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Chapter Eight

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Once Jade was awake, Jesse's fears began to escalate, nearing an uncontrollable level. Jade jumped up, alarmed.

"Jesse whats wrong? What happened?" He spoke in a caring tone as he pulled her into his arms.

Jesse hesitated slightly before leaning against his bare chest and trying to get her mind to relax from thinking things too deeply.

"Jesse, please, tell me what happened."

Jade's voice seemed so distant to Jesse, she couldn't even form words. She finally got a look at what was on the table and all her past memories came flooding back. Her world started spinning until she jumps awake.

She looks around a familiar room, her room. Her alarm was going off on the table next to her. Confused as to what just happened, or possibly what she thought happened, she crawled out of her bed to figure it out.

She had shut off her alarm and was staring at her reflection in her bathroom mirror.

'Did I really meet Jade? Did I really become a Vampire? Did I really visit their realm that's seemingly parallel to ours? Are the witches and demons still after me? Or did I just dream it all up? But what am I HERE? What am I supposed to be doing?'

Jesse walks around, looking for something to tell her she had visited the realm. She continues searching, but nothing was found. She runs into the closet, throwing on clothes. She gained an idea and was determined to follow it. When she heard an angry scream from the floor below, she froze.

A/N: Uh oh, what's happened? What was real and what was a dream? Hmmm, you'll just have to review and keep reading to find out! :D
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