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Chapter Six

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Once they were finished eating, Jade takes the shirt off of her and goes into his closet, seaching for a shirt roughly the same size.

"I could've taken off the shirt for you." She had her arms covering her chest.

"But where's the fun in that?" Jade spoke with a smile.

Jesse laughed some in her voice, "You're an ass."

"I love you too." He was still searching for a shirt, all the shirts in his closet were too big. But he refused to give up and make her wear a shirt twice her size.

"How do you know that you love me when you barely know me?"

"Because you're beautiful, and vibrant, and charismatic and quite a few other things I noticed by reading your feelings."

"Wow...Huh..But I've known you for less than a day." She was still confused on how he was so sure he was in love with her when they had just met.

"I know. But you can tell very easily when you can sense how your feeling since your feelings effect your decisions slightly and how you reason everything out. And no, I can't read you mind."

"Well thats a relief. But...Ehh! You being able to know what I'm feeling is gonna be hard to get used to."

"But you'll get used to it eventually. Here soon you'll be able to know what I'm feeling too. Generally I don't show my emotions, but when I'm around you the just spring out and start singing a song to let you know they're there."

Jesse giggles and her cheeks turn slightly read, "So how do you do it?"

"How do I do what?" Jade was a little confused but was still searching for a shirt.

"Manage to run an entire kingdom and still have time to maintain a sex life."

"Uhhh...I don't know what you mean...I haven't had anyone since I was crowned king."

"How long ago was that?!" She asked and thinks, 'I swear to go if I'm just a rebound girl, I'm gonna...' Her thoughts get cut off by Jade speaking.

"A great amount of time. I actually don't remeber her much once she chose to elave and join the other side."

"Outta curiousity, which is the better side to be on?" was joking slightly. Jade walks out of the closet with an extra tiny shirt, he sees Jesse looking out the window with her back facing him. He smiles, walking silently up to her, setting the shirt on the bed. He gets to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and kisses her neck and shoulders on her right side.

He speaks softly, "Either side is benifical in the eye of its beholder. As are you to me." She smiled leaning back into him.

She speaks, matching his tone, "I'm guessing you either gave up or the shirt is somewhere in the room."

"Which do you think?" Jade said with a smile, stil embracing her in his arms, his head resting on her bare shoulder.

She smirks, already knowing he had put the shirt off to the side. She turns around, putting her head close to his ear and she purrs in a slight growl. Jade trembles a little and embraces her close. She sense his desire, lust, and love as she nibbles softly at his ear lobe.

He carresses her bare back and feels around her every curve as if he was memorizing her in case they'd never see eachother agian. Time seem to stand still as they kissed and held each other close.

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