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Begining of the End Part Two

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The finale battle aproaches.

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A/N; WARNING there is two death scenes in this chapter, it took me a while to choose a number of deaths to use for them, but in the end I decided to use the simple and less gory ones, and I an sorry I decided to kill her off well sort of.

And about another character, it might seem I ended her life at the end of this chapter, but she will make another appearance in the next and finale chapter.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Unknown Location

In a large room, a bored eight-foot tall man sits on a throne made of Human Bones, until a dark misty circle appeared before him.” Who dares enter my sanctuary?” Damon yelled as the mists swirled about he quickly waved his hand to send out an explosion of fire that tore the floor, but to his surprise a molten mettle ball shot threw the explosion, he just had seconds to jump to the side as the ball crashed into his chair.

As the Demon got up he turns to this chair, and was angry at what he saw.” Who ever did this will pay?” Damon yelled as he spied his chair in pieces.

“That will be us LORD DAMON!” Clair shouted as several Clear and Fire Arrows slammed into the Demon throwing him backwards and into the ground.

After being thrown to the ground the Demon just stood as nothing had happen and glared at the four Elementals before him.” Pathetic attack, I been hit much harder from a Fourth Level Demons.” Damon angrily informed the young Elementals.

“Then let try this again shell we!” Clair shouted as Ice and Earth spikes shot out of the ground, but missed by inches as the Demon rolled away from the attacks.

As the Demon came out of his roll, his appearance changed to that of a large Manticore ready to drive his horns into the Elementals.” Is that the best you can do?” Damon yelled as two Elementals ran foreword with weapons drawn and started slashing at the Demon.

Within minutes two Elementals and a Demon was in a battle with not only blades clanging against each other, two others were firing Arrows at the Demon, but he seem to be one step ahead of each attack.” You all are too slow, I should finish this quickly!” Damon yelled as he blocked a one of the Elementals swords with a larger sword with razor sharp teeth.

“Not if we can help it!” Clair yelled as she blocked an attack, and her friend used his Battle Ax to swing at the Demon’s blind spot, but he quickly spun around to block the second attack.

“You both are too weak to go against me!” Damon yelled before waving his hand at one of the Elementals to send a wave of Darkness at him.

“No…“ Neville yelled as he flew into the ground in pain.

“NEVILLE!” Clair shouted as she turned to her falling friend, but froze as a sword slid threw her stomach.

“This battle ends now!” Damon yelled as he removed his sword causing the Elemental to fall to the ground with blood flowing from her body.

“NO!” The other Elementals yelled, as one slowly got up.

“You will pay for this!” Neville shouted, as he painfully remove a Vial of blue liquid and gulp it down, to gain back some of his strength.

“I don’t think so.” Damon yelled as the Elemental ran foreword with his Ax swung upwards, but the Demon blocked it.

As the battle again started, no one notice the fallen Elemental removing a Vial from her Robe and slowly gulp the blue liquid.” No, my Healing water is not fully healing my wound. “Clair painfully thought as she still felt a strong pain in her stomach.” It doesn’t matter one way or another, I must end this now.” Clair thought as she stood up.” Neville, Luna, Ginny we got no choice, we got to go ahead with plan B!” Clair painfully shouted, getting her friends attention.

“And what pathetic plan is this, you barely standing fool!” Damon yelled as he turned to the bloodied Elemental.

“The plan is something we decide to use when all others fails.” Clair angrily shouted, as each of her friends glowed an Orb of their Elemental Colors appeared.

“Clair takes my powers, and send this Demon to hell!” Luna smiled as she collapsed to the ground.

“Clair be careful, we are counting on you!” Neville yelled before he fell to the ground.

“Clair I love you!” Ginny smiled as she too fell, and instantly the three colored Orbs flew into the only standing Elemental.

“Thank you my friends, I will use your powers to end this quickly.” Clair sadly thought as her Blue Broadsword now had flecks of brown, white and red swirling about its metal blade.

“Impossible, you shouldn’t have been able to combine the four Elements.” Damon shouted in fear.

“Impossible, I seem to do the impossible a lot.” Clair smiled as she felt the strength of her friends growing within her.

