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Brie stood side stage and watch Gabe dance and sing. She smiled thinking how good things where with him and decided that Ryan wasn't worth losing Gabe. Because if she went back to Ryan she end up broken hearted again.
"Having fun" Brendon asked wrapping is arm around her shoulder.
"Yeah" Brie said
"Ryan wants you back" Brendon said
"I can't Bren I don't want a broken heart again and I really like Gabe" Brie said
"So its not an act" Brendon said
"No act he gets me and I love him for that and I feel safe with him too" Brie said
"So the kiss didn't help" Brendon said
Brie looked shocked that he knew
"He shouldn't have done it I am thinking of telling Gabe but I don't want to cause problems" Brie said
"No will all keep our mouths shut but know hes been miserable since you left" Brendon said
"I was but Gabe made me realise that I can love again" Brie said
"I am happy as long as you are happy Princess" Brendon said
Gabe walked off stage and pulled Brie into a hug.
"Gross" She smiled pushing him off
"Not that bad" Gabe said
"Brie will hang out later" Brendon said kissing her on the cheek and walking away.
"See I told you he would miss you" Gabe said
"Yeah Yeah" Brie said wrapping her arm around him and walking to Cobras dressing room.
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