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A Batman Comforter and an Unfare Sentence

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The double date with Lyn and Gerard, old friends will be coming back to town soon, and detentions are dished out.

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The coffee table and dads arm chair had been moved out of the way to make room for all four of us to sprawl out on the floor. Pillows, blankets, and anything that Gerard and I could find that was comfy had been thrown to the area that we made about an hour before Lyn and Frankie showed up and started to settle in with a huge bowl of buttered popcorn to share between us.

"Come and find me!"

"Stop that the movies about to start," I whined and prodded the lump of blankets that was Frankie with my foot. The lump shivered before it rose off the floor a little and Frankies face appeared from under Gerards old batman comforter.

"You don't wanna make a nest with me?"

"I'll make a nest, but I want to do it quickly. I'd like to at least see the first move all the way through."

"What's the first one?"

"Young Frankenstein."

Frankie must have wanted to see that movie to because he actually complied and helped me make a nest out of our blankets and pillows in time for the opening credits. Meanwhile Gerard and Lyn had already been tucked into a cocoon of their own and were happily feeding each other popcorn.

It was nice and cozy under the batman comforter and with Frankie pressed against me. In my opinion there's nothing that really compares to the feeling of some one else wrapped around you. With their body heat, and the slight rise and fall of their chest, coupled with the beating of their heart, it's just so...I don't know...amazing. There's also something that, I might go so far as to say, is love. Love might be to strong of a word to use, but I don't know what else to call it. No wait, love its the perfect word. At that moment I could feel it, and at that moment I realized that I just might love Frankie. It was the same feeling I had for him the day we had sex, and as we lay on the living room floor watching monster movies and wrapped tightly around each other there was no doubt in my mind that that's what it was.

By the end of the second movie Frankie was squirming, pressing himself closer, tangling and untangling his legs with mine, and readjusting our blanket. It was like he couldn't stay still. I didn't mind much, the movie that was currently playing was so cheesie and cliched that it was hard to pay attention to it anyway. Lyn and Gerard didn't seem that interested in it either. She was half asleep and he was lazily playing with her hair, smirking ever now and then at the ridiculousness of the movies plot.

I looked down and noticed Frankie starring at me and he reached up to place a small kiss on my lips. After a few moments it deepened, tongues gliding lazily over each other and warm fingers caressing my cheek.

"Hey go upstairs if you're gonna do that."

Usually I would have told Gerard to mind his own business and watch the movie, but I didn't. I helped Frankie get up and we raced each other up the stairs, dragging along the old batman comforter as we went.


"Bert?! You look like shit, when's the last time you bathed?"

"No clue. Is Gerard home?"

"He's at his girlfriends house."

"Damn. Give him a message for me okay. Ray and Jeph are coming back to town and I need him to call me so we can all get together."

"All right, when?"

"They're coming this weekend."

"I'll tell him." Bert smiled and began to make his way across the front lawn. "Make sure to use some soap in the near future. I don't thank they'll appreciate hanging with you if you smell like ass!" I caught a glimpse of Bert giving me the finger as I shut the front door.

Ray and Jeph are a couple of Gerards old buddies from high school. I like Ray, before he went off to collage he was trying to teach me how to play the bass guitar. Practicing just hadn't been the same without him. Jeph I don't really have much of an opinion about. I never saw him as much as Ray, but I kind of like him because, unlike Bert, he never got Gerard high every time they hung out. I probably should have more of an opinion of Jeph because he's Julies older brother, but you can't have everything now can you?

The sound of my shoes thumping against the carpet echoed loudly through the empty house as I made my way up the stairs. I had a whole day to myself, mother and father were on a day trip to visit some friends, Gerard was preoccupied with Lyn and her folks, and Frankies parents were forcing him to take a tour of a nearby collage. The solitude was at first refreshing and I welcomed it happily, for every one deserves some alone time every once in a while, but I was starting to run out of things to entertain myself with. There was nothing worthy of watching on TV and surfing the Internet was only amusing for three hours, Berts arrival at the front door had only served as a small destraction from the boredom that had been driving me crazy. If I was a much wiser person I would have finished the pile of weekend homework that had been tossed onto my desk the day before, but I didn't. Instead I crawled under my bed and retrieved the stolen security tape.


"Have you called Bert yet?"

"Yeah, we're going to have dinner then come back here, or maybe crash at Berts place. Did I tell you that Bert has a new apartment?"

I choked on the grilled cheese that I had been eating and took a big gulp of water to subdue the hacking. "Bert's got a new apartment?! How'd that freeloader get the money?"

"His parents saved so that he could go to collage, like that was going to happen. "

"Funny I thought it would have been all the dough he's saving by not buying soap."

Gerard chuckled. "Well anyway, Jeph and Ray are gonna be here for a week. Naturally Jeph is staying with his family but Ray doesn't really want to stay with his so he's going to bunk up with me."

"His dad's drinking again isn't he?"



"Knock off the PDA and get to class!"

Mr. Yanceys face turned an odd shade of red when he noticed that the couple making out in a gap between the locker banks during the passing period were both boys. He was a vice principal who prided himself on good moral family life, a strong education, and supreme knowlege of the Holy Bible, suffice it to say he didn't think too kindly of us as he forced Frankie and I to march to his office.

"I think a detention and a call home is in order."

Frankie smirked. I just knew that he was going to run his mouth and it would probably get us into more trouble, though I didn't stop him. It would be worth another detention just to see how red Yanceys face could really get. 'Maybe if we're lucky his head will explode.'

"Go ahead and call my mom, she doesn't care. Though, I do think that she would care that two prisoners convicted of one count of PDA are sentenced to a detention while all the other law breakers get off scott free."

It took all my willpower not to laugh at how much redder Yanceys face got. A vein pulsed violently on his temple as he assigned us two more days of detention and demanded that we leave his sight. Frankie and I complied happily by sneeking out of school and playing hooking for the rest of the day.
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