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drunk Twister, anyone?

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Chapter 7

I ran the doorbell and stood on the Way’s porch waiting to be admitted in. Usually Donna opened in less than a second but for some reason it was taking longer. I played with my purple, short dress while I waited. Someone coughed.
I looked up. Gerard was standing in the doorway. Apparently he had been the one opening the door and had done so a few seconds before.
“Oh I didn’t hear you open it…” I was always at loss for words when it came to actually talking to him. He seemed less angry than before but he still wasn’t doing magic with his words…just his lips.
“He opened the door wider, giving me enough space for me to slide in, but not the kind of space you give a guest to enter your household. I had to squeeze myself in between Gerard and the door. I think that’s what he wanted, too. Or was I just imagining things?
“Who is it Gerard?” Elena asked from the living room. Gerard kept quiet so I decided to speak for myself. “Just me, Elena. How are you doing?”
“Hi sweetie” She motioned me to come closer, right beside the piano where she and Gerard had been sitting, and gave me a hug.
“What are you youngsters doing tonight?”
“Kamz said we were just going to hang out.” I explained.
“’Hang out’, I’ve always disliked that expression…”She said more to herself than to any f us.
“Why’s that?” I ventured. She looked at me as if this was the first time someone actually listened to her mumbles.
“Well, because you’re not specific. And when kids don’t specify it’s almost always because they don’t want us to know” She elucidated.
“In that case I think we might drive around and end up in someone’s house, probably Kamz’s, order some food and maybe have a beer or two” I clarified.
Elena’s smiled with her eyes (which, if you’ve ever seen a modelling shows means showing happiness without really smiling and it’s a really complicated thing to accomplish) and nodded, “Good, good. Take Gerard with you this time, he’s always shy to ask if he can go”
“I’m not shy-“Gerard started to say but I cut him off.
“Of course! I always assumed that he didn’t want to come!”
My cellphone rang, “Excuse me” I picked up, “Hello?”
“What’s up?”
“Why aren’t you here?” Kamz asked exasperated.
“I thought you said we were meeting at Mikey’s”
“No-uh! Mikey’s already here. We told you Gerard refused to drive us, that you had to take the bus before seven!”
“I totally forgot. I’ll find a way to go” I hung up and walked to the living room, my pumps resonating in the wooden floor.
“Let’s go Gerard” I said, taking him by the hand, “Bye Elena”
I took Gerard’s keys from the table and opened the door. By the time we were in the car he had already gotten a grip and his temper with it.
“I’m dropping you off and that’s the end of this” He said determinately.
“No” I said simply, “Drive me somewhere I can smoke” I ordered. He was about to protest but knew he wanted to, too. We stopped near the Hudson Lake area and, stepping out of the car, started our cigarettes.
“Do you know my dad?” I asked him. He nodded.
“Like really well?” He nodded once more.
“All your life?” He nodded once more.
“Is he a good man?”
“Where are these questions coming from?” He asked as he released the smoke softly.
“I just want to know…”
“You don’t ask people about other people. You need to make up your mind by yourself.” He stated.
“Why don’t you ever talk to me?”
“I am”
“Apart from now and the football field, I mean”
He stayed silent.
“Are you ashamed of me?”
“Do you like me?”
“Then…” I stared at him hard, holding his cigarette so elegantly, his milky white skin making contrast with his black tee, leather jacket and pants…his reckless hair on his face….those perfect hazel eyes looking downward. He glanced at me and put the cigarette out with his hand. He came closer to me and trapped me between himself and the tree. I stared into his eyes, there was some aggressiveness there but…He stared at me and did something he had never done before: he passed a hand through my short blonde hair, and slipping it down the side of my face resting it on my breast and then taking his hands off me altogether.
“I need to get drunk” I announced as we re-entered the car, tangling my hair.
“I second that” He mumbled as the engine roared. It took half an hour to find someone to find booze for us and another fifteen minutes to get to Kamz’s place. By that time we had two beers down, and Gerard was less itchy.
“Hey baby!” I hugged Kamz. I wasn’t drunk, I was just excessively happy every time I got to drink. People confuse that and think I get drunk from beer one when I’m really pretty sober.
“Hey!” She greeted me, “Hi, Gerard” she threw her arms around him and he hugged her back. Kamz hid very well her astonishment of seeing us come in together. Frank, on the other hand, was not that good at it.
“We’re not!” I yelled at him throwing him a cushion from the couch he was sitting in.
“Yeah, right! And I thought we were in a relationship, Gabe! I saw you first! I’M the one who should’ve been under your skirt FIRST! That’s so not faaaiirr!” He whined. I rolled my eyes and lifted the six-pack Gerard and I had started.
“Anyone want beer?” I asked. All but Kamz and Mikey raised their hands. “It’s the one you like, girl” I told her and handed her one as well.
