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Chapter Four

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Jade throws open the doors to where his council congragates.

"It's about dám time if you ask me." spoke the British Vampire, who was the head of the council.

"Well then I'm glad no one was asking." said the regular, american born Vampire with a chuckle. Jade narrowed his eyes before he spoke.

"We have a new Vampire that needs looked after. If anything bad happens to her it WILL be their ass as well as ALL of yours."

The British Vampire spoke agian, "Why don't you look after her today until we are able to arrange a team to keep track of her. We'll aslo alert you every now and then for decisions we'll need you to make."

"Alright." Jade turns and walks out of the room. He goes into the kitchen to tell them to make food for two and to bring it to his room. He then turns to leave and walks through the door.

He goes a few more places to make sure everything and everyone is doing what its/they're supposed to.

After a half an hour, he is finished and makes his way back up to his room. Jade is about halfway there when he feels a rush of pain pass through him.
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