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A sweet winter piece.

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She trudged through the deep, fresh snow, smiling even as she shivered from the chill breeze. It had reached that time of the year when nature decides it's tired of the dull grey and dead landscape and drapes a clean, white blanket over everything. Snow felt energized, feeling quite the opposite of the winter malaise that struck some. Winter was her season, and no matter what else her life might throw at her, this was something she handled with ease. Her winter wardrobe was already rotated to the closet, sweaters and jackets hanging neatly after being aired out well in advance. The windows were insulated well, not a draft in the house. A new kettle was in her kitchen, as her last had finally started to wear out. And, of course, the cabinets were fully stocked with all the supplies needed for a season's worth of hot chocolate.

With a grin, she reached down to scoop up a handful of snow. Running her gloved fingers over it, the white fluff proved to be just damp enough to pack properly, not the powder snow that proves to be the bane of participants in winter sports or the slush that melts all too quickly. She quickly packed it into a smooth sphere and turned around.

Bigby was standing a short distance away, quietly smoking. He gave her one of his trademark half-smiles, comfortable and familiar. He'd been watching her the entire time. No longer was he making any attempt to hide his fascination with her, drinking in her every movement like something precious. She beamed back at him, still amazed some days at just how much she loved him. The snowball went on its course with no further preamble. Snow didn't wait to see the impact, simply began a high-stepped sprint for the treeline while giggling madly. The deep snow didn't make for easy passage, and she barely made it twenty feet before Bigby tackled her to the ground, still giggling. A low growl caused a shiver that had nothing to do with the snow pressing against her back. They stayed there for a quiet moment, his face hovering inches above her own. She noticed a fragment of the snowball still clinging to his face had melted and run down his face, a droplet of icy water beginning to drip from the tip of his nose. Impulsively, she lapped it off before planting a firm kiss on him. Minutes later, neither of them were feeling the cold. Snow eventually moved back, grinning. "We should probably head in soon. It is pretty cold out, we'll need to get out of these wet clothes. . ." Bigby quickly stood, matching her grin. He extended a hand to help her up, and they headed back to the cabin.

Yes, Snow reflected. Winter was certainly the season over which she had more control than ever.
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