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Who would bother to look beyond the surface of the fairest of them all?

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Insides. When you're the fairest one of all, people tend to think of you in superficial ways, ignore whatever you might hold within.

She'd always been far more clever than anyone gave her credit for, despite the efforts that were gone to to ensure she'd be raised as a proper princess. She hid it well, back then. It's really no surprise that Disney got it so utterly wrong.

No one bothered to consider there might be something beneath the surface, which she used to her advantage at every opportunity. It served her well in her father's court, a pretty face and something behind it always caught them off guard and gave her the advantage. The same held true in Fabletown, even well past the point that they should have known better.

She looks back on her life and considers this. Over all the centuries, it took a wolf who fell in love with her scent to be the first, and only, to be attracted to her for something other than her appearance. A small smile crosses her lips. Fine gentlemen with good breeding and perfect manners, who see -- and have no interest in seeing -- anything beyond her appearance, or perhaps her title, before eloquently declaring their love for her. Or a wolf, utterly loyal and almost immediately earning her trust, willing to walk in human form for her, putting up with her overly stubborn attitude and not deterred in the slightest that she'd snubbed him for so long.

No contest, really, once she'd thought sensibly on the matter. She props her head on one hand and watches his sleeping form, smiling gently. His arm wraps around her waist and pulls her to him. Not asleep after all.

He smiles lazily at her and his hand begins rubbing slow circles on her back. "Penny for your thoughts?"

Relaxing against him, she gives him a quick kiss. "Just thinking about how lucky I am to have you."

He can't really hold back the grin, at that. "Ah. A matter of vital importance. Don't let me distract you."

She moves against him in a reasonably distracting way. "Oh, I doubt a distraction would drastically interrupt that train of thought. . ."

And she proved to be correct.
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