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The Knife

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Chapter Four: The Knife.

Kagome shifted uneasily in her seat, and forced her hands to return to her lap and stop plucking at her skirt. She sighed and leaned her head back in the seat. Kouga flicked his eyes over to her and raised his eyebrow at her. “Bored?” he asked, as he did a heart racing u-turn in front on coming traffic. Kagome gasped and squeezed her eyes shut. Her hands clutching at the door handle, this was the third such dare devil driving trick he had pulled during the drive.

When she heard Kouga chuckling, her eyes snapped open and she glared over at the man. When he didn’t stop laughing she punched him on the shoulder, hard. “Kouga, I asked you before not to do something like that! And if you do it again I’ll purify you so fast your head will spin!” Kagome yelled angrily. She smiled in satisfaction when Kouga stopped laughing and the car did a little swerve. “That’s better” she said as she smiled and settled back into her seat.

“ We are almost there. So do you want to know what your going to do?” Kouga asked, one eye on her, the other on the road. Kagome blushed and muttered something inaudible. Kouga raised his eyebrow at her. “That’s what I thought” Kagome blushed a deeper red, but didn’t comment. Kouga chuckled before continuing.

“There has been a rash of viscous murders lately and all of the victims have been either demons or connected to the other world” He glanced over at Kagome, her brows were drawn together and she was frowning. “The other world is what we call the world that most human don’t know about and the demons in the police haven’t been able to find any clues what so ever, so now my company has been called in to help find out who is killing those people.” To his surprise, Kagome didn’t look afraid and he couldn’t detect a hint of fear in her scent. Kagome looked over at him, her expression serious and her jaw was tense. “What can I do to help?”. Kouga didn’t take his eyes off the road but he looked at her using his preferable vision.

He really had forgotten that Kagome had lived in the feudal era. When they were talking in her house, he had only seen a beautiful girl, not the warrior he had known in the past. He hadn’t remembered that she had seen massacres, the bloody battles, and the careless destruction. But now, as she looked at him, fearlessly, he started to remember. Kouga sighed and pulled into the parking garage. “ We only have one clue. At all the murders the weapons have been left at the crime scenes. But we can’t get close enough to them to be able to get anything out of it.” As he spoke he steered the car down through the levels, towards his private parking space.

Kagome looked over at him curiously. “What do you mean you can’t get close enough to them?”

“I mean that demons and humans with abilities can’t get near them because there is too much of an evil aura around them. We can pick them up but we either pass out or our auras are corrupted. Plain humans can be around them longer, but after a while they either go into a coma or fall asleep for weeks. We have contracted a few mikos who are slowly purifying the auras, but we need to go faster.” He pulled into the bottom level and started driving towards his row. “I didn’t know demons were affected by auras like that” Kagome said, cocking her head at him. Kouga parked the car and turned off the engine.

“Demons have always been affected be evil auras, because we aren’t evil. Or rather those demons who are effected by them aren’t evil. In the feudal era there were so many evil demons that that fact wasn’t really known.” Kagome narrowed her eyes, obviously thinking up a storm in her head.

“But you and Inuyasha and Shippo weren’t affected! None of you are evil!” Kagome punctuated her statement by slamming her hand down on the arm rest. Kouga raised his hands in a defensive posture. “Yes! We aren’t evil but back then we were simply surrounded by evil, so we built up an… immunity or something. But now that evil demons aren’t running around rampant, no one is immune. Not even me, I lost it a few hundred years ago.” Kagome seemed to except the answer and she unbuckled her seat belt. “So you want me to purify the evil aura?” Kagome asked as she opened the door and stepped out. Kouga followed her example and unbuckled himself before opening his door and stepping out of the car. He looked at her over the roof of the car.

“Yeah, that’s about right. “ He started walking around the end of the car to reach her. “But a word of warning, the miko we have working on this particular weapon is kind of…” He trailed of as the stepped up beside her. “ Kind of… full of herself. And doesn’t appreciate the fact that we are brining in some one else… So be forewarned.”

Kagome smiled up at him “ I think I can handle her”. Kouga simply shrugged in reply and started walking. Kagome scrambled to catch up to him, shivering. “ Are we going to have to walk very far? I’m soooo cold!” Kouga chuckled at her and tilted his head towards a nearby elevator. “Its your own fault you wore a skirt”. Kagome gasped indignantly, “It isn’t my legs that are cold thank you very much! My arms are freezing, even with my coat on!” Kouga snorted and pressed the “up” button. “Why are your arms cold and not your legs?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

Kagome glared at him before speaking “ When I was in the past I usually wore my school uniform which was a skirt and long sleeves. So I guess that’s the reason.” Kouga nodded, he remembered that uniform. When the doors opened he nodded for Kagome to go in first. As the doors closed Kagome turned towards him. “Why are we inside this building? Wouldn’t a murder happen outside or something?” Kouga sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “These kind of murders, usually the answer is yes, but this set aren’t’ happening in any particular place. At the moment we are going to have you purify what we think is the most important weapon to the investigation. “

“Why is it the most important weapon?” Kagome cocked her head at him.

