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What happened to the good old fashioned Miko’s?

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Chapter Nine: What happened to the good old fashioned Miko’s?

‘Sometimes, I wish that I had never gotten out of bed’, Kagome thought dryly as she tried not to fall asleep in class. You would think that she would’ve learned her lesson and chosen a degree that didn’t require over nine years of college. ‘But noooo, I had to dream up being a doctor.’ As her professor droned on about artery blocks she felt herself start that lovely dark decline into sleep. Just as she felt her eyes start to droop she felt a gentle poke on her upper thigh under the table. Her head snapped up and she flashed the man next to her a sheepish grin. A knowing grin lit up Nataseria’s handsome face and Kagome felt her cheeks heat up, a sure sign she was going a great tomato impression. He leaned in closer, one eye on her and one eye carefully on the professor.

“ Stay out partying all night?” He asked in a conspirators whisper, another grin splitting his face in half. Kagome simply rolled her eyes and poked him back. They both knew that wasn’t the case. Nataseria was wolf demon, although not directly under Kouga’s command, he knew about her working for him.

They had met soon after the beginning of the semester. He had shyly approached her, and asked her out to coffee. That’s where it had started. Slowly their relationship had started to grow. It had actually taken about three months for them to actually declare that they were dating. Being a Miko, Kagome knew the whole time that he was a demon, which was awkward seeing that Nataseria didn’t know that she knew. Three months after they had started dating poor Nataseria had a rude awakening. Kagome felt a frown tugging the edges of her lips. In response Nataseria raised an eyebrow in question. Kagome sighed and whispered “I was just thinking about that night last year when you got hit by that car”. Kagome saw an answering frown on his face. But he didn’t say anything, he simply reached out and traced the line of her jaw, smiling. She weakly smiled in response. He looked into her eyes searchingly before slowly turning back to the lecture. There was a time and place for everything .But the middle of class wasn’t the time or the lace to discuss something like this.

She knew, knew that she needed to be paying attention to the lecture, but she was too tired and had too many dead bodies haunting gracing her night to pay attention, she reasoned. She deserved a break, really. A movement from the corner of her eyes caught her attention. She turned, only to see Nataseria simply leaning down to write something down. She her frown relax a bit.


Kagome and Nataseria were leaving a coffee shop, no surprise there, and the night was wickedly cold and icy. As they approached the curb, planning to call a cab, Nataseria turned towards her. Truthfully she didn’t remember what he said to her, but whatever it was it must have been sweet because she did remember her breath catching in her throat. He slowly, oh so slowly, bent his head down and gently set his lips on hers. She could feel his body tensing, waiting. Kagome grinned against his lips and snaked her hand up to tangle it in his silky black hair. She felt the tension rush out of him and he slanted his mouth harder against hers. Kagome relaxed as a pleasant tingling sensation started in her groin. Encouraged, Nataseria slowly wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her towards him. She didn’t know how long that would had stood there, necking like horny teenagers if someone hadn’t honked and yelled something vulgar. Startled they both jumped back, looking guiltily around. Then their eyes met, which didn’t help her gain her breath.

“C-“ Nataseria stopped, still out of breath “Cab?” He finished. She simply nodded, not sure she trusted her voice yet. She watched him wave down a cab and flashed him a smile when he looked over her shoulder at her. Their gazes didn’t waver as the headlights of the cab approached and he turned all the way around, his back now facing the street. He waggled his eyebrows at her and she giggled in return. There was a loud squeal of tires and Kagome’s head jerked up to stare helplessly as a car turned the corner sharply, almost flying out of control. “Natase- The words caught in her throat as he turned around, just in time to see the car swerve out of control and flip over. Kagome screamed as the car bounced flew towards Nataseria. He stared up at the hunk of metal careering towards him for what seemed like forever before turning and running. The car didn’t land directly on him, he had managed to run to run far enough, he was a demon after all.

But it clipped him. She screamed , vaguely feeling that her throat had been pushed to far by it, as she saw the car hit him in the side and send him flying. He landed half in his shoulder, half on his neck. It would have killed a human. She stared at his unmoving body for one horrifying second before letting out a strangled sob and running to him. She knelt down beside him and gently touched his arm. “Nataseria?” in reply he groaned. Kagome let out a sigh of relief. She heard sirens in the distance and she swore her heart stuttered. They needed to get him out of here fast; she could already feel his illusion spell weakening. Neither of them wanted to explain how he survived it, or his tail.

