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Chapter Thirty-Six

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William’s POV-

Andy, Joe, Patrick, and Gabe, holding Pete’s bass, came down the hall, as I walked back from the bathroom.

“Where’s Pete?” I asked.

“He’s high.” Joe said.

“Sick. He’s sick.” Patrick said, elbowing Joe.

“Sick or high?” I asked.

“Sick.” Patrick said, eyeballing Joe, as Joe seemed a little mad.

“What the fuck?” I asked, confused.

“I don’t know either, William.” Gabe said, with a smile.

I shrugged, as they walked past me and took there places for the show. I decided I’d go to the bus and check out what was up with Pete, so I walked towards the bus, and hopped on.

“Mom?” I heard.

“William.” I said, with a smirk.

“Oh shit.” I heard mumbled.

I walked down the hall, and saw that Pete was curled up the fetal position next to his bunk.

He put his head up, and tears were running down his face.

“Pete? What’s the matter?” I asked, sitting next to him. It broke my heart to see him like this.

“I can’t do this anymore William. I’m letting everyone I know down.” he said, wiping his tears.

“Can you tell me about it?” I asked him, rubbing his knee.

He shook his head.

“It’s really….really complicated.” he said.

I nodded. “I understand. Is it about Ashlee?” I asked.

“…Something like that.” he said.

I nodded.

“I’m such a fucking pussy.” he said.

“No, your not.” I said.

“I really am, William.” he told me.

I sighed.

“Very well then…” I said.
He sighed.

“Wanna play Mario Cart?” he asked.

“Hmm?” I asked.

“I just want to play Mario Cart…it’s my favorite game. Wanna play it with me?” he asked.

I smiled at him. I was glad he was going to try to get his mind of things.

“Sure Pete.” I said, and we walked to the couch.
3 hours later.

Soon, after many games played along side a more cheerful, less high Pete, the three boys walked through the door.

“Oh, hey Bill.” Patrick said, smiling.

“Hey.” I said, pausing the round of guitar hero we were playing.

Joe and Andy walked on.

“I’m sorry Joe.” Pete said, immediately.

“It’s okay Pete…I know what your going through, and I know what it’s like to think that they’re your only way out. I’ve been thinking about it. I just don’t want you to think it’s your only escape, okay?” He said, with a warm smile, his ocean blue eyes sparking with forgiveness.

Pete smiled back, and got up, and hugged Joe.

Then, he came back and sat down.

“Who wants to play winner?” I asked.

Joe raised his hand just before Patrick’s shot up.

“Joe wins.” Pete laughed.

The Best Night.

After being joined by Cobra Starship and the rest of TAI, plus Travis Barker, the whole living room of the bus was filled like a pit, and everyone was gathered around the TV watching who ever playing who ever in what ever game. Pete seemed like he was in the best mood in the world, a permanent smile plastered to his face, and a lively, healthy chuckle escaping his mouth frequently.

“Big sleep over tonight guys?” Pete soon suggested.

“That’s an awesome idea!” Gabe screeched, as he held the controller. He was currently playing Travis in a game of Football.

“Break out the sleeping bags!” I yelled with excitement.

Soon, we had pillows and blankets scattered everywhere, and everyone was getting comfortable, kind of laying on top of others, and leaning on the knees of others, and what not. I (of course) found myself on the couch with Pete in the end, and we sat back to back for the most part, as we all talked, and told lame jokes, and shared stories, and it was amazing.

Then, Sisky suggested we go out and build a big bon fire in the back of the venue, so we all filed out of the bus, and began building a pit, while others went out to the woods to find sticks to burn, and when the thirty or so minutes of building the pit passed, Sisky did the lighting, and we soon had a pretty nice fire.

We all sat around the fire, and sent Patrick and Butcher to raid the buses for marshmallows, as we all laughed about a joke Travis told.

Soon enough, Trick and Butch came back with veggie dogs, Lucky Charms, and Kit Kat bars, claiming that they couldn’t find a marshmallow whatsoever, so we fried up the veggie dogs, and passed around the bag of Kit Kats, and the box of Lucky Charms, which ended up next to Pete most of the time when the Kit Kats became a must have, and the Lucky Charms were forgotten.

At about 1AM, Nate remembered that he had an enormous amount of marshmallow peeps hidden under his bunk, and he and Ryland skipped off to find them.

While they were gone, we all laughed about Ryland’s shirt, and how Gabe had burned a hole in it with his veggie dog stick, and Ryland had not even noticed yet.

When Ryland and Nate came back with a grocery bag filled with packages of peeps, Ryland fussed about having to buy a new shirt upon finding a rather large hole in the back, and claiming Gabe as his first suspect. Gabe however argued the case that if indeed the hole was his fault, he had no intention whatsoever of doing it, and in fact had no clue he was committing the murder of the shirt, either. Ryland threw of the plain blue polo, and threw it into the fire, and everyone watched in awe as the fire ate the shirt, and grew larger. Ryland then remained shirtless for the remainder of the night, as, from time to time, we’d all chuckle as a now black piece of the shirt would flutter out of the fire and land on the ground close by.

Pete soon remembered the obligation we all had made to the peeps, and they were distributed, roasted, and wolfed down. It was soon declared that the group was officially stuffed to compasity, except for Pete and Gabe, who continued to shovel down Kit Kats and Lucky Charms.

When Gabe had finished telling the story to everyone (for the four hundredth time) about how he had gotten bitten by a venomous cobra, then sucked up by a starship, and taught to dance, to prove it, he proceeded to show us some dance moves, and soon some of us were convinced that he must have had some kind of gift, because no normal human was that smooth.

Pete’s smile never once faded, or swept away, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves to the max.

At 2AM the guitars where broke out, and Patrick, Joe, Chizz, and the shirtless beast, Ryland played, as the rest of us sang, and placed requests.

It was an exceedingly pleasing serenade to nothing but pure happiness, and friendship, and I can’t remember another night in my whole life where I was happier…
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