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First day of school :)

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Chapter 4

I walked into the principal’s office with my chin up, totally decided to make this day an un-crappy one. The principal was actually really nice. She had gigantic green eyes, nice features, and short dark brown hair with golden highlights. She bid me welcome and explained she the basic things about the school. I tried to look interested but I really wanted to get out of there and to start meeting people.
She obviously noticed this because she sighed and cut her speech right about the middle (even though she had been talking for at least twenty minutes straight and I wasn’t even counting the introductions).
“Ok, so I’ll send in your escort. Mr. Way, do come in”
Is she freaking kidding me? I can’t have such bad luck! No, of course it’s not Gerard! But the escorts are always seniors and I’m sure Mikey’s not a-
My thoughts were answered as Gerard walked into the room in a pair of ragged jeans, come old sneakers and a faded Metallica black shirt, with his hair all over the place, still wet in some sections.
“Mr. Way this is Gabri-“
“Already now her” Gerard spat. The principal seemed to ignore his petulant response and hide her surprise that Gerard Way knew someone by smiling broadly, “Off you go then!”

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, you know. I can find my way through classes” I told him. Seriously, I preferred to get lost in school rather than being with a walking zombie. The guy’s mean. Way mean.
He ignored me. Completely.
We walked in silence until we reached a door he stopped there for a second, and I was busy looking a cute skirt a girl behind him was wearing. He sighed and when I turned to look for him he had disappeared. I was about to start questioning people about where I should go now when a woman dressed in a pretty nice knee-length aqua skirt, longish red top, a long necklace of different colored pebbles and long golden sticks hanging from her ears with a red flower on their tips. She smiled at me and I noticed that her big teeth warmed her smile even more. She had short, layered brown hair with chestnut highlights.
“You’re in my class, right?” She asked.
“Oh, are you...”I searched for the schedule in my jean’s back pocket and looked for the little square in which I was supposed to be quickly, “Mrs. Patricia?”
“Mrs. Pat, yeah. Come on in”
I did as she told me and scanned the room. I spotted Mikey in the back of the room. He hadn’t noticed me. I walked towards him and threw my backpack on the chair next to his. He didn’t move a muscle and concentrated his stare on a corner of the room. I put my hand on his lap and kissed his cheek,
“Hello Mikey!” I cheered in his ear.
“Whoa!” He almost fell of his chair. He stared at me in confusion and then sighed, “God! You scared me Gabrielle!”
“Dude I made so much noise the other side of the world would’ve heard me coming!” I retaliated as I laughed at his still astonished face. By this time we were both aware that the whole class was staring at us funny. Mikey blushed while I continued to laugh.
The class started to fill and the lecture started. We were going to read Homer’s Iliad. Pretty interesting I guess.

