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Bored [ short story ]

by cococrazy 3 reviews

The guys are bored so they throw a suprise party for Jon's cat. [This story will only be about 3 chapters long.] It's a load of nonsense tbh =P

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'Man i'm bored' Sighed Spencer.
'Me too.' Said Brendon.
'Same' Murmered Ryan
Him, Ryan, Brendon and Jon were all sat on the sofa.....bored.

They all turned their heads to look at Jon who had remained silent.

Jon pulled a confused face and looked over his shoulder to look what they were staring at.

'Oh my God..' He murmered, pretending to see what they were seeing.
'Jon, we're looking you.' Said Brendon.
'I knew that.' Said Jon turning his head back .

'Why exactly are you looking at me?'
'Are you bored?' Asked Ryan.
'Nah, i'm having a whale of a time.' Said Jon plainly, picking at his toenail.

'So what shall we do?' Asked Spencer.
'Strip poker!' Yelled Jon.
'No jon' Said Brendon sternly, 'how about...'
'Sudo fucku!'
'No j-'
'Naked twister!'

'How about somethnig that DOESN'T involve getting naked?' Suggested Ryan , glaring at Jon.
'Your no fun' pouted Jon, folding his arms.'I know!' He said suddenly.
The others raised sceptic eyebrows
'It's Dylans birthday today right?'

'It's Dylans birthday!?' exclaimed Spencer suddenly 'oh no!' He got up and frantically searched for his jacket. He threw it on. 'I had no idea! I'd better go and get him a birthday card! A birthday present! Maybe a hat or something...he likes football right?'
But before they could answer he had ran out of the door.


'He didn't know i meant my cat, did he?' Said Jon.
The others shook their heads.

'Anyway.' Jon went on 'lets throw Dylan a birthday party!.'

'K' the other two shrugged.
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