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Mission Impossible And A Rusty Lawn Chair

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The tape, dinner with the family, and a bit of catch up with Bob.

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The way Frankie explained it to me was that he honestly didn't know about the camera being there until he found it while looking for a case of slim jims. It was hidden by a stack of boxes in the corner with a clear shot of the card table. The recording devises for all the security cameras and their monitors were in his bosses office. Getting in the office and stealing the tape would be easy, but getting caught had the drawbacks of Frankie being fired, so we still had to be careful about it.

"You got the decoy?"

"Right here," I answered as I pulled a blank video tape from my jacket and set it on the counter.

"When we get it and if there's anything on it what are we gonna do with it?"

"We're not going to keep it are we?"

"I might just be a kinky son of a bitch but I would like to see it."

I kind of agreed with him. I did want to see it, but that was a bridge we would cross when we got there. The thing we had to focus on in that moment was finding the tape. I shrugged and put the decoy back in my jacket.

Frankies boss wasn't a very clean person. Trash littered almost every flat surface and there was this big ugly stain on the ceiling. Four monitors covered in dust sat on an old computer desk on the far wall along with their own VCR. The first screen glowed with the black and white image of the parking lot and the second and third with the cash register and main store. Number four was the lopsided card table.

Before entering the office Frankie informed me that every day his boss comes by and changes the tapes. Each one had a label with the camera number and date. What we had to do was find the right tape and switch it with a decoy by peeling the label off and attaching it to the blank video tape in my jacket. Once we found the stash of tapes our plan went off without a hitch.

"Why did I actually think that it would have been harder then that?" I asked Frankie as we left after his shift with the tape safely hidden in my jacket.

"I don't know. Maybe cause it was just so easy and that's not really how it's suppose to be. Usually shit like that is supposed to be more complicated."

I nodded in agreement and kicked a rock off the sidewalk. "Or maybe I was influenced by the movie that Gerard and Lyn were watching the other day."

"What were they watching?"

"Mission Impossible."


It took a lot of fast forwarding to find it, but there we were. I watched wide eyed as a slightly fuzzy, black and white image of myself shoved Frankie into the wall of boxes and got down on his knees.

"This is kind of exiting." Frankie said as he wrapped an arm around my waist. I rested my head on his and smiled. "Watching it make makes me feel it again, only not as intense as it was in real life, like a ghost of what I felt when it happened."

My fingers began to play with his hair as the same fingers began to play with his cock on the video. "I want to keep it."

It was decided that the tape would stay under my bed because, even though Frankies parents trusted him, his mom still searched his room whenever she suspected something and it would be a total disaster if she found it, no matter how open minded she may be.


A rusty lawn chair had to be salvaged from the back yard in order for everyone to sit at the dinner table. Lyn offered to take it but dad insisted and sat in it himself. It was a bit amusing because the chair wasn't as tall as the rest and when he sat down it made a loud cracking noise like it was about to brake right out from under him.

"Any of you kids got plans this weekend?" Mom asked as she passed around a casserole dish that held an oddly shaped meat loaf. Gerard nodded his head and I cut off a piece for Frankie and I.

"There's a monster movie marathon Saturday," Lyn said exitedly and took the casserole dish. "Really old movies too. Black and white ones with bad special effects and brain sucking aliens."

"Sounds fascinating," father responded dully and poked his meat loaf with his fork. "Why the weird shape?"

Mother pursed her lips. "I was trying to make a sculpture out of it but I lost my inspiration."

"Do you and Frankie want to join us for the movie marathon?"

I turned my attention from mother to Gerard and shrugged. "I can't think of a reason why not. Can you Frankie?"

"We've got nothing better to do."

"Yay, double date!" Lyn seemed really exited about it. I had no clue why.


"How are things with you and Julie?"

Bob smiled shyly and glanced across the Physics lab. Julie noticed and blew him a kiss. "They're good, real good. So good that she wants me to meet her parents."

"Score. You kissed her yet?"

It was kind of cute how he blushed. "A little more then that."

"Double score. So what did you do, what happened?"

"I don't kiss and tell."


Poor Bob, he hasn't learned how to resist my awesome pouting skills, so it didn't take long for him to spill. Apparently he had taken Julie over to his house so he could show her how talented he was on his drums, then she showed him a few talents of her own. A few dirty talents. I'll never be able to look at Julie the same way again, not with what Bob told me about that mouth of hers.
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