“Because this time we think we found a motive or a pattern to the killing, and it happened in my building.” Kaogmes eyes widened.

“This is your building? And you haven’t found any clues yet?”

Kouga glared at her. “yes we haven’t found any clues!” Kagome put up her hands to fend him off. “Okay, okay I get the idea. Sheesh!” She rolled her eyes at him.

The elevator doors opened and Kouga stepped out into the plush lobby, muttering to himself. Kagome jogged to keep up with him. “hey! I just asked a question no need to get so pissy” Kouga had to fight to keep himself from growling as his men turned curious faces towards the two of them. When he didn’t answer Kagome shook her head. “Kouga after five hundred years a person would think that you would have stopped being such a big baby” Kouga stopped dead in his tracks, Kagome almost running into his back. He turned around to glare at her. Kagome waved her hand at him. “oh, shut up. Your not in the least bit scary. If I wasn’t scared the first time we met then why would I be scared now?”

Kouga narrowed his eyes and glared at the closest ground of men near him. They were sending Kagome some too interested glances. It was bad enough she was wearing that stupid ass skirt and her scent was a pleasing one but when she had taken her shower she had probably used some sweet smelling body wash. In just the right amount to smell acceptable to a demon. Probably intentionally, not for any sexual purpose but most likely in an attempt to be nice to demon noses. Kouga glanced at Kagome who had taken her attention off him and was looking innocently around the room. Of course having no idea that smelling like some sort of damn pastry around stressed out demons wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Oh Joy.

Kagome turned her attention back to him. “So that’s where the weapon is?” She asked as she nodded to a large door at the other end of the lobby. Kouga winced, every one inside the lobby had their ears practically pricked forward, listening to their conversation. Akane hadn’t felt the aura until she was inside the room. “Yes it’s in there” Kouga said. Kagome nodded and set off towards the door. Kouga stared at her retreating back for a moment before sighing and setting off after her. He almost groaned aloud as every one in the large room set off towards the door. Just what they needed, a room with an evil aura with easily susceptible demons stuffing themselves into it.

He caught up to Kagome a few strides before the door and reached out to open it for her. As the pulled the door open a sheet of smoke poured out of it. As the coughing ensued Kouga cursed himself for not warning Kagome about it. Before he could apologize and explain Kagome’s angry voice cut through the smoke. “What the heck is this stuff? Is it a by product of the aura or something?”

Kouga started waving his arms to clear away the smoke. “No, Akane, the other miko, lights sacred incense to help the purification process.” As the smoke cleared he saw Kagome’s livid face. “That is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever heard! Sacred incense my butt! That is the worst smelling thing I have ever smelled! Uhgg! gag a maggot! Kouga how do you stand it?” She didn’t wait for his answer before storming into the room.

He watched, fascinated, as Kagome systematically stomped out every single incense stick and candle. She stomped on each one with an amount of enthusiasm that was slightly disturbing. “And she thought this would help?” Kagome said as she turned to face him, hands on her hips. Before Kouga could answer she started off around the room waving her arms to clear out the remaining smoke,aAll the while gracefully side stepping the knife that lay in the middle of the room. After a few minutes of clearing out the noxious smelling smoke the room started smelling slightly normal. Satisfied Kagome walked back to Kouga with her arms crossed over her chest. “That is much better!” She said smiling at him.

Kouga wasn’t listening. He and all the others in the doorway were starring at either Kagome or the knife lying in the middle of the room. Demons had a limited ability to see auras. And the black crackling aura around the knife had started to get drastically smaller the entire time Kagome was in the room. The huge black cloud that had hung over the entire room was slowly filtering into Kaogmes bright, pure aura. As soon as a piece of the blackness hit Kaogmes aura, it disappeared entirely.

“So” Kagome said, clapping her hands together. “Am I supposed to wear gloves or something when I pick up the knife? Cause’ of the finger print thing?” Kouga nodded numbly at her and jerked his head towards a man beside him. Startled out of his stupor the man fumbled in his pocket for a pair of latex gloves. Kagome smiled at him as she handed her the gloves with shaking hands. “Thank you!” she said smiling, the man just blushed in response.

Kagome snapped the gloves on her hands and marched over to stop directly in front of the knife. Kouga stared at her, amazed, the closer she got to the knife the faster the black aura disappeared. Kagome bent down and picked up the knife by the hilt. She turned back towards the door, the knife gripped lazily in her hand. “Well where do I put this?”

There was a hushed pause after her words and a sudden shuffling as people searched for an evidence bag. No one had been expecting to need one so soon. Finally some one stepped forward and shakily reached out for the knife. Kouga narrowed his eyes, watching for any sign of the black aura. But the whole time as the man shakily put the knife in the bag, nothing appeared. In fact the knife shone like some sort of sacred object.

