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Warning: There will be slight a slight citrus taste to a parts of this chapter (as in sexual situations, no there isn’t a lemon you pervs, but there is a little bit of lime. There will also be some strong language. You were warned, don’t get all pissy later!)

Chapter 10: Interrupted.

Kagome and Nataseria were lying on her couch, Kagome’s back pressed against his chest, watching TV. Staying up and watching the late night movie marathons on Friday evenings had become a tradition for them. At the moment something about a killer blob was on, quite boring actually. Her already lax concentration was cut into by the feel of Nataseria’s tail tickling her ankle. She turned to give him a mock glare and received a fang filled smirk in return. After finding out that Kagome already knew about him being a demon Nataseria had started dropping his illusion spell while they were alone. She snorted and turned back to the TV before snuggling back into his chest. Kagome let out a sigh of content as Nataseria’s arm slipped around her waist. She let the TV lull her into sleep.


“Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.” Inuyasha’s claws touched down one by one in the small grooves that had been worn down over the years of late nights and annoying situations. At the moment, he was annoyed. Very Annoyed. He frowned as he stared down at the open file on his desk that contained pictures from the latest crime scene. “Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.” He growled under his breath as he continued to sift through the pictures. ‘ Fucking wolf! Why the hell couldn’t Kouga have handled these? He knows Kagome and I are avoiding each other and still gives me the pictures to deliver!’ Inuyasha brooded, his eyes focusing on the last picture. ‘Because for once I’m the one who doesn’t have a date’. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

Inuyasha let out another growl of frustration and dug the claw on his index finger into one of the little hollows on his desk. Scrapping it along the edge of the hollow and smiled in satisfaction as a curl of wood appeared. His lips curved into a satisfied grin. His grin got bigger as he trailed the tip of his claw in intricate whorls and abstract designs. Much later, he absently brushed off the pieces of excess wood that had been created during his carving craze and leaned back in his chair to examine his handiwork. The smile on his lips died. ‘Shit!’.


Kagome was started awake by the feel of the button on her jeans being undone. She didn’t move when she felt Nataseria’s hand slowly slide under her waistband. She smiled when she felt his hand settle on her pelvic bone. For some odd reason Nataseria loved having his hand on her pelvic bone. He never went any further, he never pushed her farther than she was willing to go. That’s why they had lasted so long. Because Nataseria was always aware of her feelings, never pushing her physical boundaries. She smiled when she felt his thumb start gently rubbing back and forth over her skin. She turned her head and smiled up at him.

“I don’t deserve you” Kagome smiled again as his eyes widened in surprise. She didn’t give him a chance to reply before she gently pressed

her lips against his pulse point. She smiled against his skin when she heard, and felt, his breath catch in his throat. Demons and humans differed where there really sensitive points reside. If he was human, a kiss on the lips would have had close to the same effect. But he was a demon. Kagome very gently bit down, just enough to feel a little meat, to give him the illusion of a deeper bite. She had to concentrate on keeping the pressure on his neck constant when she felt the hand under her jeans spasm and his other hand slide under the hem of her shirt. She slowly released his neck and slowly dragged her tongue over the previously abused skin. He shuddered for her. Oh yes, he was a demon. Only demons, or rather wolf and dog demons, responded that way. Instincts are good things.

“Kag- Kagome” Nataseria sounded desperate. Kagome smiled against his skin in response. She slowly licked his pulse point again. He sucked in a startled breath and the hand under her jeans moved under the edge of her panties. Kagome gasped and slowly leaned away from his neck. She stopped before she would have had to meet his eyes, her forehead resting lightly on his chin. She simply listened to the sound of their heavy breathing for a few moments before Nataseria withdrew his hand from shirt and gripped her chin. He slowly raised her head and met her eyes with his own.

“If you don’t-“ his voice was ragged and he had to stop and steady himself. “If you don’t want to go any further… then I’ll leave.” Kagome started to say something in return, but Nataseria cut her off.

“It’s alright, really… I just-“ This time Nataseria was cut off by Kagome pressing her lips to his.


‘Shit!’ was all that came to mind. Inuyasha stared, horrified, at his desk. ‘Shit shit shit shit shit SHIT!’, when Inuyasha had gone on his carving spree, he had allowed his mind to wander. He had thought he had just been carving random designs… apparently not. There on his desk was a face. Kagome’s face. He slowly stood up and ran a hand through his hair in frustration. Although he was no artist, there was Kagome’s face, smiling up at him from his desk. Badly done, but nevertheless there it was. Inuyasha felt the first edge of panic slowly start to descend on his mind. He had to cover this up! No one could know! Inuyasha turned and walked to the far wall, when he got there he turned and walked back to his desk… and promptly walked back to the wall.

Inuyasha didn’t know how long he paced, his mind reeling, before an idea hit him. He literally ran back to desk and shoved his chair out of the way. He started down at his traitorous carving for a moment before sweeping everything off his desk. The first paper hadn’t hit the floor before Inuyasha racked his claws down the middle of the carving. Before the last paper hit the floor, the carving was completely covered in claw marks. Leaving no trace of Kagome’s face.

Inuyasha stared down of the ruin of his desk, panting. His hand lay limply by his sides. The minutes stretched by before Inuyasha slowly knelt down in search of the file. He collected all the pictures before standing. Glancing at his all the claw marks in desk, he walked out the door. File in hand. The damn thing still needed to be delivered.


