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Chapter 3

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Haley and Ali go shopping

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Happy Halloween! So I had the perfect halloween outfit that I picked out, like, a month ago. (Not really, I wore it a month ago, and my sister said it looked like halloween, so I thought I'd wear it again today.) So, it had a shirt with skulls on it, and a black tank top over it, that kind of looked like a sweater vest, and a black and white striped sweater. I looked like an emo poster child.

So, I was all psyched to wear it for the last two weeks, and this morning when I was getting dressed, I totally forgot it was Halloween! Maybe I'll wear it tomorrow. But that would be kind of weird.

So anyway, here's the story. This chapter is just kind of filler. I wanted to build up Haley and Ali's friendship.

Haley had been at her job for a month now, and was really starting to get the hang of it. They were seriously starting to work on their first collection and things were getting really busy. Pete had stopped by one day a couple weeks ago to check everything out, and Ali had started hyperventilating as soon as he stepped out of the elevator. Other than that incident, she and Haley were becoming really good friends. They actually had a lot in common. It was Saturday, and their day off, so Haley had rescued Ali from her grandmother’s early bird special, and taken her to find some furniture for the dining room/break room/lounge that they had decided to turn the extra office into.
“Let’s go in here, they have some cool stuff in the window.” Haley grabbed Ali by the arm and pulled her in a store. They were walking through Beverly Hills, trying to find something that was cool enough to match the rest of the office.
“Jackpot!” Ali said, skipping over to a bright red, fluffy velvet couch.
“It’s perfect.” Haley laughed and they both plopped down to try it out. “You stay here and guard it, I’ll go find someone who works here.” Haley rushed off and Ali sprawled out on the couch so no one could get near it. Not that there was anyone else in the store. In the same store, they also found a black Lucite dinner table, and a set of gold chairs that matched the office perfectly. They picked out a big tacky mirror for the wall with an elaborate gold frame, and a few pillows and decorations. The furniture was going to be delivered on Monday, but they decided to take the smaller stuff with them, so it didn’t get lost on the way.

On their way back to where they parked, they stopped in Urban Outfitters and each picked out a couple outfits. They also found another chair, a coffee table and a couple pictures to hang on the wall.
“Is all this going to fit in the room?” Ali asked looking down at the pile of stuff they picked as they waited in line to pay.
“We’ll make it fit. We’ll just have to get creative.” Haley shrugged. Haley stepped up to the cashier, dragging the furniture, as Ali waited behind for her turn. “Come on, I’m paying.” Haley grabbed Ali’s clothes and tossed them on top of the pile. “Do you think I could use the company card, or will they notice a bill for 3 dresses?” Haley held up the Visa card the Heatherette guys gave her for business emergencies.
“You could always say we were researching the competition.” Ali shrugged.
“I don’t know. I’d better not, just in case.” She put it away and took out her American Express.
“Oh my god, is that a Black Card? I’ve never seen one in person.” Ali’s eyes widened.
“Do you want to hold it?” Haley handed it to her once the sales girl swiped it.
“Holy crap, this is so awesome! I feel like Paris Hilton!” she laughed.
“Help me get this stuff to my car. It’s just down the block.” Haley stacked the shopping bags on the chair and picked up one end, while Ali got the other, and a stoned looking box boy came out of the back room to help carry the rest.
“How are we going to fit all this in your Mini?” Ali asked, almost dropping her end when she tripped on a crack in the sidewalk.
“I borrowed Pete’s car, just in case.” She stopped in front of a black Range Rover and opened the trunk.
“This is Pete Wentz’s car?” Ali squealed and placed her hand on the side. “Oh my god, I’m touching Pete Wentz’s car!”
“Yeah, and somebody scratched it. I hope that was already there.” Haley rubbed at a spot on the bumper. The guy from the store just sighed as he loaded everything in the car and shut the trunk. “Hey, do you want to see Pete Wentz’s house?” Haley smiled.
“Jump in, I’ll bring you back to pick up your car later.”

“I can’t believe I’m at Pete Wentz’s house!” Ali said as Haley opened the door. “It looks just like it did on Cribs! Except kind of messier.”
“Yeah…that happens.” Haley shrugged. Hemmingway scampered in from the other room and barked at them. “Come on in, I’ll show you around. Pete’s not home.” She crossed to the back door to let him outside.
“This is so cool.” Ali sighed as Haley finished the tour in the kitchen.
“Do you want anything to drink?” Haley opened the fridge.
“Just water, please.” Haley handed her a bottle of water and shut the door.
“So what do you want to do?”
“I don’t know.”
“Do you want to go look in Pete’s closet?”
“Ok!” They ran off giggling into the bedroom. Haley opened the closet door and clothes practically exploded out of it.
“Whoa.” Ali said, raising her eyebrows.
“Yeah, there’s about three times as many clothes in here than will actually fit. Most of my clothes wound up in the closet in the hallway by the kitchen. So, here’s his clothes…And all of his hoodies. These are the Clandestine ones they haven’t released yet.” She pulled two off the rack.
“Cool!” Haley stuck her head out the door, to double check that he wasn’t there.
“His underwear’s in here.” She whispered as she pulled open a drawer, making them both start giggling again.
“We should sell it on Ebay.” Ali laughed.
“If the company fails, that could be our next option.”
“When you were a model, did they just give you tons of clothes?” Ali asked, changing the topic.
“Yeah. A lot of the companies would give me the outfits I wore in the photo shoot. Not so much from runway shows though, because a lot of that is one of a kind, or really limited. Or designers that were just making a name for themselves, that wanted me to be seen wearing their stuff. Do you want to see?” She led Ali down the hall to her closet.
“Wow, this is all so pretty.” Ali looked through all the dresses, skirts, tops, everything from every designer she could think of.
“I still get sent a lot of free stuff…” Haley trailed off as she noticed Ali’s jaw drop. She turned around to see what Ali was looking at and saw Pete coming in the door.
“Hey, Baby.” He smiled as he approached the girls, giving Haley a quick kiss.
“Hey. This is Ali, from work.”
“Yeah, we met the other day. Right?” Pete nodded.
“Hu…” Ali stuttered.
“Yeah. I was just showing her around, we were out buying some stuff for the office.”
“Did you find anything?” Pete looked over at Ali.
“Uh-huh.” Ali nodded enthusiastically.
“I’ll get out of your way.” He went outside to hang with Hemmingway.
“You lasted longer than you did the last time.” Haley said, laughing as Ali’s face turned bright red. “Just remember to keep breathing. He’s used to it.”
“I guess so, I should be getting home soon.” Ali looked down at her watch.
“Ok, I’ll take you to go get your car.” Haley stuck her head out the back door to tell Pete she was leaving, and followed Ali out to the car. “So, I have a whole box somewhere of the clothes I got free that I didn’t like. I’ll bring it in on Monday, and you can pick out a couple things. We’re probably about the same size.”
“I wouldn’t even know how to wear the kind of stuff you do.” Ali shook her head.
“Are you kidding? Look at me. I live in jeans and tee shirts. The only reason I ever look good is because someone is paid to tell me what to wear.” Haley laughed.
“Tim comes over every morning to pick out my outfit. Do you really think I would organize my closet according to color? In the order they appear in a rainbow? I’m DEFFINITELY not that coordinated. We’ll all put some outfits together, it’ll be like playing dress up.”
“I guess so…”

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