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Chapter Two

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"Are you okay?" he could sense her fear and longing to escape her life.

"N-no I'm n-not" She was shaking with fear. He pulls her into a hug and rocks her back and forth slightly.

"Sshhh... I wont let anything hurt you, I promise." she never had anyone in her life she could trust him with her life. She knew she was taking a huge chance, but anything was better than the life she had. She wince as she heard her dad screaming her name at the top of his lungs. Jade looks at her with concern and pulls them into the shadows and his eyes glow red. She looks up at him with confusion wanting to speak, but keeps quiet until her dad leaves, Jade was ahead of the game.

"I'm no different from you, just have a few upgraded features." He keeps her close, still feeling her body tremble with fear in his arms.

"I... uhh... how...?" She couldn't form a sentence to save her life.

Jade laughs quietly, "I'm sure you've at least heard of us. Vampires. I can sense what you're feeling."

"Oh... uhh... I don't even know you and you just saved me from the devil himself. And now you're able to tell me what I'm feeling... invasion." she was smiling some, which was not normal at all for her. She was surprised when she felt his lushious full lips crash down on hers. She owed him her life for all he had just done for her. She pushes her lips against his. A few seconds later they break the kiss.

"I can give you a life better than any life you'd ever find in this realm." He spoke softly. She was shocked, she didn't even know this guy and he just saved her life, kissed her and is now offering her a better life. She had no idea what to answer. She wasn't sure whether she could trust him to this extent, but she had nothing to lose.

"Whats the catch?" She asked.

"Just come with me and swear on your life you wont do anything to seige my reign over my realm." He has lost her, he could tell.

"Wait. What? You're... You're a... a-a... a king?!"

"Uhh... Did I forget to mention that?"

"Yeah, you did." She spoke with an unconvinced voice. She thought to herself 'There's no way in HELL a king saved my life and kissed me. There's NO fucking way. Nothing this amazing has ever happened to me.'

"Oh. You don't believe me. Well then I'll just have to show you." He speaks with a smile, taking her hand and pulling her deeper into the shadows. He stops at the wall and turns to her, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes." She was half way unsure.

"Turst me fully and close your eyes. I wont let anything bad happen to you while you're with me"

"Alright" He takes her into his arms and holds her close.

"Close your eyes." She does as he says. She feels a sudden change of wind for a minute. Then she feels everything get still except for the rush of soft wind through the trees. "Okay, open them." He still had her in his arms.
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