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Not quite an ending. Not really.

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Packing had been easier than she thought. Considering her extensive wardrobe, she would previously have considered it all vital items she couldn't pare down.

Moving to the Farm changed that. Her experiance during the rebellion taught her well what no advice could, of how practical the average outfit actually was. Thus, the frillier part of her wardrobe made its way to the donation bin. A handful of favourite outfits; items with memories tied to them; a half-dozen suits held on to, in case; and a few fancy outfits, to be prepared if an occasion arose. But beyond that, it was all practical clothing, her few personal effects, and the children's things. She was all packed, and by tomorrow at this time Beauty and Beast would be moving in.

The children on their tethers were bouncing around happily, in an interior room out of sight of any spying mundys.

There was a knock at the door and she answered. Bigby stood outside with a look somewhat akin to resignation on his face.

"Everything aside . . . I want to see my cubs again, while I can."

It felt like a knife through her heart. She opened the door wide and motioned him in, shutting it tight behind him.

They walked to the nursery in silence, together. Stepping inside, hearing the happy giggles of their children, the issues from outside melted away.

The next few hours went by in a blur of laughter and love and family. When bedtime came, it hit her like a bucket of cold water.

This was the last time he'd be able to do this.

She didn't want to do this alone.

She slipped out the door quietly, wanting him to have this moment at least. Moving to the balcony, she stood in the chilly air, feeling the last warmth of the sun in the red-orange sky, watching it slowly blur.

Arms wrapped around her from behind, and Bigby held her this last time. Not a word was said between them. None were needed.

She wanted to tell him yes, how she wanted them to stay a family and go wherever they could find a safe place to be together. But to raise six infants in the wilderness, especially these -- what would be done for diapers? For clothes? If a tether snapped? She couldn't.

He kissed her hair, not entirely pleased, but still understanding.

They stood together in silence and watched the sun slowly sink beneath the horizon.
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