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Cult of the X
Chapter 18: Epilogue


After a lengthy chat with Magneto and the Brotherhood, things finally settled on the now peaceful island that once housed the doomsday weapon of the Orion Prophecy. Magneto was quite irritated that he was caught up in this mess so suddenly. But animosity aside, he and the Brotherhood owed the X-men for saving them. Hence, there was no further fighting.

While the Professor went on to explain Isaac, Artemis, and the team of soldiers that saved them in New York, he left out many details concerning the Church of X. All Magneto knew was that there was a group of mutant worshippers who sought to aid mutants they deemed vital for the future. While skeptical of his claim, Magneto didn’t have the strength to draw him out. He was just glad that it was over.

The sun was now shining and the clouds had dispersed. The Brotherhood had endured enough of this ordeal. They had an island nation to rule and it was best they return before the international press got any bright ideas. But for all the frustration of such a conflict, there was no denying that they owed Xavier.

“How are you feeling, Erik?” asked the Professor as he sat beside his friend, who had received first aid from Beast and Jean.

“Better,” he said, “I suppose I owe you a debt of gratitude for saving me.”

“You helped clear our names,” said the Professor with a smile, “Consider us even.”

Magneto couldn’t help but laugh. Enemies or not, there was still so much about Charles Xavier that he respected.

“You never cease to amaze me, Xavier,” he said as he rose to his feet, “But don’t think this changes things. I may have cleared your name, but my reasons were purely strategic. I could not allow humanity to be galvanized against our kind based solely on lies.”

“For whatever reason, I appreciate your gesture,” said Xavier with a respectful tone, “I still have hope that we may one day work together instead.”

“Will you ever give up hope, Charles?” said Magneto with a smile.

“Never, my friend.”

Shaking his head, Magneto put on his helmet and sighed. Xavier may have been an idealist, but his dedication knew no bounds. And while he wouldn’t say it directly, he took comfort in knowing there was someone out there who had such faith.

As for the rest of the Brotherhood, being rescued by the X-men didn’t sit well. But under Magneto’s orders, they didn’t cause any more scuffles. Being abducted and bound in a doomsday machine was enough excitement for one day.

“Oye, what a day,” groaned Pyro, “Kidnapped and rescued by the X-men.”

“Don’t remind me,” muttered Pietro, “This is definitely going in my ‘days I’d rather forget’ category.”

“Jeez, no wonder you guys are so pessimistic about the future,” commented Bobby.

“Shut up, Bobby,” shot Pietro, “As far as I’m concerned, this day never happened.”

“Guess I’ll just have to remind you every time we meet from this point on,” grinned the Iceman.

“Why you…” said Freddy with an angry glance.

“Wow there, man,” said Toad, stopping his friend before he got too worked up, “I think we’ve had enough for one day.”

“Says you,” scoffed Freddy.

“It never ends, does it?” commented Scott, shaking his head in amusement.

“Sadly no,” shrugged Jean, “But some things never change.”

“Yeah…some things,” said Scott with a smile, placing his hand over her stomach and holding his wife close.

Now that the threat of the Orion Prophecy was gone, Scott and Jean could focus on bringing their baby. The world may not have ended, but it was still a dangerous place for them and mutants alike. But now they had all the more incentive to make it count with a new generation on the way.

Watching this gesture put a smile on Kitty’s face as she held Piotr’s hand. Seeing all the romance going around with Scott and Jean, Rogue and Remy, and Logan and Ororo spoke volumes for just how much things had changed. Giving her Russian lover a warm smile, they shared in their hope for the future.

“Ugh…sickening,” muttered Lance, turning away from Scott and Jean.

“I take it you’re still bitter,” commented Kitty.

Casting his former love interest a disaffected gaze, Lance Alvers remained stubborn. At one point he had strong feelings for this girl. But a lot had changed over the years. And after the day he just endured, he didn’t have the energy to play out the same argument again.

“Don’t start, Kitty,” he said in a low tone.