Kagome gasped as Nataseria suddenly pressed his lips harder against hers. It only took a moment before she took the hint and opened her mouth for him. She tangled her hands in his hair urging him on as their tongues met. Nataseria’s hand left her jeans slid under her shirt. Kagome pulled back slightly and bit his bottom lip lightly in encouragement. He grinned against her mouth and slid his hand up to her breasts, his fingers slipping underneath the bottom of her bra. Kagome pulled back, his lip still held gently between her teeth, forcing Nataseria to follow. She let go of his lip and Nataseria instantly reclaimed her lips, his tongue scraping urgently against hers. Suddenly Nataseria broke the kiss. He smirked down at Kagome before he lowered his hands to her waist and picked her up, twisting her to fully face him before slowly starting to lower her onto his lap. Kagome spread her legs so she would be straddling his lap and Nataseria allowed his hands to slide up as she slid down. By the time she was settled, he had worked his hands under her bra. Kagome stared at him, panting. Their eyes locked as he slowly brushed his hands over her hardened nipples. Kagome gasped and threw her head back, exposing her neck. He leaned forward and started laying hot, open mouthed kisses on her sensitive neck as he started to slowly massage her breasts. He sucked on her pulse point, mimicking her earlier actions. Kagome moaned for him and scooted farther foreword on his lap, gently brushing the bulge in his pants. Kagome’s head jerked up at the sudden bulge pressed against her and slowly raised her eyes to his. She smiled.


Inuyasha’s knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel. He had to resist the urge to simply crush the pathetic piece of plastic. ‘Stupid fucking Kagome! How dare she enter my head like that that!’ Inuyasha raged. The trip from his building to Kagome’s house seemed to be taking three times as long as it should have. He turned a corner and almost screamed when he saw the light turn red. ‘That’s probably her fault too’ he thought darkly as his car slowed to a stop. ‘It’s the middle of the night, I’m the only car on the road, and I come to a fucking red light’. Inuyasha let out a long breath and slowly uncurled his fingers from the steering wheel. He flexed them, wincing at the uncomfortable sensation. Inuyasha watched in fascination as his fingers returned to their natural color. He was startled by the sound of a horn honking. His head jerked up to find that the light was green. Inuyasha barely had time to flip the person behind him off before scrambling to get his car in gear.

‘Kagome, you had better be awake, because I’m coming’


Kagome groaned when Nataseria’s lips left hers and his hands retreated from under her bra. She opened her mouth to protest, but he silenced her with a quick kiss. He pulled back and fumbled with the hem of her shirt. When he started to drag the shirt over head, Kagome willingly slipped her arms through their respective holes. Nataseria grinned wolfishly at her and threw the shirt to the side. When he reached for her breasts again, Kagome swatted his hands away, ignoring his startled expression. Nataseria’s expression of surprise faded and a purely male grin appeared in its place when Kagome started on his belt buckle. Kagome looked up from her task and her breath caught in her throat. Even though Nataseria was never pushy about how far they went, and was sensitive to her feelings didn’t mean he wasn’t a guy. There is that expression that every male has that says he knows the word “no” won’t be uttered. Nataseria was no different.


Inuyasha almost yelled in relief when he finally turned the corner onto Kagome’s street. His eyes scanned the houses on either side as he looked for her house number. He actually passed it and had to backup. Sans cursing of course. He was actually smiling when he finally pulled into her driveway. He turned off the engine and stepped out of the car and slammed the door behind him. He took a long sniff of the night air and his smile died.


Nataseria tried to help Kagome with his belt buckle and zipper, but Kagome slapped his hands away. He chuckled and instead occupied his hand his sliding his hands through her silky hair, reviling in the texture. Suddenly his hands stilled and his head snapped to stare at the front door.

“Kagome did you hear…” He trailed off and cocked his head to the side. Kagome simply ignored him and unzipped his pants. Nataseria’s eyes widened and he looked down into Kagome smiling face. He didn’t argue when she moved his hand from his lap to his face, pulling him down for another kiss. Whatever he thought he had heard slipped completely from his mind as Kagome slowly slid her hands down his chest and tentatively slipped under the waistband of his pants. Nataseria stilled, waiting. He thought he was going to explode when she very gently brushed his erection through his boxers.


Inuyasha growled. He smelled Kagome. An aroused Kagome. He also smelled an aroused wolf. It wasn’t Kouga, lucky for him, but it was wolf nonetheless. His hands curled into firsts, and little pinpricks of blood appeared on his palms. Inuyasha had started walking towards the house when the sound of Kagome moaning ripped through the night. He stopped dead. ‘Ah hell no!’.


Nataseria buried his head in Kagome’s shoulder and bit down slightly where her neck met her shoulder. He growled in approval when she moaned for him. He shuddered at the feeling of Kagome’s small hands moving up his chest, leaving little nail marks in their wake. He slowly moved up her neck, leaving a trail of kisses. Nataseria moved his hands up her stomach and pushed her bra up and over her breasts, exposing them to his hungry eyes. He had waited to long for her. He gently flicked his thumbs over her nipples and smiled when her head fell back. His hands stilled as the stared transfixed at her. He could see the muscles working in her neck as she gasped for air.

Suddenly the sound of a door being ripped off its hinges screamed through his ears. Kagome jerked away from him, falling to the floor. He turned and felt his heart stutter. There standing in the doorway was a silver haired demon.

“Kagome who the FUCK is this?”
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