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chapter 4

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Harry had been gone for two days, two heart wrenching days in which even the Slytherin's weren't safe from Severus' ire, before his dark mark began to burn and throb. It was the call Severus had both been anticipating and fearing, a call he wasn't sure he would have answered had Harry been safe within Hogwarts. But he had to go, had to see Harry, to make sure he was alright. The sixth-year Gryffindors were already paying dearly for what they had done. Severus used any little excuse to strip them of points down into the negative and had managed to get most of Harry's year mates into detention with either himself or Filch.

With hurried, jerky movements Severus yanked on his Death Eater robes and mask before hurrying outside of Hogwarts wards to apparate to his masters side, praying it wasn't the broken body of his soulmate he was being summoned to see. Harry might be Voldemort's soulmate as well, but that didn't necessarily guarantee Harry's safety from the Dark Lord. Why had the idiot boy gone to the Dark Lord? Why hadn't Harry come to him? He would have protected Harry with his life, sheltered him from the slander. Did Harry not feel the bond between them?

Severus apparated with a hurried crack, not bothering with silence this night, a vision of Harry looking up at him through tousled hair with a wicked light of defiance glittering in those perfect eyes filling his mind. When he arrived at Riddle Manor it nearly drew him up short to see those eyes cold and shuttered as he glanced upon Harry standing tall and proud beside Voldemort upon the dais the Dark Lord addressed them from. Seeing Harry standing there, completely at ease in battle robes of the finest cut, Severus could understand why people believed the hope of the war rested on those shoulders. What broke his heart though, was to see that coldness turned upon him with the same disdain that was gifted to every other Death Eater that crawled up to kiss Voldemort's robes. Was Harry actually going to forsake their newly budding bond that easily? If he was, Severus almost hoped that Voldemort intended to claim his life this night, for he knew that after those few sweet kissed he and Harry had shared that he would never be able to stand the desolation of an unfulfilled soulbond.

~~ ~~ ~*~

Even though Severus' face was carefully hidden behind his mask, Harry knew those black eyes were fixed on him and it made him slightly nervous for some reason. Even from the distance that now separated them, Harry could still smell the sweet aroma of herbs that clung to Severus when he hadn't come from just brewing some foul potion. Harry couldn't help but admire every line of the potion master's body, though the lines kept shifting as his robes did. Severus was like a black shadow, always shifting and moving even when absolutely still, form remaining undefined to sight. At least that's how he was to Harry and Harry was certain that no one else saw Severus in this way. They only saw the stillness, the carefully checked emotion, the danger, but then they weren't supposed to see anything else. Resolutely Harry pulled his eyes from Severus' form and continued his sweep over the amassing Death Eaters. It had been hard enough to convince Tom that Severus wasn't his soulmate and meant nothing to him, that the Slytherin's had only been passing on rumors that had been started by his ex-friends to slander him and paint him in an even blacker light. It hadn't been easy to convince Tom of this and seeming uncaring about Severus' life given their history and the fact that he was trying to save the 'greasy-git'. Sex had proved to be the perfect distraction and a few well made comments about losing an important spy had spared Severus.

"Don't be nervous, my wolfling," Tom drew Harry's attention back to him, "they will not dare raise a wand to you. I will not allow it and many of my Death Eaters are too fond of their lives to dare incur my wrath even if it would mean they got their chance to take a shot at you."

"I'm not nervous," Harry spoke softly in parseltongue, knowing it was more intimate and could only be understood by the two of them and Nagini, "they mean nothing to me, their power is nothing to mine and I would almost wish to see one of them dare try to harm me."

Tom laughed outright, causing many in the room to stiffen in surprise and flinch away in fear; the laugh wasn't full of Voldemort's insanity, but was an actual laugh of amusement. Harry too shuddered, but in desire as Tom ran a teasing hand down over his ass and flicked with a playful finger. Oh yes, Tom was a very passionate man and loved to tease Harry unmercifully in bed. This little meeting had taken two days to arrange mainly for the fact that the two of them had been too busy in bed to want to deal with business. Yet for all the pleasure and rightness, for Harry there was something missing as he howled his desire beneath Tom's body; Tom had started calling Harry his wolfling because of those howls. Ruthlessly Harry shoved that thought away, he couldn't afford to acknowledge anything was missing when he was in bed with Tom, not because of Tom's reaction, but because of how it affected him. It hurt every time he thought of how Severus had rejected him because the potion master knew Tom would lay claim to him; they could have worked something out-there was a good chance that Severus and Tom were soulmates as well-but Harry had decided that it would be easier to resign himself to a life without Severus, it was why he had left Hogwarts and came to Tom.