“Sorry,” she said, diverting her gaze, “But just so you know, I’m glad your okay.”

It wasn’t much, but Lance did take some comfort in those words. Even though they hadn’t worked out, Kitty was not the kind of person to harbor a deep grudge. And while he tried to hide it, he couldn’t help but smile.

“Thanks,” he said.

Walking away, Kitty leaned in closer to Piotr’s warmth. He held her close, knowing it was never easy confronting her ex. But she was a strong woman. There was so much about her to love. Now they had all the more reason to treasure what they had.

“Still thinking about what could have been?” asked Piotr.

“Sometimes,” sighed Kitty, “But the heart knows what’s right in the long run.”

Giving his big hand a firm squeeze, Kitty smiled at her lover. The Russian born mutant returned the gesture, smiling back as they made their way back to the ship for their pending departure.

But for some, saying goodbye wasn’t as easy. Such was always the case for Mystique, who had yet to heal the rift created between her and her children so long ago. But regardless of their past, they still shared a moment together.

“I’m glad to hear you two are alright after what happened in New York,” said Mystique, setting aside her feelings for the X-men for the sake of her kids, “I was worried.”

“Ah’m sure ya were,” muttered Rogue bitterly.

Kurt elbowed his adopted sister. Unlike her, he put on a more amicable poise. As strained as things were between them, they were still family.

“Ve vere vorried about you too, mother,” said Kurt with a sincere gesture, “Ve’re glad you’re safe now.”

“Thanks, Kurt. Really, I mean it,” said Mystique, still hiding her emotion, “You know that offer to join us on Genosha still stands.”

“And ya know we ain’t gonna take it,” said Rogue, setting aside her bitterness, “You got yer place, we got ours.”

“I know,” sighed the shape shifter, “Just thought I’d remind you that I still care whether you believe me or not.”

“I believe you,” said Kurt, placing his hand on Mystique’s shoulder, “I never had any doubts.”

Despite her attempts not to show emotion, the shape shifter smiled. Kurt went on to give his estranged mother a hug. There were still miles of distance between them. But at least for a moment, they set it aside and stood as family.

Rogue was still distant, but Mystique could sense a hint of emotion on her face. Remy was standing near her, taking her hand and holding it firmly. It gave the southern born goth a sense of comfort. It earned Remy a warning look from the shape shifter, but it didn’t stop her from saying her goodbyes.

“Be careful you two,” said the shape shifter, “Think what you will about me, but all I’ve ever wanted was what’s best for you.”

“Ah know,” said Rogue, “That much Ah believe.”

It wasn’t much, but it was enough from Rogue to set Mystique’s mind at ease. But even as they prepared to part ways, she couldn’t help but feel the sting of leaving her children once more.

“Don’t worry bout a thing, Mystique,” said Gambit, ever the cocky one, “Yo’ daughter is in good hands.”

“She better be,” she said with a menacing glare, “Because if I learn she isn’t, you’ll the first one who suffers. And rest assured, I will find out.”

Remy anxiously rubbed the back of his neck, knowing all too well how protective Mystique was when it came to her kids. It even got a smile from Rogue, a gesture that was more than enough for the shape shifter. Even though they were on different teams, they were still family.

“Take care, mother,” said Kurt.

“You too,” she replied, “Have fun at your wedding.”

“My wedding?” said Kurt with a surprised look, “How did you…”

“A mother has her ways,” grinned the shape shifter.

Exchanging one last look, Kurt and Rogue parted ways with Mystique. While the distance between them was vast, the bonds of family remained strong. And while she didn’t show it as they parted, Mystique wiped a tear from her eye. Kurt and Rogue had grown so much. They may not believe in her sincerity, but she was still so proud to have them as her children.

With the sun starting to set, the Brotherhood gathered near the beach to make their leave. Magneto used the metal scraps from the machine to make a few orbs for them to return to Genosha. But before they left, one final goodbye was in order.

