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Chapter 6

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[Okay this is the chapter that took me a while to think up. It consists of real sexual/dirty stuff, so if your not into that kinda stuff, dont read!]

Chapter Six

Back at hers, Gerard slowly pushed her up into the wall and press’s his lips hardly against her soft baby pink ones, he puts all his force into it and slowly directs his tongue into her mouth.

Mya grabbed hold of his hand and walks him to her room, where he shut the door behind them.

He picked Mya up and carried her over to the bed, in which he laid her down on.

Gently he got on top of her and carried on the kissing.

Mya stopped him, so she could take his jacket off, and ran her fingers through his long jet black hair.

He guided her arms up so he could lift her top off; slowly he started to caress her breasts with both of his hand, doing it very gently.

A slight groan came from Mya, so Gerard did it more.

He smirked “I see your liking that?”

“Oh yeah...” She gasped.

Mya grabbed hold of his hands, and moved them away; Gerard looked confused.

Mya smiled at him, and lifted his top off and put his hands back on her breasts.

He smiled, realising what she was doing.

He reached under Mya and unhooked her bra, she was nervous to what his reaction would be.

“Wow.” He just stared at them; she guessed he obviously liked the sight of them!

“You like…?” She said in the best slutty voice she could think of.

“I…I love them!” Gerard said still staring.

Tediously, he swirled his tongue around the nipple and then changed onto the other one.

Gerard was getting so turned on by the noises coming from Mya.

“Strip me…”He whispered slowly into her ear.

Mya shivered, when she felt his hot breath on her neck.

As told to, she pushed him of her and got on top of him.

Mya leaned into him and he slowly put his tongue back in her mouth and massaged it around, stopping for breaks.

Her hands moved down, carefully stopping and his belt, her fingers started to play with it, and she could tell it was turning him on.

Suddenly he grabbed hold of her hands and undone it with them.

“Oh, can’t you wait?” She laughed.

He smirked “No, not when I have a hot women of your kind of me!”

She giggled “Oh aren’t we a gentleman!”

Just to please him, she went extra fast on unzipping his trousers, and pulling them off. She leant closely back into him;

“Your turn…” She said sexually.

Gerard didn’t even have to think twice about it.

He grabbed at her trousers roughly, and started to undo them. Mya helped him by lifting up so he could get them off.

Gerard just couldn’t control his eyes; he didn’t even know where to start looking. He was definitely impressed.

Mya tried to move herself down his body, but he had a firm grip of her a wouldn’t let her go, he just wanted to be close to her.

Slowly he sat up and loosened the grip on her, but she not enough for her to move though.

He ran his finger all the way down her stomach and slid it into her see through lacy underwear.

He couldn’t help but move his finger around, in that wet, moist place.

“Fuck…” Mya softly moaned.

“Oh don’t worry honey…we’ll be getting to that part very soon!”

Gerard slipped her underwear off and parted her legs; his head lowered itself down there.

His tongue entered Mya; it was sending her crazy, sending shivers through her.

“Stop…please…I want you in me…” She begged.

Gerard didn’t reply, he lifted his head up, and smiled at her.

He made sure he kept her legs apart, and positioned himself against her.

Gently he pushed it into her.

They both let out loud moans.

He started off going slowly pushing it in and out, then thrusting it at a regular speed.

“Gee…I think we could a little bit faster…don’t you think?” Mya devilishly grinned at Gerard.

“Oh I think so” He laughed.

He quickly started to pick the pace up, she was going mental, his balls where fiercely bashing off against her; the feeling was magnificent, she was definitely going mental not only on the outside, but on the in as well.

“G-E-R-A-R-D” She screamed his name out with pleasure.

He quickly pulled him self out of her, and pulled her up by her hands.

Gerard lay back down and pulled her on top of him.

Carefully Mya lowered herself onto him, she loved the feeling of him entering her…it was so much pleasure as well as excitement.

Mid way through Gerard pulled her closer to him like he did before, he started to slow the speed down, so he could kiss her properly, he pushed all of himself into her, his tongue crashing into her mouth, she couldn’t breath but she didn’t care, she loved the feeling of passion he was giving her too much.

“Oh shit…babe I’m gonna blow…” Gerard sexually groaned.

Mya took his penis out of her and started to suck on it.

Starting firstly at the tip, her tongue slightly running over it, then moving down a bit, until she was fully sucking him off in her mouth.

All of a sudden, she felt a sticky substance in her mouth;

“Ooh this taste good…” She sexually complemented…even though Gerard couldn’t exactly make out what she was saying.

“Glad you like it…Now I have one question for you…”

She giggled “Oh and what could that be then…?” She waited for a reply.

“Spit or Swallow” He grinned.

[Too perverted or just right?? Tell me what you think please...r & r]
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