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On A Night Like This

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Chapter 37-

A few hours had past, and we were all now very, very drunk.

I giggled as Scarlet and I dirty danced on the kitchen table. The five boys seemed very pleased with our actions, shouting and whistling enthusiastically.

I jumped off the table after the song was finished, laughing wildly.

Gerard instantly came over and hugged me close to him.

“I see you liked that Gee Baby.” I giggled drunkenly.

“I sure did… It was hot!” Gerard said in a low voice.

I gave him a crooked smile.

“Are you sure you two are straight?! Cause there was something going on there that seemed a bit suss…” Frank said suspiciously.

“Yes Frank, we’re straight. At least I am anyway…” Scarlet said in a bored tone.

“Hey! I’m just a straight as you are missy!” I screamed.

“You mean straight by fucking Gerard?” Lily asked, trying not to laugh.

I nodded.

Lilly burst out laughing.

“Yeah, that’s really proving a point. Gerard’s probably more feminine then all of us girls put together!” Lily said loudly.

I turned my head and looked at Gerard, he pouted and I laughed.

“Na-uh. You’re wrong. Gerard’s very manly.” I slurred.

“You would know.” Mikey snickered.

“Yes Mikey… I would know. He’s all man.” I said lowly.

“What the fuck did I tell you about saying those sorts of things in front of me?! I don’t want to hear it!” Mikey squealed.

I laughed and turned away, unraveling myself away from Gerard.

“Who wants another drink?” I called out.

Frank, Gerard, Lily and Ashley all replied, screaming out simultaneously.

“You know, it’s only taken me till now to realize how much I really needed a night like this.” I said, handing everyone their drinks.

Ray began to drunkenly sing ‘On A Night Like This’ by Kylie Minogue.

“What do you mean by that Rachy?” Scarlet said childishly, giggling slightly as Gerard ran after Ray in an attempt to get him to stop singing.

“I mean, we all know I’ve had a few problems lately… But now I realize all I needed was a night with my friends, getting completely drunk to make me feel better.” I explained.

“Aww!” All of them cooed simultaneously, enveloping my in a big, warm hug.

“We’re always here for you Rachel, no matter what. To get you drunk and make you feel better.” Bob whispered.

“Or drenching you in freezing cold water.” Ray added.

I gave Ray a death stare.

“Or to comfort you when you’re down.” Tegan added quickly before I decided to pounce on Ray.

“We’re here for you for whatever.” Lily smiled.

“Always and forever!” Mikey sang loudly.

I laughed, smiling broadly.

It was quite clear; I had the greatest friends in the world…


I giggled again as Gerard slowly slid his tongue against mine.

“Will you stop giggling?” Gerard asked playfully, breaking the kiss briefly.

I forced my lips together, trying to not smile, as I shook my head.

“Why not?” Gerard moaned childishly, wrapping his arms around me and rolling me over so he was on top.

“Cause I don’t wanna.” I teased.

“Fine.” Gerard huffed.

“I’ll just have to make you stop then.” Gerard whispered, leaning his face closer to mine.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as I felt his soft lips touch mine.

Gerard ran his hands up and down my thighs slowly and teasingly.

He pulled his lips off mine to set to work on my neck, gently kissing, sucking, and biting the soft skin.

“Gerard, what if we get caught again?” I panted, playing with his soft, black hair.

“We won’t. I think they’ve learnt from last time the importance of knocking.” Gerard mumbled against my skin.

I giggled and lightly lifted my hips from the bed so Gerard could slide my pants down and off my legs.

Gerard lazily threw my pants and underwear off the side of the bed.

He looked up at me and smirked cheekily as he slid his hand under my shirt and played with the bare skin on my stomach.

Gerard leant up, and placed his head next to mine.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” Gerard breathed, kissing my ear lightly.

“Well, I better start now…” Gerard whispered, lifting his head to look down at me.

“You, Rachel Jane Cummings, are, the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my entire life… And I mean that.” Gerard said softly, cupping my face in his hands as he looked at me with his gorgeous soft hazel eyes.

I smiled slightly.

Gerard leant down and kissed me lightly.

Gerard’s hands lovingly slid up my body, as the kiss got more passionate.

I moaned as Gerard’s lips slowly made a trail from my jaw to my neck.

In a matter of seconds, my shirt was lifted over my head and Gerard’s belt buckle was carelessly thrown across the room…

I closed my eyes and sighed as I waited for Gerard to enter me.

I felt a soft kiss on the side of my ear.

“Open your eyes.” Gerard whispered.

“Why?” I questioned softly as my eyes fluttered open.

“I want to see your eyes when I slowly slip inside you.” Gerard whispered.

I shivered slightly and Gerard smirked as our eyes locked with each other’s.

My eyes remained with his as I felt him softly push his way inside me.

Gerard gave a low moan as he slid inside me.

I tried my hardest to not close my eyes as Gerard softly slid in and out of me, slowly, but surely speeding up.

I gave in as I moaned Gerard’s name and gently shut my eyes.

I heard Gerard let out a broken moan.

I opened my eyes and moaned again as I saw Gerard's head leant back, as he thrust in and out.

I panted loudly as I drew closer to my climax. And as if Gerard had sense this, he began to speed up, making me moan again.

I dug my nails into Gerard's back and moaned as Gerard buried his face in my neck and groaned.

And at that moment, we came together, in a chorus of loud screams and moans.


"Do you realy think we're that dumb?" Ray said smartly as Gerard and I walked into the room.

"Huh?" I asked dumbly.

"You don't think I know what you two were just doing?" Ray asked.

I sat down in the empty room next to Ray and watched Gerard walk out of the room.

I turned my head and looked at Ray.

"I'm not dumb." Ray whispered, cupping my face in his hands.

I laughed.

"Yeah? So what? I don't care anymore." I said, getting up for another drink.

I stopped in my footsteps when I heard my phone ring.

I turned around and walked towards the table.

"Shit." I muttered.

"What?" Ray asked, getting up off his chair.

"It's Matt. He never calls when I'm out... Something's wrong." I muttered, taking my phone and quickly walking out the room to answer my call...
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