“Take care, Charles,” said Magneto, “Again, I appreciate the help. But we are still adversaries, mind you.”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way, bub,” remarked Logan.

“Logan…” sighed Ororo, rolling her eyes.

Yet despite Logan’s comments, Magneto extended his hand to his old friend as a gesture of peace.

“I understand, Erik,” said the Professor, “I wish you well.”

“Could we get on with it, dad?” groaned Pietro impatiently, “I think we’ve overstayed our welcome.”

Rolling her eyes, Wanda socked her twin in the shoulder.

“Sorry, that’s just his way of saying thanks and goodbye,” said Wanda.

Shaking his head in amusement, Magneto used his powers to open the spheres that would take him and the Brotherhood back to Genosha. Regardless of their sides, the master of magnetism cast his friend a respectful gaze. The future may pit them against one another again, but until then he had his thanks.

“Come Brotherhood,” said Magneto, “Let’s go home.”

With one final gesture, the spheres closed and the Brotherhood flew away into the distance. Xavier watched until they were clear over the horizon, smiling at what they had accomplished today. His team had triumphed against the odds. The world may still have been full of conflict, but his faith in the future was now stronger than ever.

“Are you ready to part, my lords?” said Athena, who had been preparing the Thermopile.

Still smiling, the Professor turned to meet with his team.

“Yes. Let’s go home.”


Xavier Island had suffered enormous destruction as a result of the storm. Many buildings lay in ruin. Homes had been decimated and people had been displaced. But in the end, their lords saved them. The X-men stopped Isaac and fulfilled the Orion Prophecy. It left little doubt that these remarkable beings truly were gods in their own respect.

X-factor had done their part, saving many lives from the destruction. Laura was still reeling from taking on leadership roles. Amanda was still basking in the feeling of using her powers to help people. It was the first time she felt like a real hero. And it was a feeling like no other.

When the X-men and X-factor met up, it was a moment of triumph. Once again they saved the world. Even though the island had endured great destruction, the glory they created could be rebuilt. And with the faith of their society stronger than ever, rebuilding their home would be easy.

As night fell over the island, fireworks went off over the temple to celebrate the triumph of their lords. The whole island gathered around the central temple to express their thanks to the remarkable team of mutants who had saved them all. It was an overwhelming feeling for the X-men since they were so rarely thanked for their deeds. But it made their struggles all the more worth it.

Together they stood at the entrance of the temple with Ayla, Arion, and Lilandra waving to the people. Everybody cheered and sang, thanking their lords for everything they had done. It was a fitting end to such an eventful stay in this most enchanted of places.

“Wow…” said Amanda as she held Kurt’s hand while looking over the crowd, “So this is what it feels like to save the world?”

“I know. Amazing, isn’t it?” grinned Kurt, giving his future wife’s hand a firm squeeze.

“It’s beyond amazing!” she exclaimed, turning to face her lover, “If this is what I have to look forward to as Mrs. Kurt Wagner, then I’m all for it.”

“Good to know, my love,” smiled Kurt, giving her a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Hey come on, guys!” laughed Tabitha, “We’ve got an audience, remember?”

Waving in adornment to the people who revered them, the X-men couldn’t help but smile. Even if most of the world hated and feared them, it was nice to know there were a select few who believed in them.

As the countless masses cheered and sang, Arion raised his hand and gently quieted down the people. It took a while for the people to settle, but once they were silent enough the high priest began to speak.

“The day is done. Our homes, our families, and our society are safe once more. Praise be to Charles Xavier and his X-men for saving us. Their deeds shall never be forgotten.”

Another round of cheers erupted from the crowd as they began chanting praise to their lords.

“All hail the X-men! All hail the X-men!”

“Man, I’m never going to get used to that,” grinned Scott.

“I don’t think any of us will,” said Piotr.

Once the audience cheers died down, Arion continued his speech.

