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Chapter Three

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She looks around at the scenery. She manages to mutter out a sentence. "W-where are we?"

"My world. My home. My kingdom." He looks straight into her eyes and thinks to himself, 'And hopefully soon it will be yours too.'

"I'm jealous." She spoke as he drops his arms so she could look at the castled fortress that he has command over.

"Wow." She was speechless as she gazed over his castle. Jade smiles, gaining an idea. Before she turned around he ran towards her, wrapping his arms around her waist and took off into the air. She screamed and laughed as he flies towards the main part of his kingdom. He touched down a slightwas away from his castle. He wings folded back against his back from their outstretched position.

"Do you want that life I promised you?"

"Depends on what my 'title' is after." She was smiling some.

"Well normally they'd start at the lower levels and have to work their way up. But. You've got a certain characteristic that I admire."

"That didn't asnwer my question." She really didn't care, but there was a certain feeling she had never felt with anyone before that she was feeling now.

"I know. I was hoping I wouldn't have to answer that one."

"Oh did I embarrass you?" She was smiling wide.

"Yes. Ya know. I don't even know your name."


"Jade." He smiles some, pulling her close.


"Ahhh... Well Jesse... You'll just have to figure out your title on your own by the hints I'll randomly drop."

"Well now you're referring to the fact that I'll be near you more times than not."

"You're smarter than I thought." He was joking, he knew very well that she was one of the smartest people he knew.

"Bite me."

"Litterally or metaphorically speaking?" He wanted to be sure before he did anything.

"Figure it out yourself." She smiled some.

"Fine." He was smiling as well. He pulled her closer and kissed her softly. He lowers his head to her neck and kisses a spot close to the artery. He starts to nibble at it slightly. Finally after giving her time to protest, which she didn't, he sunk his teath into her neck. He drew blood as well. She closed her eyes tightly and gripped his waist just as tightly, she refrained from crying out. He knew he wsa causing her paint. He pulled his teeth out of her neck and kissed the spot again, licking away the remaining blood.

She felt weak. She clung to him when she felt her knees buckle beneath her. Jade lifted her up so she didn't have to stand.

"You'll feel fine in a few hours. Promise. Just rest some." He holds her close and takes off into the air agian. He loved the feeling of the wind beneath his wings. He also loved the feeling of having someone in his arms that trusted him enough to fall asleep while he was flying. She stayed sleeping even when he touched down outside his room and ordered his knights to let him pass. His servant knights opened the large victorian doors.

Jade entered the room only highly important Vampireswere allowed to see, his bedroom. He laid Jesse down on the soft down matress, covering her with smooth silk sheets and a nice bushy blanket made of wool over top. He made sure she wsa covered for the long, cold night that was about to begin. He kissed her forehead softly and went out to talk to his council to see what his plans were for the night. He hoped that he wouldn't have to do much so he could show his new companion around the castle and teacher her a few secrets about the Vampire race that few are allowed to know.
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