“It doesn’t matter you are still too weak to kill me!” Damon shouted as the young Elemental made her attack, and swung her sword downwards, instantly the Demon tried to block the attack, but to his surprise not only his sword was shattered on the impact, the Elemental’s sword slashed diagonally into his chest.

A moment after the attack, the Elemental turned to the Demon.” It’s over Lord Damon!” Clair firmly informed the startled Demon.

“Hah this is just a scratch GIRL, I CAN easily heal this!” Damon laughed, but it soon became a scream of pain as his cut glowed brightly.” What did you do to me?” Damon yelled out in pain.

“That is an attack that causes any cut I make to expand until the two ends combine to become one.” Clair spat out, as fell to her knees gasping for air.

“I may be dead soon, but I see you couldn’t completely heal yourself, look like I won’t be dieing alone.” Damon laughed just seconds before screaming in pain as the cut grew larger and completely encircle his body.” I will be seeing you in Hell soon.” Damon gasped out as his body fell into two pieces.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I doubt that is where I’m be going.” Clair gasped out before falling foreword to the floor.

The second the Elemental fell, three colored Orbs flew out of her body, and back to their original owners and soon three Elementals were slowly awaking.” Oh my head…” Neville called out as he slowly sat up.

“Neville don’t shout.” Ginny quickly complain as she place her head into her head.

“Um guys I don’t think a Headache is the only worries we have.” Luna softly informed her friends, as she crawled over to a fallen friend.

“Oh no Clair…” Both friends yelled, as they went over to a Bloodied friend.

Once all three Elementals were together, they quickly turned over their fallen friend.” Clair I got some of your Healing Water so please hold on.” Ginny quickly informed her slowly dieing friend.

“Ginny I don’t think it will help…” Clair gasped out as she grimaced in pain.” I drank a whole Vial, and the water couldn’t heal my entire wound.” Clair weakly informed her teary eye friends.

“No Clair you can’t die on us, there must be something we can do like take you to the Hospital Wing!” Neville screamed as tears fell.

“I’m afraid there is nothing Madam Pomfrey can do, I think the cut is cursed so that it can’t be fully healed.” Clair gasped out, as each breath she took grew harder to take in the next one.” So please don’t mourn over me, I want you all to continue living for me.” Clair gasped out as a Demon Gate appeared, and the three Elementals quickly were up to defend themselves but was surprise to see a large Centaur walk out.

“Who are you?” Ginny quickly asked, but the Centaur ignored her as he knelt before their dieing friend.

As the large Centaur was face to face with the Elemental, a look of recognition crossed her face.” Lord Canker…” Clair cried out, as the Centaur place his hand over her Robes.

“Clair I’m sorry I can’t Heal this Cursed wound.” Lord Canker regrettably informed the young Elemental.” But if you fully trust me, I can save your life.” Lord Canker firmly informed a wide-eye teen.

“I…trust…you…” Clair quickly gasped out, as she closed her eyes.

“Clair I know you are still there, please contact your Elemental Guardian!” Canker quickly shouted instantly a ghost of a little messy hair girl appeared.

With the appearance of the ghost girl, the Centaur quickly turned to her.” Clover I need a Clone of Harry Potter now.” Lord Canker quickly ordered.

“My Lord, I don’t think I can create a full Clone, my powers are weakening as we speak.” Clover sadly informed the large Centaur.

“I don’t need a fully active Clone Clover, just create Harry’s body, I will do the rest!” Lord Canker firmly ordered, and the ghost nodded.

“This will take all my remaining powers, so please what ever you do, you might only have a minute before the Clone disperses.” Clover warned just before she became a puddle of water, and within seconds, a body of a young Wizard appeared.

“Thank you for your sacrifice Clover, I will make sure it was not in vain.” Lord Canker sadly whispered as he placed one hand on the Clone, and another on the Elemental.

Within seconds after placing his hands on the bodies, a dark cloud poured over the still forms, instantly a pure white Orb floated over the fallen Elemental and hovered in front of the Centaur.” Clair, you have to decide to live or head into the afterlife, it’s your decision.” Lord Canker gently informed the Orb, and it hovered for a few seconds before flying into the other misty form.” I hope you live for a long time my Elemental friend.” Lord Canker smiled as he closed his eyes, and the clouds disperse leaving two bodies behind.

