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Movies and fingers

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Chapter 5

I sat on the porch in a pair of pink shorts and a black wife-beater with my knees up to my chest and my arms around the latter, flip-flops on the floor. It’s not that I didn’t like living in Belleville. It had been pretty good actually. For the first time in my life I had friends and not ‘classmates’. And I didn’t have to worry much about problems at home except I did feel like a stranger. At dinner grandpa and dad would talk about family matters and I’d have to just stare at my dinner because I didn’t know whose glucose levels were up or who just had a heart attack. A door creaked, and a hand rested on my shoulder. I flinched at the human contact and looked up to find grandpa staring at me.
“You okay kiddo?” His concern was audible.
I smiled and started to look at a yellow butterfly on the veranda. Grandpa sat beside me and took my hand.
“When you were around three we took you to the beach. All of the family. You had a pair of green star-shaped sunglasses and your mother had forgotten to bring you a towel. After the rest of the kids and you were satisfied of running in and out of the water and sitting in the sand and all of that things kids do, all of you went to your moms so they could take away the sand and dress you up in clean clothes. But you’re mother couldn’t clean you up because she didn’t have a towel. When you asked her to at least take the sand off because it itched she blew you away and drank some more beer. I remember you took an empty bottle of water and went to this little house that was really a bathroom. You started to fill up the water bottle and clean yourself. All alone, without nobody helping. You took all the sand away and stood very straight so that the wind would dry you off. By the time we were going back you were still damp and your mother and father nagged you about getting wet again. I took a clean shirt I had brought along and let you dry yourself with it and I remember you stood straighter and looked at me in the eye and said ‘It was my fault for not taking my own towel’” Up until now I had been gazing at the garden, listening to every word grandpa said. When he stopped I looked into his eyes and was sure they were glassy.
“Anyway, my point is you’ve always been independent. Even if it’s not a good thing to be alone all the time it does has its uses. You have always taken responsibilities for your acts, and that’s what will keep you going for the rest of your days, Gabrielle. As harsh as it sounds you simply can’t need someone. You’re can’t have that luxury.” He squeezed my hand once more and stood up, “Donna’s baking cookies she asked if you wanted some you were certainly invited. The boys wanted to have you for a late movie-watching with Kamila. Are you going to go?”
I nodded and was glad when the door shut after him. I hid my face in between my knees and sobbed silently for about ten minutes. After that I stood straight and sauntered directly into my room.

I threw a red-and-white-patterned silk dress, covered my legs in black hoes and slipped into a pair of comfy black slippers. I applied some black eye shadow on my lids and used eye-liner so that my brown eyes didn’t look so lame. I plucked spare hairs around my eyebrows and tousled my short blonde hair. I chose a gigantic black star pin on my hair and inserted jet black hoops on my ears. I took my black purse and skipped downstairs.
“Where’s Dad, grandpa?”
“Hasn’t come yet” He said in a painful tone of voice.
“Something wrong?”
“I’m hungry” He stated, “Your dad hasn’t brought the groceries yet” He explained. I walked towards the fridge and opened the door, eyeing at its contents suspiciously.
“Sweet or salty?” I asked
I took out a banana, strawberries, peach and several other sweet fruits and chopped them, dropping them on a bowl. I served yogurt in a cup and Hershey’s syrup in another. I placed all of this in front of grandpa with a fork and a spoon.
“Try the yogurt and the syrup with all.” I recommended. Grandpa thanked me and attacked his food furiously. The sky was turning a bit dark as I walked to the Way’s. I had been walking for half an hour and now it was really late. It should’ve only taken me around ten minutes! Where the fuck am I? I walked some more and noticed the Hudson Lake. Oh shit! I can become another of the bodies! There was a crunch behind me and a deep sigh.
“Ugh…Tinkerbell?” A rough voice asked behind me I yelled and he shut my mouth, the lights of a passing car let me take a short look at his features and I relaxed. Gerard.
“What are you doing here? You could get yourself killed! You should know this…So stupid…” He mumbled as he released me from his grab.
“Yeah I know…I was walking to your house and I got lost…” I almost moaned, I was getting desperate now. Gerard looked away from my face, brow furrowed. Now I know who he reminds me of! Heathcliff! His face had a Heathcliff quality.
“Look, I’ll drive you.”
“Thanks!” I squealed, throwing my arms around him in liveliness. He stiffened for a second and then pushed me away forcefully.
“Don’t touch me!” He snapped before walking towards his car. After five minutes of silent driving we reached his place.
“Hey Gerard-“
“Don’t thank me again, it’s annoying. Just go” He interrupted in an irritated tone of voice.
I raised an eyebrow due to his cockiness, “I was going to ask what were you doing at Hudson Lake this late …” I informed him as I stepped out of the car, “We don’t want no more murders, Gerard” I emphasized, smiling as I rang the doorbell to his house. I think I almost saw a smile as he drove away.
“Thank God!” Kamz said as she took the air out of my lungs in an embrace, “She’s here boys!”
“What took you so long…?”

