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Chapter One

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The feeling of hatred overwhelmed him as he saw his one true love being tortured. He was king of a creature the world has yet to face, Vampires. He could feel the pain they were inflicting onto his beloved. She screamed in terror and pain as the clan of witches were branding her with holy water.

Her scream was heard throughout the fortress she was held in. The noise echoed through the walls and rattled the fixtures. She was struggling against the bindings, knowing if she gets to an open area, not inhabited by magic, her anmy of Vampires would be there in no time to lend a helping hand and conquer.

She was new to the Vampire reign. She was brought in by sheer coinidence. She was trained about the aliance they habe with all other Vampires and a few other mysical (supernatural) creatures of the night. Though she knew very little, she did know a thing or two about breaking out of places, due to her haunted past.

She could feel Jade's hatred, her savior and King, the one she called her own. She had never sensed this much hatred from anyone other than when her father, who she had a natural feeling shared by her father, hatred, had found her after she tried to run.

Her life was pure hell until she ran into Jade on a halloween night. He had come out of his kingdom on this one safe night to explore and hopefully find new aliances in the ongoing war in the place he called home. She had been running for her life, but when she turned the corner she and Jade ran straight into eachother. He had caught her before she fell.
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