“Xuthasius once said that all beings are capable of great good and great malice. Today we saw first hand just how far some go in their quest to do what they believe to be just. While we should never forget the misdeeds of our fallen brother, Isaac, we must also remember that he was just as human as the rest of us. Like us, his faith was strong. He believed in making a better world. He shared the same dream we all share. The only difference was his methods. And we must never forget that the path we walk is just as important as where it takes us.”

Turning towards Xavier, Arion smiled and placed his hand on the shoulder of the man who had done so much for the world.

“Today, a new era has dawned!” proclaimed the high priest, “The Orion Prophecy has been fulfilled! While the world is still full of anger, hatred, and injustice we stand united under the principles of peace. The gods have blessed us. Our lords have accepted us. And so it shall be known, on this day we faced the end! On this day we faced destruction! And together with the guidance of our lords we did not succumb to despair! We did not lose hope when we believed none to be there! Hence we shall rebuild! We shall live on! Today, we stand by our lords, the X-men! And for their blessings, we are eternally thankful!”

With those powerful words, a great cheer erupted in the crowd as the citizens of Xavier Island bowed to their gods and sang joyous praises. The X-men waved with delight, warmed by the faith they bore and the love they expressed for them. Gods or not, it warmed their hearts. They had a lot of rebuilding to do, but with faith this strong they had everything they needed to make their society stronger than ever.

After Arion’s moving speech, the citizens and clergy alike celebrated in a festival of food, wine, and song. It was a fitting way to end such an eventful day. The X-men were all exhausted from such a trying ordeal. But it didn’t stop them from enjoying themselves.

“Wow, what a day,” said Roberto, taking a bite from some exotic fruit.

“I’ll say,” said Jubilee, taking a sip of wine, “This place never ceases to amaze me.”

“If only we could always get a celebration like this after we save the world,” sighed Jamie.

“So true,” sighed Rahne, “But that’s what ye get in our line of work.”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way!” grinned Kitty, sharing some deserts with Piotr.

Smiles and good will were abundant as the followers of the Church of X expressed their gratitude. It was overwhelming to be lavished with such praise, but it let them all with a warm feeling of accomplishment knowing that there were still those who heeded their message of peace and acknowledged the sacrifices they made.

Singing and dancing filled the night. Even Logan smiled during the festivities, sharing some memorable moments with Ororo and Laura. He had been suspicious from the beginning of these people. But from what he experienced, many of his lingering anxieties had been laid to rest.

“So did I keep my promise, Lord Wolverine?” said Athena, who was honored by the team for her help during the ordeal.

Logan may not have been stubborn, but even he wasn’t afraid to concede the truth. And after everything Athena did for them, he couldn’t help but smile.

“I gotta hand it to ya, lady, yer a gal of yer word.”

“Thank you, my lord,” she said with a humble bow, “Your respect is most cherished.”

“Aw enough with the bowing,” said Logan, “Ya can stop flattering us.”

“I take it you’re still not convinced about being the Warrior God,” said Laura.

“Kid, god or no god we’re still a bunch of spittin’ swearin’ humans,” he said, taking a sip of hard liquor, “And it’ll take a lot more to convince me there’s anything divine about it.”

“Oh?” said Ororo flirtatiously, “What about this?”

Surprising Logan yet again with her divine aura, Ororo captured his lips in a deep kiss. It shocked him at first, but he quickly sank into it. Such a sight triggered widespread applause from onlookers.

“Way to go, Wolverine!” said Ray, applauding with the others.

“Man, never thought I’d live to see the day!” said Roberto.

In response, Logan drew his middle claw to the boys. But he never parted once from the kiss. He was a lucky man to have this woman in his life. Once a living weapon, he found purpose with the X-men and many faithful supporters on this enchanted island. It was clear this was a new beginning for him. But he wasn’t the only one.

Watching the scene unfold before her, Rogue smiled. Like Logan, she had come a long way and her stay on Xavier Island had been eventful. Standing beside her, the man who long held a special place in her heart slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her into a warm embrace.

“Hell of a day, non?” grinned Remy.

“Ah’ll say,” said Rogue, leaning into his warmth.