“I still can’t believe he actually drove you here…” Kamz commented as they served some milk for the cookies Donna had left before going up to sleep.
“How long can it take to pour milk in a glass?” Frank whined from the couch.
“Come here and serve it yourself you lazy ass” Was Kamz’s loving response.
We took all of the glasses to the guys except Frank’s in retaliation.
“That’s so mean!” He whined as he went grabbed his glass from the kitchen.
“So what are we watching?” I asked as I snuggled unto the couch.
“We’re in between The Texas Massacre, The Revenge of the Nerds and…Edward Scissor-hands” Mikey announced the last name with a wide smile on his face.
“Edward!” I yelled. There was no room for discussion; we were watching that movie, dammit.
As the movie rolled everyone started to get themselves comfortable. Kamz took a side armchair with Frank at her feet. Ray had a chair and Mikey and I were sitting on the couch.

“Oh I love that hair!!” Kamz and I said at some of the hair-do’s Edward did.
“Dude I gotta go to Bob’s party. See you guys later” Ray mumbled as he slipped out of the house.
“Bye Rayray!” I hollered after him. There was a total change of the mood as the movie became sadder and Ray not being there was so not a problem. I was going to tell Kamz something but I hadn’t even started to when I turned my attention to the movie again: she and Frank were in a pretty intense making-out session. The couch apparently started shrinking ‘cause I don’t know how Mikey and I were huddled in the middle of it by now. I felt his heavy breathing, his eyes never leaving the screen. It was sweet how he was so entranced by the story…or maybe it was the blondie. Before I knew it he was staring at me, too, “Something wrong, Gaby?” He asked sweetly.
“Not at all Mikes” I smiled and resumed watching the movie. He slipped his fingers in between mine and squeezed them only a little. So sweet!

Ray looked at his watch. Eleven sharp. He walked to the corner and waited. Sure enough, there was Gerard waiting for him.
“Hey man” Ray greeted.
“She still there?” Gerard mumbled through gritted teeth.
“Yeah…” Ray replied quickly, eager to go back to the blonde babe he had promised to come back on the couch.
“Damn…” Gerard gasped.
“Just go there, man, she’s not going to do shit. I gotta go back, now.”
“Whatever, “He replied as he walked back to where he had left his car behind. He wanted to go home and not see that intruder there. What was he thinking? He wasn’t going to hide in his car like a mouse, sleeping on top of papers and books so she could have it her way! He slipped into the car and kicked the engine into action.

Mikey’s hand had gone a bit up my thigh and I turned right to ask Kamz anything and notice she wasn’t there. I panicked. But wait, Mikey’s a good kid. You don’t have to be afraid, Gabrielle. Right? Mikey seemed to notice that Kamz and Frank were gone because next thing I know he raised me into his lap, my legs on either side of him. He pulled my hoes and panties down quickly inserting his fingers inside me before I had even time to realize what was happening. I gasped in shock and lost my balance, heard a door opening and steps approaching, and started falling backwards unto the carpeted floor. Just as the footsteps stopped I knocked my knees together and looked up. Gerard’s eyes were one me. He looked at my legs and his eyes lingered there for a moment, taking all of me in, the hoes and panties down. I lowered my legs to the floor and pulled the hoes and panties up, slipping into my slippers. Gerard glanced at Mikey trying to ignore my standing up and noticed how he cleaned his fingers on a cushion. I threw Mikey a dirty look and stormed out of the room.


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