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Old Friends and Ice Cream

by DoNotBeAFreak


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"You did tell Gerard to be here at 4:00 didn't you?"

I glanced at my watch and saw that it was 4:32. "Yeah, he said he'd be here."

Frankie sighed, plopped down on the third step, and began to fiddle with his bangs. His hair was getting long, at least in the front anyway. A couple days ago his mother gave him a hair cut and Frankie whined for about an hour before she caved in and left his bangs long, the way he liked them. I think it looks good on him and the way he flicks his head to get the hair out of his eyes is just so adorable. Frankie has good hair, I hate my hair. My hair won't do anything I want it to do. I've tried several different styles over the years, and the only one I've really liked got me made fun of because it made me look like a girl.

A horn sounded across the parking lot and I looked up from the pebble that I had been focusing on for the last two minutes. Gerards car pulled up to the steps, barely missing a traffic cone and right front tire scraping against the curb.

"How was detention?" Lyn asked from the passenger seat as Frankie and I scrabbled into the back.

"It wouldn't be so bad if they let us nap." Lyn smiled at me and I couldn't help but notice what looked like teeth marks on her bottom lip. "You guys are late by the way."

"We got a bit side tracked."

"What could possibly make you forget about us?!"

"Must of been all the sex," Frankie grinned.

"Was not," Gerard protested loudly, but the blush on his and Lyns cheeks made it way too obvious. "I have you know that we were cleaning my room so that it will be habitable for when Ray comes tomorrow."

"We've made some progress surprisingly. Did you know that Gerard has blue carpet? I've always thought it was black." Lyns nose wrinkled. "I don't know how you can live like that Gerard, really I don't."

"It's my own filth so I don't really mind it that much. You didn't seem so mind it earlier when you..."

The sight of Lyn trying to shut Gerard up would have been more comical if the car hadn't nearly ran off the road.


"We have to hurry."

"I know," Frankie whispered against my lips before he kissed them and pressed me into the cool sheets. The guys were due to arrive in and hour and we had to make it quick.

Frankie began to tug off my t-shirt, kissing and licking the skin that was revealed to him and making me squirm. His mouth was so warm and nice that I just couldn't stay still. I wanted him to be all over me. I wanted to be inside him and make my little Frankie squeal. His clothes had to go. My little Frankie giggled when I began to tug at them, helping me with his shirt for a second before going back to my waist and taking me into his mouth.

Every thing was going so fast but I didn't mind, I was more caught up in the feel of his tongue on my painfully hard cock. I whimpered a bit when he let go of me but that was soon turned into a small laugh as I watched him shimmy out of his pants and nearly fall off my bed. He cursed and fumbled with the worn denim for a few seconds then pulled me over to him, placing a small white tube into my had as his tongue danced with mine in a kiss that made us both moan.

I sucked Frankies cock as I prepared him. It was something that I found he liked the night of the monster movie marathon. He made some of the most delicious noises when I did it, and it didn't take long for him to beg me. My little Frankie squirmed some more as I pressed into him and found his spot much quicker then I had anticipated. "Oh fuck yes..." he moaned and tossed his head against the pillow. Frankies hair was getting into his eyes, shielding the lustful sparkle within them, and his bottom lip was clamped firmly between his teeth.

We never heard the front door slam, and didn't seem to notice foot steps climbing up the stairs. If the door had opened I didn't see it but I know for sure that whoever was on the other side could hear Frankies louder then necessary moan when he came. Only when I collapsed against him after my own release did I hear the footsteps and a giggle at the bottom of the stairs.

I was a bit panicked to say the least. 'Oh god, please let that not be who I think it is.' Frankie sat up confused when I scrambled out of bed and began to dress, not even paying attention to what I put on.


"I think some one was at the door."

Frankie cursed and began to fallow my example.


Bert just about tackled me as soon as my foot touched the last step and I cringed at the annoying giggle that bounced out of his throat.

"Get the fuck off of me."

"What, you don't wanna share the love?"

I pushed him away and looked up to see Ray, Jeph, and Gerard sitting around the kitchen table. "What did he tell you?"

"Nothing." The smirk on Gerards face wasn't fooling me one bit. Bert told them what he heard I just knew it. Bert tells everybody everything.

"So you're Frankie, Gerard's told us about you." Ray smiled and scooted a chair out from under the table so Frankie could sit down. He sat, but when he did he took more care then one usually would and grimaced a little. Bert noticed this of course and giggled uncontrollably.

"Frankie's the girl! Pay up Gee."

I stammered a little and collapsed into the chair beside Jeph as he snickered. "You bet that I would be the girl. Who honestly bets on something like that?" The whole situation was starting to become to overwhelming. Embarrassment, panic, and hurt that my brother would bet on such a thing was making me shaky and a little short of breath. I took in slow lungfulls of air to ease the attack that was tightening in my chest.

"If it makes you feel better I only bet five bucks."

It didn't make me feel better at all. Not one measly bit.


Several hours later Bert and Jeph left and us remaining four had settled down to watch some tv and discuss the current goings on in our pathetic little lives. Ray seemed to be doing well in collage. His classes and work kept him busy but he still had time to check out the local music scene and make a few friends.

"It's tiring man. Between class, my girlfriend, and Brian...They wear me out."

"Okay, you told us about your girlfriend, but who's Brian?" Gerard asked before he stuffed a ginormous spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream into his mouth.

"He lives across from me at the dorms. Likes to go to shows, most of the time I go with him. He's got an excellent taste in music."

"Hm...sounds like we'd get along."

"Definitely." Ray smiled and turned his gaze onto Frankie and I as we sat together in dads armchair sharing our own pint of dutch chocolate. "So how long has Frankie been part of the family?"

"I'm not part of the family." It pained me a little when Frankie said that. Of course he was part of the family.

"Well then how long have you two been fucking?"

Gerard busted out laughing and almost choked on his ice cream spoon when he Rays question made Frankie squirm so much that he fell out of the chair.
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