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Chapter 7

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Chapter seven

As she turned over, Mya wondered where Gerard had gone.

“I did fuck him didn’t I?!” She questioned herself “Of course I did, I would know that!”

Mya came to the conclusion that he obviously must have had something to do, which he had forgotten about.

She decided to call him…she waited…and waited…still no answer; in the end she left a message.

“Hi Gee, where were you this morning? I guess you had something to attend to probably, yeah? Well anyway I had a real good time last night…and I really wanna see you again…Anyway, call me when you get this…bye” She closed the phone, and decided to call Isla.

She searched down her contacts until she found ‘Isla’ and pressed the little green phone button.

After a few dialling beeps, Isla finally answered.

“Hey…Everything okay…you usually wouldn’t call me this early...”

“Hi, yeah everything is just great. I have so much to tell you, can you come over?”

“Oh really…would this to do with what happened with Gerard and your ‘coffee date’” Isla giggled down the phone.

“Oh a lot more developed on from that…your gonna love it!”

“Oh you tart” she giggled “Can’t wait…I’ll be round in about an 30 mins, okay?”

“Okay then, see you, bye”

Mya quickly ran up into the bathroom for a shower, before Isla arrived.

As she dried the last of her hair with the towel, Mya noticed her phone beeping, she grabbed it and looked.

The screen on her phone read ‘1 UNREAD MESSAGE FROM : Gerard’ this put a smile on her face, she clicked on the open button:

‘Hi, look Mya it’s been a laugh and all but I really don’t think it was the right thing to do…and by that I mean what we did last night. I’m not the right guy for you…we both know that…sorry, goodbye’

Her smile suddenly faded; was it actually true, or was she just imagining it?!

She couldn’t hold back the tears that were slowly dripping from her glazed eyes. She just wanted to curl up and hope that it was all just a mistake…but she knew it wasn’t.

Mya heard a car door slamming and realised Isla had arrived, she quickly dried her eyes and went for the door and answered.

As she went to open the door she quickly checked in the mirror to see if she looked half decent.

‘I guess it doesn’t look to obvious’ She said sadly under her breath.

Mya opened the door and a jollily bouncy Isla skipped in.

“Hi!!!! Like Oh My God! You have seriously gotta tell me everything that happened!!! To every last little detail!” Isla excitedly screeched.

Mya just blankly stared at her.

“My…what’s wrong?” Isla voice had changed, it was no longer the happy little kiddie voice it was 10 seconds ago, it was sad.

“It’s nothing…” Mya said in a quiet little voice.

Isla could tell something was up. “I know there is, tell me…”

Before Mya could even reply to Isla, she just burst into tears.

“Mya seriously, what’s happened?!” Isla said pulling her to her.

“Gerard…” She sobbed, only just managing to get that out.

“What do you mean ‘Gerard’” Isla said, starting to turn angry, at the thought of her best friend crying over some ‘guy’

“We had sex!” Mya exclaimed angrily.

Isla just stared at her, unable to comment; “WHAT?!?!?!?! You fucked GERARD WAY?!”

Mya just looked at her and cried heavier.

“Okay, I am confused…your crying because you had sex with him?” Isla said releasing Mya.

“Yeah…” Mya said sadly.

“Right, come on sit down and tell me the truth” Isla said as she took her hand and walked them both to the sofa.

“Okay, so start from the beginning” She said softly.

“It was all going perfectly fine…everything!” Mya yelled. “We went for dinner, and we came back here and fucked…and it was the best experience of my life!” She wept louder. “Now…it’s all over! Screwed! Fucked! He hates me!”

Isla looked at her with confusion “How do you know he hates you?”

Mya took her phone out of her pocket and passed it to her. “Look, that’s what he messaged me, just before you came. I had no time to react to it…I guess that’s why I’m letting it all out now.” She quietly said, trying to calm herself down.

Isla’s eyes quickly scanned the screen; “Oh god…”

“I know…I feel for him and now he hates me…I’m such a fool!” Mya screamed as she buried her head into a cushion.

“Oh come on My…your no fool, you know that! Either he’s confused or just a complete waste of space!"

“He’s not though…I totally fell for him! I let him fuck me…it must have been something!!” Mya said from the cushion, her words hardly making any sense.

“Well if it meant something, then you shouldn’t give up…call him telling him you want to talk about it!”

Mya lifted her head up;

“I can’t he won’t reply to any of my calls. Face it, he hates me! He fucking HATES ME!” She screamed.

“Chill!! He doesn’t, he probably just wants some time…I mean look it was kinda rushed…two dates and then sex…give him some time…he’ll come round!” Isla said trying to reassure her.

“I guess your right…I really need to talk it over with him, pass me that a sec” She said pointing towards the phone.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Isla said unsure.

“Yeah…but text!”

“Go on then…” Isla smiled.

Mya started to tap at the phone :

‘Gerard, I realise we probably rushed things…but I need to talk to you about it. I can’t just move on and forget it ever happened, it meant something to me. I understand you might not wanna see me…but if you do meet me outside the central park and we’ll talk there, Mya xx’

“Okay done” She said as she pressed the send button.

“Are you gonna be okay with whatever his answer is…?” Isla asked questioningly.

“I gue…” Mya was interrupted by the bleeping of her phone…‘1 UNREAD MESSAGE FROM : Gerard’

“Already…?!” Isla said, but she never got a reply.

Mya started to read the message :

‘I know, I’m sorry but I don’t think anything is going to change with us, but I will meet you in half an hour, G xox’

Mya started to smile slightly even thought the situation still wasn’t exactly ‘perfect’

“Ooh your smiling!” Isla teased “What did lover boy put?!”

Mya giggled “He said he would meet me in half an hour outside central park to discuss it, I’m so gonna have to persuade him!”

“Good luck then!” Isla said, and they leaned in to hug one and other.

[I know it's not great, i found it difficult in what to put. Hope you find it long enough!! R&&R]
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