A brief silence fell over the new couple. They had come together after a long, complicated relationship. Now they had taken the first crucial step.

“So where do we go from here, cherè?” he asked.

“We, sugah?” she said with a flirtatious smile.

“Yeah, ya know…as in you and me,” said the Cajun, gently caressing her chin, “We spent a long time beatin’ around de bush. Maybe it’s time we stop playin’ games and face de truth.”

“Oh? And what truth might that be?” she said, melting under his touch.

“Dat you love Remy…and Remy loves you,” he said tenderly, “Can’t we make it dat simple?”

“Sugah, it already is.”

As if to seal the deal, Rogue captured her lover’s lips in a sweet kiss. Like Logan and Ororo, it triggered widespread cheers among the crowd. Spirits were high. Life would go on. It gave them all the more reason to celebrate.

“Wanna join in?” grinned Scott, his arm around his pregnant wife.

“The crowd sure seems to like it,” smiled Jean, glowing with happiness in the arms of her husband.

“Hey, gotta give zhe people vhat zhey vant,” added Kurt, pulling Amanda in close for a kiss.

“Amen to that!” said Amanda with a smile.

“Ugh, there goes my appetite,” groaned Bobby.

“Aw come on, Iceman!” said Jubilee, “Where’s your sense of romance?”

“I know what’ll cheer him up,” grinned Amara.

Putting the cynical Iceman in his place, both Jubilee and Amara playfully kissed him and pulled him into a ceremonial dance. Never one to resist two beautiful women, a smile formed on the young man’s face.

“Hmm…guess it’s not all bad,” said Bobby with a wide grin.

“Ah shut up and join the party,” said Jubilee.

“Don’t mind if I do!”

As couples kissed and others danced, Xavier watched on with pride as he sipped on some ceremonial wine with Arion, Ayla, Lilandra, and Hank. His students deserved something like this for all the struggles they had endured. In such a hostile world, the most valuable thing a team could have was hope. And with people like this who valued their deeds with such reverence, their fight was made all the more important.

“So what now, Charles?” inquired Hank, “It appears the threat has passed and things have worked out nicely if I do say so.”

“I agree, Hank,” said Xavier, “And I’ve been pondering that myself.”

“Well you’re certainly welcome to stay if you like, my lord,” said Ayla, “We would be most honored to retain your presence as we rebuild.”

Professor Xavier thought of that for a moment. This island was beautiful and peaceful. Here, his students could have a break from the unjust world. But at the same time, there was still a lot of work left undone back home. And as much as everybody wanted to stay, they could not abandon the world that hated and feared them which they swore to protect.

“I appreciate the offer,” he said respectfully, “But you know we can’t stay. As brutal as the world may be, the X-men must continue our quest for peace. And we cannot do that here.”

“I understand,” said Arion sadly, “But I suppose it’s for the best. This twisted world needs a man like you, Charles Xavier. Just know that no matter how bad things get you and your students will always hold a special place in our hearts here in the Church of X.”

“Thank you,” said Xavier with a smile, “And rest assured we will continue to uphold the principles you have so embraced.”

“And that, my lord, is what makes you truly divine,” smiled Ayla.

Holding their glasses high in a cheer of goodwill, Professor Xavier and the Church of X solidified their bond under the majestic light of festival, fireworks, and feast. For all their struggles in a world that hated and feared them, it was nice knowing there was at least one place in such a complicated world where the X-men were embraced and not scorned.

Professor Charles Xavier had a lot to be proud of. Whether or not he truly was a god was still in question for him, but there was no denying a newfound faith in his dream. Regardless of whether he succeeded or not in the long run, it was comforting knowing that history and quite possibly the heavens themselves were on his side.


After a night of good times and celebration, the X-men finally prepared to part from Xavier Island. The next morning, they all gathered on the front lawn of Palace X where the X-jet had been summoned for the ride back to New York. For some it was sad having to leave this paradise island and return to a world where they were freaks. But such was the duty of the X-men.

