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"Dude, that's awesome"

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Just so you know what's gonna be going on...

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I looked up at the dark sky from my spot on the roof. It's amazing. The millions of bright tiny star's contrast against the dark sky. It's one of the univere's finest masterpices. Light rain started to fall and I looked over at a sleeping Jeph who was next to me.

Jepha Howard. My best friend since I was 9 years old, and probally the only boy I could ever have a doughnut eating contest with. He was the best guy I'd ever met, if it wasn't for him I have no idea what would happen to me. He taught me to be myself and take no shit from anyone. "You only get one life, might as well be one you like, right?" was his favorite saying. He was also extremly nice and cared about everyone and everything. His family is also really cool too. It's only Jeph, Mama H, Laura she's 18, and Henry who's ten. Mr.H walked out 10 years ago. Money's been tight, but that dosen't really bother them.

I watched Jeph's face screw up when the rain hit him until he woke up.
"I'm hungry" he said and I rolled my eyes.
"Your always hungry" I sat up.
"I know" He sat up next to me and rubbed his eyes "Let's go eat"
I agreed and we crawled over to the side of the roof and jumped on top of the shed that was rigth next to the side before jumping to the ground.

We walked into the house and saw Henry sitting on the couch, watching some catoon.
"Hey bud" I said and followed Jeph into the kitchen.
"Hey Gracie" he said, not taking his eyes off the screen.
Jeff opened the fridge and started moving stuff around, I sat on the counter.
"Do you want macaroni and cheese?" He asked and took out a pot with a lid on.
"No thanks, I'm not hungry" He started re-heating the food and looked at me.
"Ya know how Laura's doing that student exchange program thingy?" he asked and I nodded "Whiel, some faimly in England bailed on housing one of the kids, so my mom said we would take him. He's gonna be here in a week. I think it'll be really cool to finally hang out with a guy my age. It would suck to be the guys and expect to go to England, but end up her in Jersey."

My jaw dropped "Dude, that's awesome" He nodded and pulled the food out of the microwave.


Not the best, but it will get better, this is just so you know what's going on. Thanks for reading =]
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