“Nataseria can you walk, we need to get you out of here before the cops get here.” He simply stared at her. “Unless you want to explain what your tail that is…” His eyes widened in response and he jerked up. She winced at his cry of pain, apparently he had forgotten he had just been hit by a car. “Can you walk?” she asked again.

“I… I think so.” He slowly started to ease himself up into a sitting position. The sirens were getting louder. Kagome stretched out her hand to help him up and he gratefully accepted it. Once he was standing Kagome nervously bit her lip.

“My friend’s apartment isn’t too far away, she’s out of town and I have a key to it.” Nataseria just nodded. Still trying to slow his breathing. “We need to move fast, hopefully your illusion spell won’t wear off before we get there. Random injured wolf demons walking around, un-disguised would cause a few problems. He started to nod in agreement before his eyes franticly met hers.

“You- YOU KNOW?” She suddenly had the urge to laugh at the expression on his face. The poor guy was having a bad night.


They were still dating, although the re-appearance of her friends from the past had complicated things somewhat. Okay, so they hadn’t exactly “re-appeared”, they just hadn’t made themselves known to her up until this point. She still hadn’t worked up the courage to explain about the whole time travels thing, maybe later. Thankfully he had taken it in stride, she doubted he would allow himself to be in the dark much longer. But at least she still had some time to come up with an excuse. Nataseria was also being a saint about her dealing with the murders… and smelling like strange dog and wolf demons from time to time. And her feeling for Inuyasha popping up all over the place… but they had even talked about some her and Inuyasha’s relationship, or rather ex-relationship problems...She didn’t deserve him…at all. Kagome was ripped out of her thoughts by a vibrating in her pocket. She almost jumped out of her chair she was so startled. It was her phone. She ignored Nataseria’s snickering, not bothering to even pick up. There was only one reason someone would call her in the middle of class. She packed up her things, flashed one more smile at Nataseria and tentatively asked to be excused.


Kouga met her just outside the front doors. She was out of breath from running, so she simply nodded at him. Kouga, as a testament to his maturity, only chuckled softly.

“Come on, we need to get going. Shippo’s people might have found something.” She had to stop herself from wincing. Kagome knew she should have been excited at the prospect of a break in the case but she had really been hoping that her encounter with Shippo could have been postponed just a little bit longer. The first time they were supposed to go to Shippo’s building, they had gotten a call saying that no, damnit, the evidence they found wasn’t what they thought it was. But now, she actually had to go and see him… joy.


Much to her surprise, not, Shippo’s building looked almost exactly like Inuyasha’s and Kouga’s. Tall, shiny and expensive looking. The automatic doors opened with that same “hiss” as it did in the other building. There was also a secretary that, strike her down if she lied, might just have been the same one as the other building. And damnit, this one made her feel under dressed and out of place too! She suddenly became quite aware that she was wearing jeans and a soft white cotton t-shirt instead of the apparently expected power-suit as she and Kouga stepped onto the elevator. If Kouga noticed how nervous she had suddenly become, and she knew he did, he didn’t say a word. When the doors finally slid open, Kagome jerked like she’d been hit. Kouga, who apparently decided sainthood looked like in interesting venture, said nothing. They stepped into the lobby. There was no one in sight but a secretary sitting placidly at her desk. Kouga walked up to the secretary’s desk and was leaning down, probably to ask where the hell they were supposed to be, when he suddenly stopped and stared over her shoulder. Kagome was about to ask what it was when the felt a demon prescience behind her. It was most definitely a fox demon. She swallowed, hard. She felt the prescience get closer and she let out an involuntary gasp, it got closer again. Kagome squeezed her eyes shut, the prescience stopped moving forward. She slowly opened her eyes to find Kouga staring at with a particular expression on his face. She stared pleadingly at him ‘please Kouga, stay! Don’t leave me with him! Its him… he is-was like my adoptive son! Don’t leave me!’ She though desperately. Kouga’s eyes flicked over to the demon at her back and stayed there for several long, terrifying heartbeats before returning to hers. Slowly, his eyes never leaving hers, he opened his mouth.

