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Dylan the babe magnet

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ok, now this is just getting silly...

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'OK!' announced Ryan a few minutes later, a pen behind his ear, one in his hand and a notepad in the other.
'I'll be in charge of decorations, Jon you be in charge of-'
'OK then Jon, food and drinks, and Brendon- can be in charge of calling Spencer and telling him to come help arrange the party.'

Brendon's face dropped 'that's all!?'

'Of course not.' Said Ryan 'i have a SPECIAL task for you later.'

'I have to baby sit the cat?!' Brendon outcried after Ryan had placed the purring moggy in his arms.
'Well we need him to be out of the house, this is a SUPRISE party after all.' Said Ryan.
'Oh right i forget' Said Brendon dryly 'we don't want him to be on to us.'
'Just take the cat' Demanded Ryan.
'But...what am i supposed to do with him?'
'I dunno...take him out for a walk somewhere....go to the woods...the park...take him to Taco Bell or something... .'
'I can't take Dylan to Taco Bell!.' Brendon Defended 'Do you know how many carbs are in those things?'

Ryan glared at him.

Brendon sighed.
'Guess it's just me and you now Dylan.'

Then he exited the door with him in his arms.

'OK so Spencer.' Said Ryan turning to Spencer 'Here's the money, now go down to the store and buy him some presents OK?'
'No problemo' Said Spencer taking the money.

Brendon sat on the park swing , Dylan on the one next to him.

'Y'know..' He said 'your not really supposed to be in here...'

Dylan said nothing.

Brendon sighed.

' a cat. That must be pretty cool..' He said, scratching the back of his neck.


Brendon sighed again kicking the ground.

'I don't know why me and you don't do this more often...'

Then he spotted Spencer walking down the street.
'Hey Spence!' He called, swiping Dylan up in his arms and chasing after him.

He caught him up. Spencer was carrying a load of cat toys in his arms.

'Y'know.' Said Spencer 'How wierd is it, that it's both Dylans birthday today??'
'Spencer-' Brendon began.
'Oh right i forgot!' Said Spencer, hiding the toys behind his back 'I can't let Dylan see them yet.'

'Hey Spencer, swap with me?'
'Why would i swap with you?'
'Because you want to look after Dylan whilst we get the party ready.'
' i don't.'
'Yes you do.'
'Because' Said Brendon, beckoning Spencer closer. 'This cat is a babe magnet'
'Really?' Said Spencer pulling a face 'cos' i've seen better looking cats'.
'Not for him, for us you twat' Said Brendon 'Really, girls flock over to him and they're all 'coochy coo', i mean i've had about 20 girls come up to me whilst i've been sitting in the park just cos' of this cat.'
'And you wan't to swap because...?'
'Well, i have a girlfriend, don't i?'
'No you don't'.
'Yes i do'
'No you don't. Whats her name?'
'Errr..Sandra...' Said Brendon.
'Oh OK' Said Spencer.
'So obviously i can't be letting this cat give me all this girl attention when i'm out with Sandra'
'So would you do me the favour and swap with me'
'I guess' Said Spencer taking Dylan from him 'I mean just because your the rich lead singer of a world famous band, doesn't mean your in danger of lot's of girl attention on a regular basis'
'Exactly, glad you understand, see ya later.' He said before taking Dylans presents and rushing off.
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