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Chapter Five

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"S-shit!!" He leaned against the wall and held his stomach. He quickly pushed the feeling aside and ran into his room. He looked at the bed, seeing it empty. He noticed the lack of light and looked in the directions of a window. He sees Jesses with a stab wound in her stomach and the bloodied knife at her throat, it was held there by someone unknown. Jesse couldn't comprehend what was happening yet since she was still in a partically unconscious state.

Jade spoke with determination and some anger, "Let. Her. GO!" There was a high pitched cackle as the person dropped Jesse's slender body onto the ground. He ran over to her and lifted her up as the person faded away into the darkness.

"Sweetie, I'm so sorry." He hugs her close and kisses her forehead. She was still confused and only half conscious as it was all happening. Jade rocked her back and forth, waiting for the wound to heal itself.

A few minutes later she comes into full consciousness. She feels fresh blood on her shirt and gets a little scared. Jade instantly notices and loosens his grip on her and looks at her caringly.

"You're fine. Stop worrying about it."

"But... I... Didn't say anything.."

"I can read your senses, remember?"

"Oh... Well... Shit, what happened?" she glances over to the table and spots a tray with food remains on it and contains a smile, "What you didn't want to save me any food?" She was joking of course.

Jade smiles as he spoke, "I thought I'd let you starve." he was joking as well. She caught his tone and pushed him over. She was pinning him down, her hands at his shoulders.

"So I'm not special enough to eat? Or do you just not love me?" She puts on a pouty face.

"You know as well as I do that I love you with all my heart." Jesse smiled and kisses his lips. Jade pushes his lips toward hers and takes control back. He pushes her up so he can stand and pull her up with him and manage to not break the kiss. He accomplishes the task but not soon after, there was a knock on the door. Unknowing to who it is, Jade breaks the kiss and pushes her towards the closet.

He speaks softly and quietly, "Hide in here until I say its okay to come out, since I don't know who it is. I don't need the whole kingdom finding out about you and then you wouldn't be safe." She nods and goes into the closet. She turns around and smiles.

She speaks in a flirty voice, "I'll be waiting for you." He smiles and kisses her lips softly before shutting her in. He walks over to the door the knock came from. Cautiously he opens the door, relieved when he only saw a knight with a tray full of food. Jade smiles, taking the tray from the knight servent. He turns, setting it on the nearby table and shuts the door. He walks back over to the closet door and opens the door to see no one. Jade was confused by this and walks into the closet, leaving the door open slightly.

"Jesse... Where'd you go?" Jade spoke in a sing-song voice. He walked farther into his monster sized closet that she was bound to explore. He stopped when he saw her giggling at a few pairs of clothing she found funny. As she put the clothing items back, Jade rushed over and hugged her from behind. His arms were around her waist and his head rested on hers. She laid her arms on his and set her head against his chest.

"So who was at the door?"

"When you're hungry you'll know."

"Ahh. Gotcha. So what are we gonna do?"

"Well, I have the day off so I thought I'd get you some clothing that isn't covered in blood, and teach you about the Vampire race as well as begin your training, so you will be able to defend yourself, in case anything happens."

"But you won't let anything bad happen to me now will you?"

"If I have anything to say about it, I will protect you at all costs unless it's you being bad. Which then. There'd be some punishment happening." He was flirting when he spoke the last two sentences and he growled adorably and playfully into her ear. She didn't know how to respond at all, other than to change the subject, which, she had no intention on doing.

After standing there for a while they move out of the closet and begin to eat before they would do anything else.
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