him?"

"That's what I tried to do in detention, but I only had time to get his name."

"Oh," she said, then looked at her watch. "Shoot, uh, I gotta hurry up."

"Why? We have, like, a half hour!"

"Well, I need to meet someone."




"I totally forgot to do my science homework, and he's my partner, so I need to ask him the answers."

"I see. Well, don't mind me, just having no freakin' idea what to do and completely boy troubled." I half-yelled the last part because she was running to school.

I heard someone scoff behind me. I turned around.

"Oh shit! I said that too loud." I muttered, because Ryan was about 6 feet behind me, slowly catching up.

I pretended to check my watch, even though I wasn't wearing one, and fast-walked to school so I wouldn't have to answer any questions.


I walked into English and quickly sat down by Rosie who was talking to Pete about something.

"Hi Rosie." I said.

"Oh hi!" she replied, turning towards me. "Hold on a sec." she turned back to Pete and finished their conversation.

"What is with everyone these days? They seem to have better things then talk to me." I said kind of loudly.

Rosie rolled her eyes and said. "Don't be so dramatic."



In P.E. we had to run practically the whole period, but we could walk most of the track.

Unfortunately I didn't have a friend in that class. I was stuck with the guys. But I could handle it. Maybe.

I saw Pete trying to show off his athletic skills, which pretty much are nonexsistent, to the other guys. He kicked the air and his checkered Van fell off. I laughed to myself.

Then Jared, this other hot guy, and I still am shocked by the number of hot guys at school, caught up with me.

"What's up? We like never talk. You must want something." I told him.

"How did you know?" he laughed.

"Do I even NEED to explain?"

"Umm, yea. You're friends with Izzy, right?"

"What's it to you?"

"Umm, well, can you see if she likes me?"


"I want to ask her out."

Whoa. Izzy has been totally in love with Jared before he became hot. He used to be this shy guy with dark hair that covered his eyes, and wrote lyrics in his notebook while the teacher was doing a bad job of teaching. Then he decided he wanted some friends, so he became more social. And hot.

"Wait, really?" I asked, not wanting this to be a fake ask out 'cause I didn't want her to be crushed.

"Yea. So, is she?"

"I'm not sure if that's for me to say. You should call her." I took out a pen that was in my pocket and wrote her cell phone number on his hand. "Go for it."
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