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Chapter Thirty-Five

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note: kso, two more chapters left in this whole entire story. :( yepp. but don't worry, because they are both LONG and GOOOD anddd, PRE-WRITTIN!! yep! technically i finished the whole story, so just sit tight. they should all come once a day.
cept friday. guess where i'm going to be from 6AM to like, 11PM? THE TSONGAS AREANA!! and guess who i'm going to be first in line for seeing?
FOB, of course. :)

William’s POV-

As I stood in the bathroom, fixing my hair for my upcoming performance I wondered a little, about where my life was going.

I mean, this band is really all I’m ever going to have.

I can’t get married, and be happy…ever.

I guess I’ll have to stay single forever, or something.

This blows.

I sighed, and wondered what Pete was doing; at this very moment.

Latley, he’s been a bit slinky…and a bit melancholy.

Not the same old Pete.


Did I tell you? Ashlee and Pete are over! Dead and gone!

Yep! She left, and not a lot of us know why.

We’ve just heard that she broke it off with him, and they haven’t talked since.

This is golden, even if it doesn’t really benefit me in the long run…still. Haha.

Well, might as well finish up with my hair, put on a little cover up, and do what I do best, and what I’ll always do best.

Put on an act.
Pete’s POV-

I walked out the back door of the venue, and onto Joe and I’s bus. He must have some here. He always does.

I know this is bad, and I’ve thought it through….I know I’m weak, and I know I need to get a grip but I can’t.

One time…I only need this one time.
I need to feel that high. That feeling of relaxation, and security, for just a second. Even if it’s just for a second.

I thrashed about the bus, looking in all of Joe’s hiding spots, and finally found a bag hidden under his bunk.

I sighed, and took out the paper I had, and placed a pinch inside, rolled it up, and whipped out my lighter.

I looked left, then right, then lit the joint.

I smiled, when I took my first drag in three years. The feeling of relaxation instantly began to fill up my entire body, and I took another drag, and sat on the couch, and continued to smoke the weed, until nothing was left of what I could take without Joe realizing any was missing.

My head was light, and I felt like jumping out the window of the bus, and flying away, but instead, I rolled up the bag, and stuffed it under Joe’s pillow, then I stumbled up, and tried to find the door.

Except, I don’t remember where it is.

Oh, that might be it. I opened the door, and found myself inside a closet, so I struggled to get out, and when I did, I dropped to my knees, and laughed.

I am such an idiot.

I laughed, until I could feel my eyes watering, and my blater weakening. I laughed until I could hardly breath, and could hardly laugh anymore.

I laughed, until I passed out cold.

“Pete! Guys, come quick!” I heard Patrick scream.

Soon, three thumps surrounded me, and I opened my eyes, and held my head.

“Huh? Ahaa…” I said. The whole room was spinning.

“Pete, we’re on in ten minutes man…” Joe said.

“Hahaa…” I said. Everyone looked so god damn funny.

“Oh my god…is he high?” Andy asked.

Joe held both of my eyes open, as I laughed at them.

“Pete….” Joe said.

“What is it?” Patrick asked.

“He’s higher then a mother fucking kite.” Joe told the boys, as I continued to chuckle.

“Shit Pete! What the fuck! I thought you were straight edge!” Patrick said.

“He must have gotten into my stash…” Joe mumbled.

“But why?” Andy asked.

“You know why….” Patrick said.

“Shit Pete…” Joe sighed.

“That was dumb. He can’t play like this.” Andy said.

Great, Andy must know about William too.

“Well, maybe Gabe can fill in. We’ll tell them that Pete’s a little sick.” Joe suggested.

“Sounds good…all though it’s not going to fly well with most of the fans.” Patrick said.

“I know, but what else can we do?” Joe asked.

“I guess your right.” Patrick said.

Andy sighed loudly.

“Jesus Christ Pete…you’ve slumped to a new low.” Joe said, seeming very angry.

“Come on, let’s get him in bed or something.” Patrick said.

Joe, Patrick, and Andy proceeded to pick me up and bring me to my bed, where I let my droopy head fall on the soft pillow.

“It feels like a cloud.” I said, with a smirk.

“Shut up, Pete.” Joe said, with a scowl.

I shut my mouth, and scoffed. He couldn’t be taken seriously, in the different mood I was in.

“So, shall we?” Patrick said.

“Yes…” Joe mumbled, walking towards the bus.

“Hey, get back here.” Patrick said.

Joe stopped, and turned.

“Why are you so mad at him?” P asked.

“I told him he could talk to me…he doesn’t need to go get high and ruin a show.” Joe said.

“Like you don’t do it? Where’d he get the pot in the first place?” Patrick asked.

“Well at least I know when to do it! This was a totally irresponsible thing for him to do.” Joe said.

“I agree.” Said Andy.

“Listen, give him some slack. He’s going through really, really hard times. These are the kind of times where talking doesn’t do shit, even if it’s the best out there. In his mind, he needed that high…I know we could have talked him out of it, but we didn’t, because we didn’t know…and neither does he. He has no idea what or who to turn to.” Patrick said.

I felt a little sentimental for a second…like maybe I was getting my sense back.

“Correct.” I sighed, from the bunk.

“Hmm?” I heard Patrick say.

I sat up, and shook my head, as to try to get my sense on.

“That would be correct.” I slurred, trying to talk straight.

Joe just nodded, as did Andy, and Patrick smiled.

“Pete, we’re all here for you, man. You don’t need to resort to drugs…” He said.

I nodded.

“I have a major headache.” I blurted.

“We have everything under control, besides, your probably still a little…up there, so why don’t you take a nap?” Andy said.

I shrugged.

“I’m sorry guys…I shouldn’t have done this right before a show.” I said, a little clearer now.

“It’s fine…just please never do it again?” Joe said.

I nodded.

“I’m so sorry, Joe.” I said.

He just nodded this time. we’d have to talk later.

“Well, play a good show guys.” I said.

“Yeah, we will.” Patrick said, with a smirk, as he headed out the door, followed by the rest of the boys.

When they were gone, I couldn’t help but laugh…

And I don’t know what at. I think I’m still a little uh…high.

I laid my head on the pillow, and as my eyes grew heavy, I soon drifted off into a deep sleep.
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