“If you’re not fucking then why…” Ray started to ask.
“Just shut the fuck up, Ray” Gerard scolded him as he took a drag of his beer.
“Ooohhh he’s being the bad boy for Gabe! That’s so out, Gee!” Frank said in a girly voice.
“Watch your words, Iero” Gerard stated coolly. It was so nice seeing everyone have a good time. Everyone except Mikey, that is.
“So, er, do we have a plan?” Mikey asked, trying to drive the subject away from Gerard and me.
“Ehhh…..Nope” Kamz responded. “You know what, we do! We’re playing Twister” She said taking another sip of her favourite beverage.
“THE TWISTER MASTER IS GOING TO ANNIHILATE YA’LL!” Frank yelled, stepping on top of the couch in his dirty converse.
“FRANK, SHOES OFF!” Kamz hollered angrily. Frank stumbled and fell on his butt, “women…” He mumbled annoyingly as he took his shoes off.
“I’m gonna kick your butt, Iero” I challenged him.
“So cute, you’re repeating what your lover says, now” He mimicked.
“I mean it, shut the fuck up” Gerard menaced as he and Ray where in a deep conversation.
Kamz brought the Twister from her room and laid the mat on the floor.
“What was a Twister doing in your room Kamzy, love?” Frank asked, raising an eyebrow.
“I like to have sex games, you know, when more than one person comes over…” She replied instantly. Frank actually blushed.
“AWWWW FRANKIE’S BLUSHINGG!” Kamz and I hooted in unison.
“He’s sooo jealous” I nagged him
“Okay, so who’s playing?” Kamz asked.
“I am” I yelled, hand up in the air.
“I’m game” Frank agreed
“Ditto” Mikey announced.
“Yeah, me too” Ray stood up.
“So, Gee, you turn the wheel around” Kamz ordered, shuffling the board unto his hands.
“Hey you get to get us all in weird positions and both of the girls are wearing dresses. What are you complaining?!” Frank reasoned.
Gerard tilted his head and then nodded.
“Perv” Ray bugged him.
“Look who’s talking Mr.Let’s-carress-fourteen-year-old’s-in-the-couch-while-they’re-really-drunk-and/or-high!” Frank retaliated
“I need another beer before this…” I stammered, drinking two instead in two lengthy sips.
“Whoa! That mouth could sure to /wonders/” Frank commented.
“Why does it always have to be sexual, Frank? Grow up” Ray stated as he took the final sip from his beer.
“Oh believe me, I /did/”
“Let’s start, okay?” Kamz ordered everyone went to one side of the mat: Frank faced Kamz on either side of it; Ray and I were facing Mikey and Gerard was right behind me.
“This should be interesting…” Mikey commented.
I don’t think I need to tell you what five drunk guys look like playing Twister, three of whom are girls in dresses, and the other three get pretty horny, plus the guy who’s turning the wheel’s not too sober himself. We kept playing, and drinking, and the cycle continued. In a pretty frenzied session Frank and Kamz ended on top of everyone in a pretty heated make-out session. Ray called the fourteen-year-old chick Frank had talked about earlier and I think they went up about the same time Kamz and Frank did. Mikey was so wasted he had started vomiting, Gerard dragged him to the bathroom and the last time I saw him, he was hugging the toilet seat.
Gerard and I? We went back to the living room. I was sweaty and drunk, and so was he.
“Man, I’m hot” I said without thinking.
“Me too” He said, taking his shirt off and throwing it in the nearest chair. He accommodate himself in the couch and turned the tv on. I shrugged at him and then took my dress off. I don’t think he realized what was happening when he heard a thud; I don’t think he was even paying attention. I walked to the couch in my dark blue lace lingerie and tried to take a cushion that was underneath him. He ogled at my half naked body, my breasts moving as I tried to take the cushion from underneath his body, pulling since he wasn’t moving.
“Do you mind?” I solicited. He stirred and the cushion was released! Yay for the cushion! It is no longer trapped and can now breathe! Wo hoo! I flung the cushion towards the carpeted floor and stared at the tv, “So what are we watching?”
“Huh?” he asked, totally confused. My being half-naked had apparently taken his attention from the tv screen. I wonder why?
“What are we watching?” I asked slowly, looking at him as I did so.
“Oh, we’re not watching tv” He said, turning it off.
“Then what are we doing?” I asked innocently as I was thrown onto of him.

Around four Gerard and I were finally tired. I had put my underwear on and so had he; I was resting on top of him, finally getting some sleep. There were steps coming down the stairs. Gerard didn’t pay attention to them and continued to stroke m hair absently as he watched a horror movie.
“Oh yeah, you guys are totally not having sex” Frank whispered at Gerard as he laid on my untouched cushion.
“What are you doing here?” Gerard asked his friend.
“She kicked me out”
“Why’s that?” Gerard said, lowering his hand to stroke my side instead.
“I didn’t want us to sleep in our underwear” Frank grinned.
“You’re such a perv”
“Says the guy who’s stroking his half-naked none-lover none stop while talking to his buddy and watching a horror flick”
“Shaddap you two, I can heard you and I wanna sleep” I told them and snuggled closer to Gerard’s chest.
“Oohh that’s some body language there, Gabe”
I spanked my butt, “You just want to have me” I whispered as went to sleep again.
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