“I think I’m going to go on ahead and take a look at the evidence.” He jerked his head in the secretary’s direction. “How about you show me the way?” There was no question in his voice, it was a command. She waited until Kouga and the very confused secretary had turned the corner before slowly setting out a long breath and turning around.

Instead of the sleek suit Kouga and Inuyasha seemed to prefer, Shippo was wearing jeans, and a green jewel tone t-shit which was the exact some color as his eyes. She simply stared him, trying to soak it all in. Here was her Shippo, her little boy. She could tell he wasn’t comfortable under her gaze; he awkwardly shoved his hands in his pockets. She finally, painstakingly, moved her gave to his face. He was devastatingly handsome, cheekbones you could cut with, perfectly lush mouth, perfectly arched eyebrows and that stubborn chin she had seen glimpses of before. He had that devil may care look about him. She smiled and tilted her head, she always known, somewhere in the back of her head that when he grew up he would have that constant ornery glint in his eyes She smiled at him.

“I knew it” at the sound of her voice his eyes got a little bigger and he licked his lips nervously.

“Knew what?” She almost smiled; his voice was low, lower than Inuyasha’s and Kouga’s.

“I knew you’d grow up to be a lady killer” His eyes got bigger at that, but he said nothing. The silence stretched on. Finally Kagome sighed.

“Shippo, truthfully I have no idea what we are going to do. Well, actually, I know I can’t dictate what you eat, or your bed time any more. So that’s something to work with…” That got a smile out of him.

“Kagome I…” he trailed off but she simply waited for him to continue. “ God it’s good to see you.” His voice was thick with emotion. She smiled at him, knowing that there were tears in her eyes. “ It’s good to see you too Shippo”.

It was a start. The details would come later, but for right now, this would do.


“Excuse you? I don’t know where you’re getting your information but, I happen to have been trained by the most powerful Miko in Japan. She taught me everything she knows. And I have never heard of anything as stupid as that. Incense always helps when purifying an evil aura.”

“Incense only helps if its scared, just burning some crap you get at the super market doesn’t help!”

By nature Kagome wasn’t a angry person, really. But Akane was pushing all her buttons. All of them, there wasn’t a single one left un-molested. The woman was slightly taller than Kagome, with platinum blond hair, a push up bra and painted on clothing. What kind of Miko looked like that? A stupid, bitchy, whore-ish, mean little-

“Kagome?” She was startled out of her thoughts by the sound of Kouga’s concerned voice. She turned to look at him. His expression clearly said he was afraid for the other Miko’s safety.

“Why don’t you come over here for a minute… please?” She could hear him begging her not the strangle the little hussy- er Miko with her bare hands. Fine. Kagome sighed and walked over to where he was standing with a group of what must have been Shippo’s people. When she was within hearing distance and out of Akane’s hearing distance she finally got the chance to speak.

“Where did you find her? In a want add? Good lord Kouga I have never met such a stupid, big headed, piece of-“ Kouga cut her off by shoving a cup of coffee into her hand. “Here, just drink this and… hell Kagome just go sit somewhere.” She simply glared at him.

“Hey, we’ve had to deal with her longer than you have” Kagome’s eyes widened and she groaned in sympathetically.

“I hadn’t thought about it that way before” she said, suddenly feeling quite guilty. Kouga simply nodded before pointing towards the door. “Go, sit, get urges to kill Akane out of your head.” Kagome smiled at him tiredly before heading out the door.


Kagome found herself in the lobby. She looked around, checking to see if it was deserted, before dumping herself onto the nearest couch. She laid her head back on the back of the couch and sighed. It had been a long night.

She hadn’t realized she had dozed off when the sound of Shippo’s voice startled her awake.

“Kagome…” He smiled guiltily, obviously sorry to have woken her. She smiled encouragingly at him, waiting for him to continue.

“Since you were kinda my mom- er well… What I mean to say is” Kagome raised an eyebrow when slowly but surely, a blush started to creep up his perfect cheeks.

“Would you like to… Kat really …” He took a deep breath.

“My mate really wants to meet you”
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