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A beginning and an ending.

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It had taken all the day and most of the night to work out all the details, but Fabletown had finally made their General Amnesty Treaty official. A constitution of their own.

Snow White stood out in the cool morning air and gazed across the river. The water was clean and the view clear. This city of New Amsterdam certainly had its gems, despite how crowded it was becoming. She smoothed out the wrinkles in her dress. A change of clothing was certainly called for, along with some much-needed rest. That aside, they had really achieved something. Snow felt a deep pride for what they'd done, and her place in the new government.

So absorbed was she in her thoughts that she was quite startled when the new sheriff approached her from behind and spoke.

"Not quite the level of freedom I enjoyed previously, but it shall certainly do. I'm surprised they didn't offer a higher rank for you; you've demonstrated more authority than most of those placed above you."

She flushed with embarrassment and no small amount of pride at the unexpected compliment. "There are reasons for it; they have certainly earned their places. And it follows the custom of both this new world and the majority of the old kingdoms. It's not proper for a woman to seek to lead."

The wolf gave an enigmatic smile. "Not the custom for all. And is this not the land of opportunities and equality for all? With the exception of myself, of course."

She lets out a small laugh, smiling at him warmly. "It's hardly a uniform sentiment. And the rule against your presence at the farm aside, you've as much or more freedom than any other."

She turns back to the river, the sky having slowly lightened as they were speaking.

"As for the other. . . perhaps. Someday."

They stood in silence then, watching the warm hues of the sky as the sun began to rise over the horizon.
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