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Harry and his friends return to Hogwarts.

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A/N;Sorry about the last upload for this chapter, I was having problems loading the chapter, and because of it only had half the chapter, I'm trying this again, hopefully there will be no poblems.

Well this is it the final chapter, one thing about the end, since the pairings are the same as the original story line, I will use the seventh book ending to finish this story, except for Luna and Neville meeting them at the Platform with their kids.

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Hogwarts Grounds

A five-foot diameter pure black circle appeared, and soon four teens and a covered floating body appeared.” I don’t believe it all over, no more fighting or risking our lives.” Ginny smiled as she turned to her friends.

“I know everything for us will return to normal, so I guess we probably facing two boring years of school.” Neville smiled as another sighed.

“Normalcy is never boring for me, and remembered before all this happen, I always get into an adventure one way or another.” Harry sighed as he glance towards the darken school.

“You are probably right Harry, and plus we got that Resort to go too this summer.” Luna smiled at the dark blushes the males were showing.

“Lets not talk about that now, anyway we still need to take Clair to the Hospital Wing, before she starts to smell.” Ginny suggested, as she glances towards the covered body, and with a nod from her friends, they all headed to the entrance of the school.

Headmaster Office

A nervous Headmaster pace about his office looking worried about four missing students, when his fireplace flared up with green flames and soon a grave face of a colleague appeared.” Headmaster they are here, and except for some bruises they are fine except for one.” Pomfrey gravely informed a sadden Headmaster.

“Madam Pomfrey is Clair Lakeshore dead.” Dumbledore gravely asked, as his face fell as the Healer nodded.

“I just finished giving Clair’s body a full examining and she is now ready for viewing.” Pomfrey gravely informed her Headmaster.

“I will be down in half an hour, and don’t worry I will contact her families.” Dumbledore sadly suggested, as he ended the Floo call, and began to Floo-call everyone that knew the lost Elemental.

In just fifteen minutes the Headmaster’s Office was filled with worried adults and a few students, and as the grave looking Headmaster looked to his guests from his desk, they all knew this was not a welcome gathering.” I have some news it appears that the Elementals are back here.” Dumbledore sadly started, but another interrupted him.

“What where is Harry if he got hurt I will kill him for worrying me!” Sirius angrily shouted as the Headmaster cringed.

“Sirius please don’t say things you don’t mean, especially before I tell you what Madam Pomfrey just told me.” Dumbledore sadly informed a startled Godfather.

“Headmaster what’s wrong, you look like the time when James and Lilly were killed.” McGonagall worriedly asked, as her Headmaster sadly looked to her.

“I’m afraid this IS like the time James and Lilly were killed.” Dumbledore whispered, causing those close enough to hear to cry into their hands.

“Headmaster are you saying what I think you are saying?” A teary-eyed Molly shakily asked, but as the Headmaster nodded, the doors slammed opened interrupting any more questions.

Once the doors opened, the group in the office quickly stood up to see a messy hair teen arguing with the Residential Healer.” Madam Pomfrey I may have temporary lost the use of my magic, but I assure you I should be back to normal in a week, that what Lord Canker told me!” Harry argued as the Healer had her arms on her waist looking very frightening to the young Elemental.

“I don’t care what the Lord of whatever told you, I never heard of magic being use that way!” Pomfrey yelled, as she grabbed the young Elemental and dragged him back to the Hospital Wing.

With the arguing guests gone, another quickly turns to the Headmaster.” Um Headmaster, I thought you was going to tell us Harry was just killed?” A very confuse Hermione asked an equally confuse Headmaster.

“Actually I was just told Clair was killed and her body was ready for viewing, at least which was Madam Pomfrey told me.” A very confused Dumbledore informed his student as he sat down looking unsure what just happen.

“Well I’m not waiting here to see what just happen lets get to the Hospital Wing and see what Madam Pomfrey meant!” Ron quickly suggested, before he rushed out of the room with the others following.

