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Brie continued to look at the ground it seemed more interesting than talking to Ryan. Ryan watched her carefully before he spoke.
"So how have you been" Ryan said
"Okay" Brie said shrugging
"Thats good" Ryan said not sure what else to say to her.
"Yeah" Brie said
"So have you been having fun with Cobra Starship and what is you do for them" Ryan asked thinking she was the merch girl or something.
"Yeah and I don't work for them" Brie said coldly
"But I thought thats why you left" Ryan said
Brie looked up at very confused Ryan.
"I left because of you" Brie said feeling the tears burn her eyes. But she was determind not to cry.
"So what you just hang out with them" Ryan said
"Sort of" Brie said
"Sort of what" Ryan said
"What" Brie said
"If you aren't working for them then why are hear and why haven't you come back to us" Ryan said angerly
"I feel safe with them" Brie said not wanting to tell Ryan about her and Gabe.
"So what are you doing for money than" Ryan said
Brie looked at him it was almost cute how worried he was about her but she quickly remembered she wanted nothing to do with him.
"I am a stripper" Brie said trying to keep a straight face.
"Oh hell no" Ryan said
"Yeah I am just here because I am friends with them but when I get back to New York I'll start dancing again" Brie said
Ryans face turned red with anger Brie was unsure why he was so mad.
"Come on" Ryan said grabbing her arm and dragging her to Panics dressing room.
"Sit" Ryan said
She looked at him like he had completely lost his mind.
"I am not a dog I don't take orders" Brie said
Brendon walked in and saw Ryan and Brie.
"She a fucking stripper" Ryan yelled at Brendon
"Huh" Brendon said really confused Brie was trying not to bust up laughing
"Stripper" Gabe said popping his head in the door only to find Brie Brendon and Ryan
"Yeah we trusted you take care of Brie and she a fucking stripper" Ryan yelled at Gabe this time, Gabe looked at Brie and started laughing
"Its not funny" Ryan screamed
Brie couldn't contain her laughter anymore and started cracking up too.
Both Brendon and Ryan looked at them. Gabe regained his composer and took a seat next to Brie.
"That was great babe" Gabe said putting his arm around her.
"I know" Brie said
"Care to explain" Brendon said
"What I am doing with Cobra Starship is none of your guys business" Brie said standing up and pulling Gabe with her. The two walked out hand and hand.
"Is she dating him" Ryan asked
"I don't know" Brendon said
Ryan walked to the door and watched as Brie and Gabe took off down the hallway.
He knew he had to get her back but the question was how????
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