Mikey and I walked into the caf after a block of English and a block of Math. We noticed we had the same schedule, it was awesome. I followed Mikey towards the table in the back of the caf, where he took out a brown paper bag from his backpack.
“Are we drinking today?” I asked exitedly. Mikey looked at me funny and took out a bologna sandwich. He laughed at me.
“Whaatt?” I pouted.
“You were actually disappointed!” He said between laughs.
“Well, yeah” I stated quite seriously.
“I swear I’m gonna throw that bitch down the stairs!” A skinny girl in black leather boots, black hoes, a short plated black skirt and a blue polo hollered as she threw her backpack on the table, taking her wavy shoulder-long hair in a ponytail and pushing her bangs out of her way.
“Hey Kamz” Mikey saluted, “Sucky French class?”
“Yeah” She retorted. She then spotted me and gave me the thumbs up, “Her hair is nice!” She said to Mikey, he nodded.
“Say what?” I asked in confusion.
“Mikey! You haven’t talked to her about me? You’re such an ass! I’m Kamila. I was the only girl who was able to stand these guys, is good to finally have a girl in the gang” She said as she hugged me. I instantly liked her.
“So where can I find food that doesn’t have dead animals?” I asked, pointing to Mikey’s sandwich.
“You vegetarian?” They asked in unison.
“Hell yeah!” I said.
“That’s so cool! Me too!” Kamila cheered, “Well you can always drink a soda I wouldn’t recommend anything else”
“Yeah, caf food sucks” Mikey grinned.
“Hey, where are the others?” I questioned, I wanted to say hi to Ray and Frank.
“Um, dunno where’s Ray. Gerard is…well, avoiding you” Mikey explained.
“Hmm…and Frank?”
“Oh he goes to catholic school” Kamz said as she sipped the coke she had brought along with my Seven Up seconds before. I snorted and the Seven Up almost ended up going out my nose. Disgusting, I know.
“Oh shit, are you serious?” my mouth hung ajar.
“Yeah. I know, it’s unbelievable” Kamz replied.
“We see him after school. We go to pick him up and he stays at our place everyday. He lives more in our place than his own, actually”
“Yeah, sometimes I feel ditched. Then I eat skittles and it’s all good”
“You’re…seeing each other?” I asked
“No, mostly just making out and having sex. Pretty casual” she explained naturally.
“THANK YOU ‘CAUSE THAT’S SOMETHING I NEEDED TO KNOW!” Mikey hollered, obviously unable to contain himself.
“Oh chill Mikey, you’re just jealous she’s not doing that with /you/” I said without thinking. Kamz burst out laughing and Mikey blushed.
“AWWWW!!!” Kamz and I said in unison.
“This is NOT going to be a good combo” Mikey muttered jokingly.
“You loveee us” Kamz and I said.

Mikey and I stepped out of school in deep conversation. I followed him as he walked to the parking lot with no reason whatsoever except to continue or merry little talk in which we were deciding why Edward Scissor-hand had just as much rights to be considered a classic as Titanic.
“Seriously, the best quote in that movie is ‘you jump I jump Jack’ and I’m not even sure that’s the way it is…”I mumbled.
“Totally. Okay, so we have to wait for Gerard now he tends to be slow and I’m guessing he’ll be extra slow today considering you’re coming”
“Oh am I?”
“Yeah, your dad asked us to drive you.”
“Sweet” I said, looking at the sky for a second. Still hypocritical. He could’ve been the kind of dad to drive his kid to school and give her a buck to buy a candy. But no, instead he decided he’d travel around the world, bath in the 8 oceans of wisdom or whatever it is people say to avoid raising a family from its ashes.
“You okay?” Mikey asked as he noticed the hurt in my eyes.
“Yeah, perfectly” I lied as Gerard swiftly got into the car and inserted the keys. Mikey helped me in and then slipped into the front seat. A few seconds later Ray seated next to me. We went for Frankie. I don’t really think anything happened, I was too caught up trying to figure out Dad. It was hard…Maybe I should ask Mikey about him. To tell me the bold truth, whatever that was…

I sure was thinking a lot about Mikey lately…No, I’m not. I’ve only met him a twice! Although I did spend the whole day with him….We have the same schedule! Still…

“Why don’t you come home with us?” Mikey asked as Gerard drove towards my place.
“Nah, it’s okay. I don’t feel to well”
“No shit!” Frankie yelled sarcastically.
“You don’t get to be mean when you’re using someone as a pillow!” I pouted
“My bad” Frank apologized.
“My point exactly” resumed Mikey, looking at me fully in the face.
“I’m gonna be dandy, Mikes” I lied as I opened the door, “I just gotta play detective first” I winked at their confused faces. Gerard moved the car before I was completely out and I fell on the pavement.
“THANK YOU GERARD! YOU’RE A GENTLEMAN!” I yelled after the car. They sure heard since I heard Frankie laughing his head off.

HEYYY GUYSSS!!! Thanks for the support! Next chappie is gonna be total ASOMENESS I SWEAR!
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