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Save You

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Not good with summaries. Highschool My chem. Due to her mental sickness Gabrielle's mother can no longer care for her. She is now in the hands of a father that has been absent her whole life....READ!

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Chapter 1

Awkward was the least I can say to describe the farewell exchanged between my mother and I before I entered the passenger-only area.
“Be sure to call…I want to know if you made it okay…” She whispered in a barely inaudible voice.
“Sure” I replied, gripping my backpack harder, knuckles turning white from the pressure. “So…erm…I have to go” She nodded and stepped forward. I retreated as in a reflex. A hurt expression was painted on her face instantly. I didn’t think I’d ever see her again, so what was the pint on refusing to her last “motherly” caress? I stepped forward and felt her arms around me, pressing me against her, then letting go. She whipped the tears from her glistening eyes and pressed her lips together, nodding at me as if to say it was okay for me to go now. I did. I didn’t turn back. Maybe where I was going was even worst…but I would make the best of it, I guess.
No. I am going to make the best of it.

I searched around for a familiar face among the people waiting outside the airport doors. Then again, I didn’t even have the slightest idea whose face I was looking for, I was basically searching for a stranger’s features…so it was hopeless. I read the signs in people’s hands and found an almost illegible /” Gabrielle O’Connor” /. I reread it to be sure it said what I thought it said. It is so weird being an O’Connor now. It had always been Gabrielle Anderson. My dad’s last name was still new to me. Guess it was gonna take time to like it, or even accept it. I walked towards the man holding the sign and with a mix of relief and anger got to the conclusion that he was definitely not my dad. He was a tall, fair-skinned man with forest green eyes, but looking closer he had thousands of creases in his face, the folds on it were plenty, but he didn’t give that ‘old man vibe’ many men about his age emitted. He was dressed in a simple white polo, typical blue jeans, and a dark blue cap.
“Gabrielle O’Connor?” He said in shockingly kind voice.
“Yeah” I replied simply.
“I’m grandpa O’Connor. Come here sweetie” He said while he embraced me lovingly. I stiffened instantly but after a few seconds I relaxed, and hugged him back. We smiled to each other and walked towards his golden Pathfinder. As he handed the guy that helped us with my luggage his tip I looked around the car: everything was perfectly organized, simple impeccable.
“Your dad hates my habits. Says they’re ‘annoying’. You probably do to. Old men stuff, darling”
“Oh, no! I’m like this too!” I beamed at him as I said this, he laughed heartily in response.
“Your dad couldn’t pick you up today because he was just named officer in the local police, so he has been pretty busy lately…” Grandpa commented. Then his voice trailed and he asked in an even softer tone, “How is your dear mother?”
This question caught me by surprise, “You know my mother?”
“Well, of course. I need to meet the mother of my only grandchild, kid. I understand she’s still sick, am I right?”
“Sort of.” I mumbled. I looked out the window, at the relatively neat houses passing by as we entered Belleville. The trees were certainly soothing, “Her hallucinations have stopped but its worst now. She’s not sick in a medical way I guess. She’s fed up with the world, doesn’t care anymore…about anything. Not her, not grandma, not me. Everyone’s stopped helping. She hates me, says I remind her of everything she could’ve done, says it’s my fault that she’s the way she is now…”
Grandpa was silent as he drove away. “…I love your mother, she was a sweet woman” was the only thing he managed to say.

“I’ll leave you at your dad’s work, I’m sure he’s not busy about now….We’ll eat dinner together.” We parked outside a police station, and grandpa explained me where to go. Of course, I got totally confused. I don’t know were I ended up entering but next thing I know I’m in those cells were they keep you for something not so drastic, those cells in which minors are until they parents come to bail them out. They were all empty except for one that was occupied by a greasy-haired boy all in black. I couldn’t help but stare, he was asleep anyway.
“What’re you staring at, Tinkerbell?” He groaned.
“Tinkerbell?” I couldn’t help but repeat in amusement. Damn, he was so drunk.
“You look like her. ‘xcept she didn’t look at guys like me as if they were scum”
“She didn’t have anyone like you to look out” the words escaped my mouth bluntly.
He grunted something with a scowl on his face. The way he talked towards me was so full of disgust I just wanted to get out of his sight. I started to look for a way out.
“You scared now, Tink?”
“What are you doing here, Miss?” An angry voice asked behind me. Shit. I turned to face the man of the irate voice. His forest green eyes widened as he looked at me, and I could easily tell that I was now facing Mr. O’Connor Jr. for the first time in my life.
“Gabrielle?” He asked pointlessly. I nodded. A smiled appeared on his lips. I returned it awkwardly.
“How charming…” The ‘bum’ interjected sarcastically, his arms dangling from the bars.
“Shut up Gerard. I’m bailing you out as a favour to your gran. Thank /her/.”
“Whatever…couldn’t care less…”He grumbled under his breath as Dad unlocked the cell.
“Fuck you Tink” He said before scampering from jail.
“You know him?” Mr O’Connor asked, raising an eyebrow.

Hey guys! So, I’ve started two other stories so far (apart from the ones I’ve already finished…) both of which I have ditched. The other ones weren’t from My Chem. so maybe that had to do with it, anyway this is just an introductory chappie read on! Let me know if something’s not clear, I’m willing to rewrite! And remember, NATZ LOVES YOU!!!
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