Hospital Wing

Loud arguing was heard as the group of Wizards and Witches stepped into the room, and saw three Elementals watching in amusement as the Healer of Hogwarts chases their friend about the room.” HARRY JAMES POTTER, would you stay still for one second so I can continue my scans.” Pomfrey firmly yelled as her patient cringed.

“Madam Pomfrey please you can scan all you want, you won’t find anything wrong with me, why not continue looking after my counterpart, she won‘t be as stubborn as me.” Harry quickly suggested while getting a glare from the Healer.

“Of course Clair wont be stubborn she is dead, which you too should’ve been, Harry James Potter!” Pomfrey yelled as gasps heard from the entrance to the room, and the occupants now realize they had company.

“Um hello guys, I guess you are here for Clair?” Harry worriedly suggested, as he got glares from his family.

“HARRY JAMES POTTER what is going on, first we were told you had died, and now we see you up and very alive?” Sirius confusedly asked, as the teen gulp.

“Actually Clair is dead, since there is our body.” Harry gulped as his family nervously went to a covered bed, and remove the blanket to reveal a familiar face.

After a moment of shock, one turn to the Elemental. “Harry how this is possible?” Hermione stuttered out as she glances at both her friend and his counterpart.

“That is what I been asking Mr. Potter, Ms. Granger, since what he told me is impossible to do with Magic.” Pomfrey firmly informed everyone, as she glared at the young Elemental.

“As I was trying to tell Madam Pomfrey, Lord Canker must have used a powerful form of Demon Magic to save my life, and I assure you if he never did, I would not be here talking to you all.” Harry quickly informed a shock group.

“I think Mr. Potter got some explaining to do, so let’s sit down and listen to what had expired during the last several hours since he and his friends left the school.” Dumbledore firmly suggested, and soon everyone got comfrey on the beds, and looked to the Elementals for an explanation.

It took no time for the Elementals to tell their friends and family what expired in the last hour, and once they were done, there was silence until the Headmaster shakily spoke out.” Are you telling us that when the Demons left this realm, they personally took Tom Riddle and most of his Death Eater with them?” Dumbledore quickly asked as many realize what that meant.

“Yes they did, and thanks to Lord Canker, we seem have a lack of Dark Wizards for the time being.” Harry informed everyone while he looks glad that it was case.

“I for one is happy that we won‘t need to fight anymore.” Sirius sighed in relief, as did many others.

With the main story of the Elementals out of the way, the Headmaster looked to his student.” Mr. Potter what shell we do with your counterpart’s body?” Dumbledore unsurely asked, as the young Elemental gave it a thought.

“Well if that night was a prediction of her Funeral, can we actually give Clair Lakeshore one?” Harry wondered as his Headmaster gave it a thought.

“I don’t see why not, since Clair did help end two Wars, and brought peace to the Wizarding World, so she deserves the right to be recognized for her deeds.” Dumbledore thoughtfully informed the smiling Elemental, but continued.” But Mr. Potter I would like to know more about the condition you found yourself in.” Dumbledore firmly asked as another spoke up.

“Yes Mr. Potter since all my scans show that you made up of nothing but water, which is not possible for any advance life form to live as!” Pomfrey firmly asked, as the young Elemental looked to her.

“Madam Pomfrey like I been telling you for the past hour, this is just a side effect to being in a Water Clone, I assure you in a week you will find nothing strange about this body.” Harry assured a not so certain Healer.

“But still I want you to stay here so I can monitor your condition, or at least until you are back to your normal self.” Pomfrey firmly informed a not so happy teen.

“But…” Harry started but another interrupted him.

“Mr. Potter I believe Madam Pomfrey should monitor you until she is certain that you are alright so no arguments alright!” Dumbledore firmly informed a pouting teen.

“Fine then, but I’m still not too happy with this.” Harry grumbled as he went to an available bed to settle in for the night.

Headmaster’s Office

A Week pass and once release from the Hospital Wing, all four Elementals was waiting for news about a special Funeral which was put off until now.” Mr. Potter I already done all arrangements for Clair’s Funeral and it will be held on Hogwarts grounds.” Dumbledore gently suggested, as his student nodded.

