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Ryan got yanked out his thoughts by Brendons voices he was paying attention.
"What" Ryan said
"So whats the plan" Brendon said
"I haven't thought of one yet but she did give me that look" Ryan said
"The look" Brendon said making the exacted same look as Brie did.
"Thats creepy Bren" Spencer said walking in
"Your good with plans help me get back Brie" Ryan said plopping down on the couch.
"Okay I will think of something but Ry you might want to think about this I saw Brie with Gabe Nate and Ryland and she looked happy" Spencer said
"Its an act" Brendon said
Both Spencer and Ryan looked at Brendon.
"Its Brie she will act like she is happy fine to hide how she is really is feeling" Brendon said
They both nodded in agreement.
"Kiss her" Jon said
"Kiss who" Ryan said
"Brie you want her back kiss her she can't ever resist you when you kiss her" Jon said
"True" Ryan said smiling stupidly

"Gabe" Brie said
"Yeah babe" Gabe said
"I am hungery" Brie said
"Catering around the hall babe I have to warm up so I'll see you side stage" Gabe said kissing her lips

Brie walked down the hall towards catering she was afriad she would run into Ryan. She knew in her heart it was only a matter of time, before she would be running into Ryans arms.
Gabe Gabe Gabe Gabe Brie kept saying her head as she walked down the hall.

Ryan saw Brie and grabbed her arm. She spun around and saw him, he put a finger to her mouth to tell her to be quiet and pulled her into an empty room. Brie went to open her mouth in protest but Ryan put his lips on hers before she could even say a word. She instancally started kissing Ryan back until it registered in her head that she was kissing Ryan. She pushed him off smacked him and walked out the room. But as soon she was out of his sight she put her fingers to her lips and sighed deeply no matter how hard she tried she was still in love with Ryan
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