After bidding the clergy farewell the team began filing into the plane, ready to go home. Ayla, Arion, Lilandra, and Athena were there to see them off. Emotions ran strong, but the time had come and they had to go.

“Man I’m gonna miss this place,” sighed Tabitha.

“We all will,” said Kitty, “But it’s not like we won’t get to come back.”

“Ja, I’ve still got a vedding to plan here!” said Kurt, gripping Amanda’s hand in excitement.

“Tell me about it,” said Scott, taking one last look at the beautiful scenery, “It’s nice knowing there’s a place like this out here.”

“I’ll say,” said Bobby, kicking back for the long ride home, “But I guess there’s no place like home.”

As the last of the team filed in, Professor Charles Xavier met with Ayla, Arion, and Lildandra one last time. They were truly remarkable people. Add to that, he definitely found a treasured soul in Lilandra. While he didn’t say it directly, she would surely remain on his mind for a long time to come.

“It has been a great honor to have you here, my lord,” said Arion, bowing respectfully to the living incarnate of Xuthasius, “Please don’t hesitate to visit us again.”

“I won’t,” said Xavier respectfully.

“I’ll especially miss our little research sessions, Charles,” said Lilandra as she approached the wheel chair bound man with passion in her eyes.

“As will I, Lilandra,” he said, his heart jumping as he smiled warmly at the beautiful woman, “Please know that you are welcome to visit the institute. I enjoyed spending time with you.”

The beautiful priestess smiled, placing both hands on the Professor’s face and looking into his eyes with warmth and comfort. The whole island may have revered him as a god, but Charles Xavier would always mean so much more to her in a very special way.

“You’re a wonderful man, Charles,” she said softly, “You will always hold a special place in my heart.”

“Thank you,” smiled Xavier, taking her hands in his, ‘And don’t forget, we’ll always be able to keep in touch.’

Smiling at his warm presence in her mind, Lilandra gave Charles one last kiss. The Professor had found unexpected happiness during this strange ordeal. He had the privilege to meet a truly wonderful woman. No doubt things would be a lot more interesting with her in his life. And as they parted ways, Lilandra and Charles Xavier sent each other a special telepathic message of passion.

“I wish you well, my lord,” said Ayla with a final gesture, “May peace be with you and your X-men.”

“Thank you,” smiled Xavier, “I wish the same for you and your people. Hopefully one day we can all succeed in fulfilling the same dream as Xuthasius.”

“And should that day come, rest assured you’ll have our support,” said Arion.

With one final gesture, Professor Xavier and the high priests of the Church of X parted ways. Wheeling up the ramp in his hover chair, they waved goodbye one last time. It gave the Professor a warm feeling knowing he could do so much good with his dream. Maybe he would succeed like his predecessor. Maybe he wouldn’t. It was all the more reason to have faith.

As he entered the jet, Jean was there to seal the hatch. But before they took off, there was one last matter burning in her mind.

“You think it’s really true, Professor?” she asked.

“What is, Jean?” replied Xavier.

“That we’re really gods,” she pondered, looking back out over the fantastic island that so revered them, “I mean what if we really are reincarnations of the gods they told us about?”

Pondering her question, Professor Charles Xavier smiled. Then, as he looked out the window, a strange feeling came over him. Gazing up at the clouds, he thought he felt something deep within his spirit. He wasn’t sure what it was, but it felt like a presence was looking down on him…a presence he knew very well. And in his mind, heart, and soul he could feel a voice. And it said to him…

“Never stop dreaming.”

There were many forces in this world he didn’t understand. Even though he was a man of reason, after their stay on this majestic island he couldn’t help but wonder. Perhaps there was something divine about their spirit. But for Professor Charles Xavier and his X-men, the answers to such questions resided not in their minds, but in their hearts.

“I don’t think we can ever know for certain. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that there are some things beyond heaven and earth we can’t even begin to understand. Maybe one day we’ll know for sure. But until then, the best we can do is have faith.”



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