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Report card day. only Mikes, Gabe and Frankie are off. Frank + Gabe + ice cream? hmmmm

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Chapter 8

“Gabrielle, come on here, please” Dad called from the kitchen.
“What’s up?” I asked, sitting beside him.
“This just came in” He announced in a very serious tone as he showed me some papers with the school logo.
Oh shit. Report cards weren’t due until the tenth! I looked at the little numbers on the screen of my watch. Shit, today’s eleventh! Holy motherfucker!
“What’s that?” I asked a bit scared.
“Report card” He explained as he eyed the papers. I tried to read any emotion as he examined them but his expression was completely blank. Damn that, now I have to wait till he tells me.
His eyes continued to wander up and down the two pages.
How long can a motherfucking report card be?! This is killing me!
“This is quite good actually”
I sighed, Thank God! Man, I don’t know what I’d done if I hadn’t had good grades!
“Although you should step it up in Math, but apart from that it’s perfect…” He trailed off, “Who’d say you’d be that good” He whispered as I stood up from my chair. I glared at him and went out of the room with my eyes full of hurt.
“What happened, Gabe?” Grandpas asked as I returned to the living room were we had been watching some old movie he liked.
“Nothing grandpa” I lied as I accommodated in the couch once more, “Nothing”

“So it’s just us?” I asked staring at Frank and Mikey.
“Yeah, everyone else got grounded. And Kamz went to visit her little sisters in I-don’t-know-what’s-it’s-name-cause-it’s-really-boring-and-complicated town” Frank replied as he sat on a swing.
“Righto” I followed his lead, “I didn’t know you were a straight A’s student, Frankie!” I told him and watched how Mikey smirked.
“I wonder how he got those grades” Mikey said sarcastically.
“It’s called studying,” Frankie said, pumping his chest up, “And I happen to be very very good at it. In fact, the only thing I do better than studying is sex, etc etc etc and guitar. Only those two things” He said proudly.
I pulled on a shocked face, “That you should go in your application for collegue” Mikey said crossly
Frankie and I started laughing our asses off “Come on, Mikes! Why’re you so serious?”
“He’s just sulky ‘cause I beated the crap out of him! Mikes’ whino ‘cause Frankie kicked his small ass and it still hurts ‘cause he’s-“
“Okay Frankie, I think she got it”
“And what’s Gerard’s punishment?” I asked
“Not seeing you which means he can’t make out with you, which means he can’t get touchy with you, which means he can’t have sex with you which means he’d have to do all of that with someone that’s horny enough to crawl into his bedroom which means he’d have to do it with Kamz but she’s not here so that means he’d have to-“
“Frank, just shut up. You’re acting stupidly-“He paused, “stupidly-er than usual!
“Whatever” Frankie replied in that obnoxious cheerleader pitch voice.
“He can’t leave the house unless its for errands” Mikey explained.
“Errands? Yeah right, if someone asked Gerard to bring a hippo he’d end up bringing a hen. He’ that dumb. How can someone send him on an errand? Poor mom”
“Are you sure you’re not talking about you?”
I laughed as I stared at the two of them bickering. It was funny. But did Frankie say that Kamz went to Gerard’s room? And he was going to say another name before Mikes stopped him….
I wonder if he was serious…?
Just stop thinking about that, Gabrielle. Yup, it does no good.
“What’re we doing on our day off?” I asked the guys.
“Err....I don’t know about you guys but I really need to study for the math quiz morrow so I’ll just see you later.” Mikey said, scampering away from good, clean fun. Yeah right!
“As if, he probably thinks the sexual tension is too high for him to muster”
“Shaddap Frankie! Hey, let’s go buy something. I feel like spending some bucks.”
“ICE CREAMMM!!!!!!!!” Frankie ran to an ice cream store before I could stop him and by the time I got there he already had the biggest ice cream the store had.
“Er, I’d like a Reese’s and milky way ice cream, please.”
“Small one”
“Er…..chocolate chips”
“sixty dollars and….twenty-five cents”
“SHIT ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” I hollered. Three little kids behind me started crying.
“Miss, we do not tolerate this kind of language in our store” The old fat lady said in a repressive tone.
“Whatever you bankrupters” I snapped handing them the exact amount”
“Tip is…”
“My ass! Let’s go Frankie” Frankie waved sweetly at the lady and the little kids as I fumed out of the place, “Can you believe them? SIXTY DOLLARS! Your ice cream’s not THAT big!”
I looked back at the humongous ice cream jar Frankie was holding innocently with one hand. Damn him, he was holding something behind him!
“Frankie boy, please don’t tell me you…” He smiled like a mischievous little kid and ran away with the two buckets of ice cream.
“How did you let me scream at that lady?! “ I yelled, running after him.
“It all happened too fast!” He shrieked. I caught up with him pretty fast considering I’m a fast runner and he had two buckets to slow him down. I tackled him to the grass with my body without spilling any of my ice cream.
I stared into his eyes, so pretty…
”Da-“Frank pressed his lips against mine, his tongue expecting entrance. I parted my lips and so did he, our tongues tangled in passionate kisses. He put the buckets down and his hand went over my curves, and I could tell by the way he touched me that he wanted me, /really bad/. It had been some time since I had shared such a long, overpowering kiss. He didn’t stop until our lips were numb and even then we carried on for ten minutes more.
What was wrong with me?
“mn, Iero”
“They all say the same” He said with a smile on his face and claimed my lips again.
Fuck Fuck Fuck!

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