“Sir when and where is the Funeral will be?” Harry asked as his Headmaster looked to some papers.

“The Funeral will be tomorrow morning by the Lake, where your prediction showed you Harry.” Dumbledore answered as the young Elemental nodded in acceptance.

“Then if we are going to follow my prediction to the letter, we better go over how the Funeral looked like.” Harry suggested, as they begin planning for the Funeral of a Fallen Hero.

Hogwarts Grounds

At the shores of a large lake, by an enchanted castle, hundreds mourned as they sat before a Clear Coffin, with a messy hair young Witch in it, and as four sadden teens wearing colored Robes stood beside it an elderly Wizard stepped before a podium facing the crowd.” Today we not only celebrate the fall of Voldemort, and the end of the second Dark Ages, we also mourn the lost of a Hero.” Dumbledore sadly started as he glanced towards the silent crowd.” It was Clair Lakeshore whom not only led the final assault against the Demon army, she also slain their leader which quickly ended the Dark Age we were in.” Dumbledore stopped as he closed his eyes with a sighed.” We all owed Clair a Life Dept for she not only saved us all from an eternal Darkness she gave us a world of peace and a promising future.” Dumbledore continued as he bowed in respect.” Clair will be greatly missed, and I know she will have a few friends whom will greatly miss her, especial one whom knew Clair from the inside and out.” Dumbledore gently joked causing one of the Elementals to blush brightly.” With that said lets have a few moments of silence for the last fallen Hero of both Wars.” Dumbledore finished as he bowed his head in respect of the lost.

The remaining part of the Funeral went smoothly, as the friends said their peace, and once they all had their say, one Elemental stepped before the Class Coffin.” Clair Lakeshore, hopefully no one will forget you after this.” Neville smiled as he waved his hand, the Coffin absorb into the ground, and instantly a large breath taken tree grew out of the ground.

With the appearance of the tree, another stepped before his friend.” Thank you Neville, I know Clair will be happy for this gift.” Harry smiled, as did his friend.

“I’m glad you approve.” Neville grinned, as the Age Headmaster came up to them.

“Thank you Mr. Longbottom, for creating this Memorial for the Hero of the Dark Age.” Dumbledore smiled as many stepped up to the beautiful tree, to admire the young Elemental work.

As the audience admired the tree, a tugged was felt on one of the Elemental Robes, and when he looked down he smiled as he knelt before a young girl.” Clover, I thought we lost you.” Harry smiled as he hugged the child before picking her up.

“Sorry to worry you Bro, but I needed you to gain more strength before I could materialize my body.” Clover smiled as did her brother.

“Glad to have you back, it been boring without you.” Harry smiled as he went over to his friends to show the return of his Guardian.


It’s been three weeks after the Funeral, and a family of red Hairs was busy in the kitchen, many was worried about the disappearances of four special teens, just days after the Funeral, when their Wards alerted them of some guests they quickly went out to see whom just arrived.

Just outside of a large and unstable looking house, four well tan teens appeared, and sighed as they saw the house.” Do you think we are in trouble?” Harry worriedly asked.

“I believe we are, since we did just pack up and left.” Neville reminded his friends.

“Yeah but my father would’ve told our families what we been up to.” Luna informed three now stricken friends.
“WHAT, Luna why didn’t you warn us!” Ginny yelled in fear, as another yell got the friends attention.

“Ginny Weasley and Harry James Potter, you better not have gone to that Resort!” The angry voice of Molly Weasley yelled as she headed towards the teens.

“I think I better get home, I hope I will see you guys on the train.” Neville quickly informed his friends before disappearing.

“Yeah I think I better go my father wanted me to help him with finding new creatures for his news paper.” Luna quickly informed her friends and was gone before they could protest.

With the friends gone, the last two Elementals had one last thought.” WE ARE SO DEAD!” Both Ginny and Harry groaned as the Elder Weasley grabbed an ear, and pulled the recently missing teens to the house.

The End

A/N; Finally done, I can now focus on my other story, hope you like this one.
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