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Chapter Seven

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The long awaited chapter has arrived!!

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The next morning the sun rises over the rolling hills in the distance. The warm yellow rays penetrate one of the glass windows, gently kissing Jesse's cheek as she reminises about what almost happened the night before. She glances over at her sleeping king cacooned in the blankets, his heavenly body sprawled over the bed. Her eyes went straight to his chest as it rose and fell from his steady breathing. Her gaze is pulled away by the sense of someone watching her from inside the room.

She looks around frantically, trying to figure out who was watching her. She could sense movement from behind her, by the open window. She quickly turns to face a snickering demonic-like witchery fiend. It quickly faded into the wind through the window, but not without leaving something on the table. Now, not trusting her senses, Jesse causiously looks around the room, making sure there was no one left in the room but her and Jade. Once the realization that she was practicually alone, except for the sleeping Jade on the bed, her mind began to ponder her reasonings of everything...

'Why am I here? What reason did I really have? Did I go through all that I did just to get played off? Did I seriously get pulled into so much by a guy I think is adorable? What have I gotten myself into?! ....But he does seem really sweet. He wouldn't be trying to hurt me, would he?'

A shuffling noise startled her, pulling her from her thoughts. She again looks around the room, still not trusting her senses. She breathes out with some relief as she notices Jade begin to stir.

A/N: Sorry this chapter took so long, but I had a brain lapse for this story. >< I hope you enjoy the new additions I'm about to put up. Review Review Review! :) Enjoy! :D
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