Tom's hand squeezed his ass lightly and Harry was glad for the robes he was wearing as he continued to harden. Fleetingly a smirk crossed his face as a plan formed in his mind-two could play at this game. With a sudden swift turn, Harry had Voldemort up against the wall at their back and began to savage the older man's mouth with a fierce passion, drawing blood as teeth battled and scraped at lip and tongue. Immediately spells flew at what the Death Eater's assumed to be Harry's unprotected back, thinking that he was attacking their master, but they met a barrier and fizzled away into nothing to the shock of their casters. With a satisfied smile, Harry lifted his lips from Tom's allowing the Death Eaters to see their Lord looking completely debauched from a simple kiss, lips swollen and hair mussed from Harry's gripping hands. If not for Tom's robes, they'd probably see his hard on as well. Looking out over the stunned Death Eater's, Harry thought he might have actually made one or two of them faint with that little display. It was Severus' reaction that affected him the most. He might not be able to see Severus' face beneath the mask, but he could feel the gaze and see the clenched fists. Harry didn't dare show the stab of longing and regret that went through him at this sight, Severus had been the one to give him up after all.

"You will pay for that later, little wolfling," Tom vowed with a glare that turned out more sultry then menacing and Harry smiled back, showing teeth.

"I do hope so."

If looks could kill, Severus' glare would have banished Voldemort once and for all.

~~ ~~ ~*~

Harry lay with the silk sheets twisted all about him, clinging uncomfortably to his sweaty skin as he lay panting. At that moment a shower would have been heaven, but moving wasn't an option-not only was he too tired and sore to move, but Tom was laying on top of him and had no intention of moving any time soon from what Harry could tell. Harry felt small kisses being trailed down his neck before Tom stopped at the indent at his shoulder to leave a very obvious claiming mark.

Moaning, Harry found the strength to push Tom off, "if you get hard one more time I'm going to know you're taking stimulant potions."

Tom fell to his side with a laugh, "I am not, it must be a side effect of the ritual used to fix my body and lack of sex over the years, but now that you mention it-"

"No!" Harry groaned at the thought of the already horny Tom becoming even hornier through potions, he wouldn't survive and teenagers were supposed to have amazing sexual stamina.

Tom gifted Harry with a feral grin and rolled back over him, "if you're so tired then just lay there, I'll do all the work..."

With a keening cry as Tom delivered upon his words, Harry surrendered to the fact that he would not be able to walk at all the next day and allowed Tom to have his wicked way with him. Maybe by the end of the night he would be so exhausted that he wouldn't have time to think about Severus at all, or wonder what it would be like if it was Severus stroking his long, talented fingers over his cock and balls-

"Merlin!" Harry cried out as Tom slammed into him, riding him hard almost as if he realized that Harry's mind had begun to wander away from him.

Harry could do little more than ride the domination out, knowing that it would be like this sometimes with Tom, but willing to endure it for the sake of the tenderness that would come afterwards. Harry had no more time to think of Severus after that, exhausted sleep finally claiming him as he and Tom spooned with Tom's cock still shoved tightly up his ass much to Harry's embarrassment, but the sense of incompleteness was still there inside Harry's soul.

~~ ~~ ~*~

Harry was looking less and less like himself as New Years drew closer. Did no one else see how tiredly he seemed to move, how his reflexes weren't as sharp? And the shine in his eyes, it was dulling. Yet Harry was good at putting up a façade and not even the Dark Lord seemed to be able to tell this. Of course the Dark Lord also didn't know how Harry acted most of the time, only really knew Harry from when they had faced off in battle. He didn't know that little gesture Harry did with his hair was a sign of weariness, didn't know how sneaky and quick-witted Harry could be when it came to a battle of words. Or perhaps he did know, perhaps he knew Harry was slowly failing and secretly rejoiced in it. The Dark Lord could possibly even be contributing to and encouraging the sickness that seemed to be overtaking Harry. It wasn't to be allowed. Harry needed someone to care for him, needed him. He would see to it that Harry got better; he would save Harry from the Dark Lord.
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