With the clouds gone leaving the bodies, one of the three Elemental friends quickly spoke up.” What did you do to Clair?” Ginny yelled as the Centaur stood up to face the friends.

“Simple I saved Clair, or I should say Harry Potter.” Lord Canker smiled as a groan came from the young Elemental lying on the ground.

“Oh why do I feel so strange?” Harry groaned as he sat up.

“Glad to see you back in the land of the living Mr. Potter.” Lord Canker smiled as he helped the young Elemental up.” That feeling should pass in time, since I had to transfer your soul into a Clone so you can continue living.” Lord Canker informed a shock Elemental.

“What do you mean Clone.” Harry quickly asked, as he spied his now dead counterpart lying on the floor.” Wait a minute am I alive or just a copy of my former self?” Harry quickly asked.

“Harry you are alive, since even though you are in a body of a Clone, you do have your own soul in it, just think of it as a second chance of living.” Lord Canker gently informed a lost in thought Elemental.

“I guess this better then dieing.” Harry sighed in relief, but quickly looked to the Centaur.” But sir, can I still do all the things my former self can do?” Harry worriedly asked, as the Centaur gave it a thought.

“If you mean get hungry, sleep, and maybe start a family in the far future, that will be a yes you can still do all of that and more.” Lord Canker smiled at the embarrass look the young Elemental was showing.

“Even though I’m glad I can do all of those things, I meant do I still have my Elemental powers?” Harry quickly asked as his face went red.

“Yes you do, except for one you are no longer cursed to change into a girl, so in other words you now safe to touch water without the fear of turning into a girl.” Lord Canker grinned as the young Elemental jumped in joy.

After a few moments of celebration, the happy Elemental was interrupted.” Um Harry, is that really you?” Ginny worriedly asked, as she came up to her boyfriend.

“Yes Ginny my dear, it’s me Harry Potter!” Harry smiled as his girlfriend jumped on him to give him kiss, but a second later separated.

“Ah you taste like water?” Ginny confusedly asked while the large Centaur laughs.

“Don’t worry Ms. Weasley that is a side effect of being a Water Clone.” Lord Canker kindly interrupted.” But not to worry, within a week Harry will start to taste and smell like his old self, and even if a Healer scans him, she won’t tell the deference between his Clone and his real body.” Lord Canker smiled at the happy couple, before looking seriously at the four Elementals.” Now that my job is done, I have a going away present.” Lord Canker firmly informed the Elementals as a Demon Gate appeared and soon several dozens tied up Dark Robe figures stepped into the room.

After a moment of shock, one of the Elementals quickly went to one of the Robed figures, and removed his hood.” Tom Riddle…” Harry gasped out, as his nemesis sneered.

“Don’t call me by that Muggle name, and I order you to release me!” Tom yelled as the Centaur walked over to him.

“I afraid Tom I will not allow it.” Lord Canker firmly informed a scared Dark Lord.” I will be personally be sending you and your Death Eaters to Demon Realm, so I and others can snack on your tormented souls.” Lord Canker smiled, as the very frighten Dark Lord looked to the young Elementals.

“Potter you can’t allow this to happen!” Riddle quickly yelled.

“Actually after everything you and your Followers done to my family and all the innocents, I think this is a fitting end to you Tom Riddle!” Harry snarled and as his friends quickly agreed, the Dark Lord and his Followers look defeated as they walked to another Demon Gate.

With the Dark Wizards gone, one Elemental turned to the Centaur.” Um sir what about the Contract we signed.” Harry now worriedly asked the large Centaur.

“The Contract will expire once I seal our Realms from each other, so I can wait until then before we begin their eternal torture.” Lord Canker smiled at the thought before creating a Demon Gate.” That Gate will take you all home, but before you go I would like to say good luck to you all and thanks.” Lord Canker bowed to the Elementals, as did the teens, before they with a body floating behind them disappeared into the Gate.
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