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Shock of a Life Time and Soggy Tuna Sammiches

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Let's see what the others have to say about the tape.

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I had the presence of mind to, at least, put on some underwear before rushing down the stairs and into the living room. Ray, Lyn, and Gerard were all piled on the couch with the card table glowing on the tv screne in front of them.

"Why the hell does Mikey have a whole video of nothing but a broken table?" Ray asked. Lyn shrugged and Gerard pressed fast forward on the remote.

"No!" I don't know whether they were confused by my behavior or in shock because I was just a small piece of fabric away from being naked. They watched curiously as I valted over the couch and pryed the glass entertainment center door open. Numbers on the bottom right of the tv ficked by quickly as my fingers fumbled to find the right button. 'Where the fuck is pause on this piece of shit?' The tape stopped just as the stock room door opened and I let out a sigh of relief before Gerard grabbed my shoulder and force me onto the couch.

"What was all that about?"

"I...Uh...It has something on it. You can give it back now." I held out my hand in hopes that he would give it back. No such luck. Ray, Lyn, and Gerard stared at me and I squirmed a little, because the vulnerability of being in my underwear was starting to get to me.

"What's on it?" Lyn asked, glancing at the tv then back at me.

"Nothing, just the table."

"Yeah but what's the point of having a video of a table?" Rays eyes widened. "It's not like The Ring is it?"

Gerard tapped the remote against his chin and studied the tv screne. My heart sped up as an evil grin bloomed across his face. "There's something on here that he doesn't want us to see. Let's watch is shall we."

I struggled against the grip that Ray and Lyn had on me when the tape began to play again. It was no use, they wouldn't let me go. I was going to be forced to watch my humiliation as it unfolded on the tv screne. 'No, wait. I can close my eyes tight and I won't have to watch it. Yeah, that's it.' I stoped struggling and just let it happen. They would see it without me anyway. If I got away they wouldn't let me have the tape. They would watch it as I cowered in my bedroom, waiting for the inevitable. I cracked an eye open when a collective gasp sounded. My movie star double was kneeling in front of Frankie, who had his mouth wide open in, if memory serves me right, a loud, sexy as hell, moan.

"Mikey, what the hell?" Gerard had collapsed into dads arm chair, disgust written across his face. I turned my head to look at Lyn and Ray. His eyes and mouth were wide open and she was obviously suppressing a smile.

"Please turn it off, it gets worse."

"How much worse can it get?!"

"He lets me fuck him."

To my relief the tape stopped and the grip that Ray and Lyn had on me slackened enough for me to get up and remove it from the VCR.

"I thought it was sexy." I turned to look at Lyn as she gave us a hesitant smile. "Got my blood flowing."

"How can you..."

"Oh come on Gerard. If that were two girls you would think the same thing. It's a really annoying that a straight male can think two females together is sexy and a straight female can't think the same about two guys."

"Normally I would agree, but that was my brother."

Lyn looked a little sheepish and shut her mouth. It seemed that she didn't remember that little detail as she drooled over the contents of the tape. I wasn't mad at her about it, because that's just the way that Lyn is. She'll tell you exactly what she thinks, not taking into consideration what your feelings on the subject might be. Only after she makes her opinion known will she see that what she said might not have been the right thing to say at that point in time.

The tention in the air was starting to become suffocating as I watched Gerard massage his temples. "Why is your sex life on tape?"

"We didn't know a security camera was in the stock room. It caught everything." I looked down at the cassette in my hands and fingered one of the two little white reels. "Frankie and I found and stole the tape so nobody would see it."

"Why didn't you destroy it?" I looked up again and Gerard nodded in agreement to Rays question.

"Yes, why didn't you destroy it?!"

"The memories."


It seems now that Gerard is mad at me, Ray is weirded out, and Lyn wants to watch the next time that Frankie and I become "intimate," which in a weird way seems like both an interesting yet undesirable situation. Frankie didn't take the news of our tape getting out too well, but it was better then I initially thought it was going to be. All he really did when I told him about it was take the tape from my hands, threw it to the ground, and stamp on it rather hard with the heel of his shoe.

"There, now no one else will ever be able to see it."

"Good. So uh...Are you mad at me?" I stared at the shattered security tape at our feet and waited for the for him to yell at me and call our whole relationship off. Frankie must have seen some of the hurt and sorry in my eyes though, for that is not what he did. Instead he kissed my cheek and hugged me close.

"I am a little mad Mikes," came his soft whisper. "But I'm just glad that there isn't a lot of drama about this and that our parents didn't see." I nodded and sniffled a little, unaware that I was crying and grasping the back of Frankies jacket for dear life. "I still love you, even if you fuck up. You know that don't you?"

Frankie started to pull back a little, but I kissed him before he could get too far. It was the first time he had ever said that he loved me. The other day when I had told him the same he just said "you too," and that was it, but that day he actually said it. Frank Anthony Iero loved me.

He kissed me back, a small smile playing on his lips as he did so. "How would you like to go into your room and jam a chair against the door?"

"I'd like that very much." Frankie gave me another kiss before he took my hand and we did as he suggested.


The next day all six of us stood on the curb in front of Julies house to say good-bye to Ray and Jeph before they drove off into the sunset on their knowable steed of a beat up Gremlin.

"Jeph, you should really get a new car," Gerard said as he kicked one of the back tires, causing the hubcap to fall off. "Or at least one that doesn't fall apart."

Jeph threw the hubcap in the trunk, not even bothering to try and fit it back on. "I agree, but all my money is going to my edumacation right now and all my time that could be spent earning money is invested in the band. You still not interested in singing for us?"

Gerard shook his head and smirked. "I'm not, but Bert is."

"Fucking Bert," Jeph sighed.

Mean while Frankie, Ray, and I were trying to heave an ice chest full of coke and soggy tuna fish sammiches into the back seat so's that are homies wouldn't get too hungry on their long drive back to school. The car only had two doors so it was kind of hard to get the ice chest to fit between the gap that the front seat and door jam made, but we soon got Bob to help us push and shove till it fit in snuggly.

"You're gonna practice that damn bass now, and I don't want to hear none of your shitty excuses."

"I will," I said as I gave Ray a hug before he climbed into the car and started the engine.

"Get a move on Howard!"

"Hold on a sec," Jeph whined as he grabbed Bob by his collar and forced him to lean against the car. "It's has been established that you and my sister will do what ever the fuck you want with each other, but if you get her pregnant before you marry her I will kill you." Bobs adams apple quivered a bit as he nodded. "Good."

We waved them off as the drove away, Julie a little teary eyed, Bob a little psychologically scared, Gerard and Lyn running after the car, and Frankie and I laughing at how fucked up the last couple of days had been.
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