Kagome smiled as she was relived of her burden and peeled off her gloves as she walked over to Kouga “So where is the next weapon?” Kouga stared at her innocent question and simply shook his head. “Kagome before we head on to the next crime scene, you need to meet my business partner.” Kagome shrugged. “What ever then”. Kouga chuckled and nodded towards the elevator.

“come on then, we aren’t needed for this part.”


Kagome sifted nervously from foot to foot. If only Kouga hadn’t left her alone! Only a few feet form the elevator Kouga’s cell phone had gone off. She had waited patently while Kouga had a hushed conversation with whoever was on the other end. After a few moments Kouga cut off his conversation and covered up the speaking end. “Sorry I have to go. Just ride to the top floor and tell the secretary that your there. She will send you in, your expected! Bye!” With that said he hurried over to a door to their left and disappeared inside. Leaving Kagome starring slack jawed after him. She didn’t mind meeting some one because he had said in the car that she would meet his business partner. But not without him!

So now she waited nervously inside the elevator for it to reach its destination. Her hands skittishly brushing down her black skirt, that fell to her mid thigh, and her matching black sweater. She felt like a homeless fashion challenged reject surrounded by all the splendor of the building! Even the floor of the elevators was marble! She jumped when she heard a ding and the doors opened. She stared out into the plush office space, almost afraid to leave the safety of the elevator. When the woman at the desk in the middle of the room turned to look at her she jumped and rushed into the room.

As Kagome approached the woman lowered her fashionable glasses and raked her gaze over her. Obvious disapproval on her face. Kagome felt herself blushing; the beautiful woman looked like she belonged there, surrounded by all the wealth that emanated from the building. From the woman’s gorgeous red hair, that couldn’t have come from a bottle, that was styled perfectly in fashion, to her bright sapphire eyes, to the perfect designer clothes, she made Kagome look positively horrendous.

When she reached the desk the woman slowly turned to face her fully. “How may I help you?”. Kagome mentally winced, even the woman’s voice was beautiful, it chimed melodiously throughout out the room. “I- um… your boss is expecting me… and oh! My name is Higurashi.” Kagome felt her face heat as the woman gave her another appraising look. “Are you sure you’re expected?” This time the woman’s voice wasn’t polite, it practically dripped with condescending.

Kagome straitened her spine and tilted her chin up defiantly. Just because she wasn’t beautiful and couldn’t afford really expensive clothes didn’t mean she was any less of a person! “Yes I know for a fact that I am expected! So if you would please tell your boss I’m here...” The woman didn’t look impressed at all thatKagome had stood up for herself.

“Fine, then if you will please sit down over there” she motioned towards the cluster of leather couches and chairs to her left “ I’ll inform him you’re here”. Kagome didn’t have anything to say to that so she walked camly, a great feat when all she wanted to do was throw a fit and stomp over, as she made herself sit gracefully down into the nearest handsome chair. All the while the woman watched her, with a look on her face that suggested that she expected Kagome to pick her nose and wipe her buggers on things and break the china vase on the table. Kagome defiantly settled back into the comfortable chair, crossing her legs as elegantly as she could. The woman turned back to her computer and started typing, obviously dismissing her. Kagome turned her head away and stared angrily at the nearby wall.

After ten minutes, she wasn’t exaggerating she check her watch countless times, she still hadn’t heard the woman tell her boss she was there! Her heart leaped as she heard the distinctive noise of dialing the phone. She waited breathlessly for the woman to star talking. She smiled when she heard the woman’s voice. “ Hello honey, are we still on for dinner? Oh my god! You didn’t! I can’t believe you got reservations there!” Kagome’s smile faded, and she turned slowly, disbelievingly towards the desk. ‘How dare that little witch make me wait this long and still not tell her boss I’m here!’ Kagome thought angrily as she stared at the woman chatting at the desk.

“ That has got to be the most exclusive restaurant in town! That had got to cost a fortune! Oh honey-“ the woman was cut off by a loud beeping sound coming from her phone. She glared at it before continuing. “Sorry honey I have to go, I’ll see you at eight!” Grumpily the woman slammed the phone back into its cradle before she pressed a button on the phone. “Yes, what do you need” her voice was saturated with annoyance.

A mans voice came out of the phone: “Nami! Is Kagome here yet?” Nami rolled her eyes in annoyance. “No, sir she isn’t”.

“Alright then, I will check back later” The mans words shook Kagome out of her shock, and she shot out of the chair. “ No! I’m here! How dare you act like I wasn’t in the room!” Kagome didn’t have time to feel embarrassed about her outburst because a large portion of the wall across from Nami’s desk swung open. ‘huh, A hidden door’ Kagome thought absently as a man, presumably Nami’s boss, came striding out of the hidden room. He stopped directly in front of Nami’s desk and glared at her. “ She was here this entire time, and you didn’t tell me?” The mans voice was cold with warning. Without waiting for an answer the man swung his head around to stare at Kagome.

“And you didn’t make her tell me you were here?”
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