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"This is Frank"

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"And why don't you have any girl freinds?" My mother asked, exagertaing the word 'girl' and I just shrugged "Your father and I are starting to worry"

She went on for a few minutes about how I wasn't like my little sister, Jenna, and how she didn't want me to 'choose the wrong path.' I strongly dislike my mother. She's very...stuck up. And I hate that about her. I know she's my mom, and I can't hate her, but it's kind of hard not to. Both her and my father have good-paying jobs that requir alot of their time, so they're not around that much. She always tells me how dissapointed she is in me, even though I get allright grades and all. I think it's because I don't play that many sports or can sing or act like my siblings. But, whatever, I don't really care if I have her aproval or not.

I looked at the clock that was behind her head. It read '6:45,' I jumped of the kitchen counter I had been sitting on "I'll try mom, but right now I have to go"

She sighed over dramatically and I ran up the stairs, meeting my sister half way up. She smirked and shoved past me. I rolled my eyes and watched her dyed blond head continue down stairs. She's 14, two years younger than me and annoying as hell. She acted as if she hated me and I usually returned the favor. She's in track and always gets the lead in school plays. I walked into my room and grabed my "The Used" hoodie from my bed and continued back downstairs and out the door. I walked down the sidewalk and saw my brother's old beat up car rolling down the street. I like my brother. He's a good guy. He's nice, and talented, and my parents like him, and my sister likes him, and I like him, and well, pretty much everyone likes him.

He slowed down, eventually stopping and rolling down the window.
"Need a ride" He asked and I smiled.
"If it isn't to much trouble" He shrugged and I got in the passenger's seat and shut the door behind me.

He turned the car around "Going to Jeph's?" he asked and I nodded.

"That exchange student guy is coming today" I explained, he alredy knew the story.

"Nice, nice"

We talked about nothing really until we reached the Howard household. I saw that the lights in the living room were on, and I smiled.

"Thanks David" I said and opened the door.

"No problem" I got out of the car and walked into the house, not bothering to knock. I saw Mama H, Henry, Jeph, and the exchange guy sitting in the lving room. Laura was alredy in England.

"Hey Gracie" Jeph said and I sat on the floor, below where he was sitting on the couch. "Hey"

Mama H smiled at me and pointed to the boy, he had dark hair and cool looking eyes. "This is Frank" I smiled at him and he smiled back. "I'm Gracie"

There was some small talk for a few minutes, ya know, "Where are you from?" "Any brothers or sisters?" That kinda crap. For the record, he's from Colorada, and has two older sisters.

Than Mama H looked at the clock and gasped "I have to be at work in 15 minutes!" She jumped up, ran to her room to change her shirt, and out the door.

Than there was one of those famouse awkward silences. Jepha was playing with my hair, and was looking at the pictures that were on the fireplace even though I could tell you every deatil of everyone if someone asked me to, Henry was pulling apart his shoelaces, and Frank was just nodding his head. It was kind of weird.

I couldn't take this much longer, so I broke the silence "Want us to show you around?" I asked and Frank nodded "Yea, alright"

We all stood up and I noticed how short he was. I also took notice of what he was wearing. Plain jeans, old etnies, and a black misfits hoodie.

We headed out the door, all four of us. Jeph tried to get Henry to stay home, but Henry wouldn't settle for that "I'm not supposed to be home alone!" he argued.

Walking down the street we pointed out everything to Frank, considering Bellville's a small town it wasn't much. And than we came to the best store we have, "Marty's Music Shack." The name was pretty lame, but whatever. We walked inside, Jeph smiling from the rock music coming from a speaker some where.

"And this store right here, my friend, is one Bellville's finest." Jeph outstreched his arms and turned around. Frank smiled and nodded enthusistically. He didn't talk much.

We hung out for a long time there than continued with the 'tour.'
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