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I Love Yous and Shower Curtains

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For the next couple of days I sulked and didn't talk very much, but that didn't keep Ray, Gerard, and Frankie from dragging my ass all over town. They obviously knew that I was in a bad mood, and I'm grateful that they care enough to try and make me feel better, but I just wanted to be alone with Frankie. I want to talk to him and figure out why he didn't think that he was part of the family. He eats dinner with us, has sexy time with me, and my parents love him as much as they do Lyn; all proof that his status has risen to family. I waited till Frankie had to work, and made a shitty excuse to why I couldn't go to the skate park with the guys, in hopes of finely being able to talk to him. Like most days the 7-Eleven was deserted. I pushed the door open and gave Frankie a half hearted smile, which he returned, before taking my usual place behind the counter.

"Slow today?"

Frankie sighed and flicked a piece of lint off his shirt. "Isn't it always? Sometimes I don't think anyone would notice if this place didn't open."

"Aww, it's not that bad. I'm here to keep you company." The smile on his face reminded me of the complete reason why I was there. I wasn't there just to keep Frankie company, I was there to let him know that I loved him and that he really was part of my family. I reached up and tucked a stray piece of hair behind his ear.

"And I love your company."

"I love you."

Frankies smile got bigger.


Now in the months that I've known Bob he's always presented himself as a shy fellow, never the one to get overly emotional and keeping to himself really. So it was quite a surprise to see him finely loose it. The cause was Jeph fallowing him around and giving him the eye when ever he so much as looked at Julie. It was a bit amusing and cute at first, but was soon becoming annoying. Nobody blamed Bob for his blow up, Jeph had it coming.

The afternoon of which the event occurred was like any other. Bob, Frankie, and I were over at the Howards house about to leave for a double date and goofing around in the kitchen. Jeph walked in to grab a coke from the refrigerator and spotted Bob giving Julie a kiss on the cheek. This of course sent Jeph into his protective brother mode.

"So what are your plans tonight?"

"Movies and french fries covered in chili and cheese." Frankie smirked at Jeph who just cracked open his coke and gave him a quick, half hearted smile.

"Sounds nice. Just remember Bob, no touching my sister in the dark. I might have to kill you if you do."

"Oh come on. I'm old enough to do what ever I want and you can't stop me." Julie poked Jephs chest and stood on her tip-toes so that they were the same height.

"Go ahead and be confident, but I know how teenage boys think. All they want is sex and a good story to tell their friends."

Up until that point Jeph had only threatened to bring pain to Bob if he layed a finger on Julie, now it had escalated to calling him a hormonal teenager who was only using her for sexual gratification. My observation of their brief relationship, and what I had forced Bob to tell me about it, proved that Jeph assumptions were not true.

"I don't have those intentions at all."

"Oh yeah, then why are you always touching her?"

"Because she is my girlfriend and she lets me do it! I don't even initiate the touching, Julie does, and don't think that she's so innocent either! She sucked me off last week and I didn't even ask her to do it!"

The kitchen had grown silent after that. Bobs chest was heaving with anger and we all just stared at him in shock. Julie was the first one to move. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kind of kiss that I've only seen before in movies. Jeph backed away when flashes of pink tongues began to show and Frankie and I took that as our cue to leave.



It never fails. Every time I take a few moments out of the day to bathe someone feels the need to bother me. Mother, especially, has a bad habit of barging in as soon as I come out of the shower with no prior warning once so ever. 'I'm you're mom I've seen it before.'

I stuck my head out of the shower curtain so I could hear them better.


"Where are you!"

"Bathroom!" 'God, I hope they don't come in here.'

To my great displeasure the door swung open, letting in cold air and my brother. I shivered and made sure that the shower curtain covered me.

"Mikey, I've told you a million times about that damn heater."

"But it's cold."

Gerard grimaced, switched off the heater, and moved it so that he could sit on the toilet seat. "Well anyway, you got a blank tape I can have?"

"You interrupted my shower to see if I've got a blank tape?"

"Yeah, there's this concert coming on MTV tonight and Ray and I want to record it."

I sighed and retreated back behind the curtain. "Check my room."



I returned to my room still sopping wet and clutching a towel around my waste. Nothing seemed to be out of place, yet something felt...well...out of place. I dropped the towel so I could have my hands free and found my box of movies. There was still the same number of blank tapes at the bottom as there were when I took one to use as a decoy when Frankie and I stole the security tape. My gut clenched.


I reached up to push the eject button on my VCR. Nothing...

"No, no, no..."

Gerard took the security tape.

Ooh a cliffy!
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