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Chapter 2

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful: Dad and Grandpa filling me in on what had happened my whole life, and I giving them some information in return, organizing my stuff on my new room, and eating dinner. I went upstairs after that and fell asleep on bed instantly.

Doors opening.
Doors closing.
Why is there so much noise? Mom doesn’t ever make a racket this early in the morning. I opened an eye, and didn’t recognize the place where I was. I freaked: then it all came flowing back. Dad’s. He was probably going out to work…I looked at the clock: seven in the morning. Damn.

After breakfast with grandpa I decided to saunter outside a bit. He said walking around here wasn’t too dangerous, just to be home preferably before ten and to avoid the Hudson Lake at nightfall. I smiled at the advice and went out the garage. It was quite a residential area; full of great trees with extraordinary foliage…They were so amazing I wanted to stand there watching them all day. I took out my phone and snapped a shot of an extraordinary tree with orange leaves among other two with green ones, as the sun came behind them and a slight breeze made them move. It was beautiful. I felt people staring at me, possibly puzzled at the new girl’s attitude; I found it amusing that they were interested in me of all people.
After some minutes I remembered the real reason of my little tour outside: I needed some sanitary stuff my dad hadn’t given me, you know the basic deodorant, razor, anti-bacterial soap, tampons, anti-bacterial cream, and on-the-go alcohol. I’m obsessed over bacteria, they’re fucking EVERYWHERE!
They’re my personal psychosis.
I walked into the Seven Eleven and eyed a bunch of kids in black sitting on the parking lot, empty bottles of beer lying around. Who drinks this early in the morning? Unless they had been partying all night…I thought I saw someone familiar…/yeah, like I know someone ‘round here./
I picked up the items and paid quickly. I pushed my big black sunglasses up the bridge of my nose and took a long drink of my seven up. As I exited I got distracted by a lady on the other side of the street holding the cutest baby I had ever seen and then-
“OWW!” both of us yelled as our heads bumped together harshly.
“Motherfucker, you’ve got a hard skull!” The boy wined, rubbing his fingerless gloved hand against his forehead, squinting one black eye-lined hazel eye.
“Yours is no pillow!” I replied, laughing. He joined in and pointed at my scribbled converse.
“So I see you claim to be a pirate…” He commented.
“Yeah I do” I boasted, puffing my chest and looking down at the converse myself.
“Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a pirate, too” He whispered, covering his mouth with one hand. I giggled.
“FRANK I DON’T THINK THAT’S A SIX PACK!” Someone yelled from behind him. He turned at the guy, also in black, and gave him the finger.
“So you’re Frank, huh?” I commented coolly.
“Frank Anthony something Iero”
“You don’t know you’re full name?” I asked incredulously, suppressing my laughter.
“Yeah, well…”He trailed off and grinned. “Do you have a name?”
The guy Frank had given the finger to strode toward the door. As we were blocking the entrance he must’ve decided that I was the minor obstacle on the way, because next thing I know he tackles me out of his path of destruction. LITERALLY! He fucking tackled me with his shoulder.
I lost my balance and I was sure this was going to end /bad/. I felt the coldness of the soda before I realized I had dropped the bottle as I fell. Frank caught my head before it hit the pavement, but the rest of my body fell quite painfully on the gravel and the seven up drenched my, might I add, white shirt, revealing my mauve bra.
“MOTHERFUCKER!” I yelled after him. Frank helped me up trying to hide his grin, not very good might I add.
“You okay?”
“Well apart from getting a fucking nail on my leg, scratching my only pair of clean jeans, and showing my bra to the world, I’m perfect!” I chirped. He snorted.
“What’s wrong with that bastard?” I asked, more to myself than to Frank.
“Dunno…” He looked at me to finish the sentence.
“You have a name miss purple bra? I don’t think you’d like to be called that, right?”
“No…I do have a name. I’m-“
“RUN!!!” The guy that almost destroyed my shoulder yelled as he ran away with a six pack on his hand, the Seven Eleven alarm ringing and the counter guy yelling at him to come back. Frank gave me an apologizing look and scampered with the rest of the guys he had come up with. I decided to dash out of the scene of crime, too. What if they linked me to the crime? I opened the grocery bag on my way back and cleaned my bloody leg with an alcohol-drenched cotton ball.
I had a feeling this was going to be a quite interesting town if you know what I mean…

So what do you think guys?
Who’s the mysterious booze-stealing-shoulder-breaking dude?
Predictions, anyone?

Much love,

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