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Begining of the End Part One

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Before the finale battle

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A/N; This part one of two, the next one will be the finale battle scene, sorry I needed more time to finish this, especially since a writer block stopped me from starting this chapter.

One thing about the first paragraph, its actually the begining of the final chapter of this story, I decided to add it to give you a preview of what to expect, it may be a bit confusing since I left out certain details that would be explained in the next chapter.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Hogwarts Grounds

At the shores of a large lake, by an enchanted castle, hundreds mourned as they sat before a Clear Coffin, with a messy hair young Witch in it, and as four sadden teens wearing colored Robes stood beside it an elderly Wizard stepped before them.” Harry, Harry….” Someone suddenly yelled, as everything went black.

Gryffindor Fifth Year Dorms

After hearing several shouts, a messy hair Witch sat up gasping for air.” HARRY WHAT’S WRONG, PLEASE UNLOCK THE CURTAINS!” A familiar voice yelled just outside a curtain-covered bed, and the Witch quickly waved her hand to unlock it.

“Ron what’s going on?” Clair gasps out, since the dream still upset her.

“What’s wrong, Clair I should be asking you that, I was awaken when I heard you crying.” Ron quickly explained as his friend felt her checks to find it wet.

“I’m sorry for awakening you, I had a dream, but it felt so real.” Clair quickly explained, as her friend eyes went wide.

“I’m getting the Headmaster he might help you explain the dream.” Ron quickly suggested, and before the Witch could stop him, her friend left the room in a rush.

Headmaster’s Office

In the office a Witch gave out details to her Headmaster, as her friends tried to comfort her, since she was not looking to well.” Headmaster I don’t know why, but I almost thought I was there, since I could smell the flowers about the Coffin.” Clair quickly informed her Headmaster while he looked lost in thought.

“I’m afraid to say this, but I heard stories about Wizards and Witches predicting their own deaths just moments before they actually die.” Dumbledore gravely informed a wide-eye group.

“I also heard Muggle soldiers doing the same, but I thought it was just a fairy tail.” Hermione remembered, as she looked worriedly to her friend.

“But Headmaster how cant that be, I was Harry standing beside Clair’s Coffin?” Clair reminded everyone.

“That is a mystery isn’t it, but one question Clair, did you see Clover in your dream?” Dumbledore kindly asked, as his student close her eyes to picture the event in her mind.

“Yes, Clover was standing with me, why you do ask?” Clair worriedly asked, as she looked to her Headmaster.

“Because I remember Clover telling me that she would cease to exist if you had died Clair.” Dumbledore informed a wide-eye teen.

“Then this can’t be a prediction.” Clair sighed in relief, as did her friends.

“You are probably right Clair, so please don’t fret about it, and plus how can you and Harry exist together?” Dumbledore reminded a slightly relieved teen.

“I guess you are right, and plus this could just be a reaction to the upcoming battle we might be having soon.” Clair sighed, as her Headmaster nodded.

“Then please forget this dream, since that is all it is.” Dumbledore kindly suggested, as his student nodded.

“I will try sir, and I’m sorry for waking you up.” Clair sorely informed her Headmaster.

“No problem Clair, my doors are always open for you, no matter what’s the time.” Dumbledore suggested, before dismissing the friends.

With his students gone, the Headmaster looked grimed.” I’m sorry for lying Clair, but I fear this dream of yours, will come to pass.” Dumbledore gravely thought, as he remembered all his friends whom had similar dreams just days before their own deaths.

Hogwarts Grounds

After a long and eventful year, classes and Exams finally ended for the students whom were resting after a long week of exams, especial three who were at the lake enjoying the setting sun.” Another year goes by, and we still got two more years of school, before we become officially adults.” Ron smiled at the thought of no more school or professors.

“Ronald Weasley, you sound like it will be nothing but fun and games when we leave school, well you are wrong, we need to find a job, a place to live, and then start a family.” Hermione scolded as her friend rolled his eyes.

“Not if I get a job working for the Canons, that will be a dream come true.” Ron smiled at the thought, as his friend grumbled more.

“Hey guys can we not argue for once, I want to relax for now.” Clair sighed as she lay back onto the grass to look to the sky.

“Um Clair, why are you a girl?” Ron unsurely asked since his friend was a boy just a minute ago,

“Probably because I just found the only spot here that is damp, and it unfortunately activated my Curse.” Clair sighed as she close her eyes for a relaxing rest.

After a minute of rest, the Elemental was called upon by her friend.” Hey Clair, what are your plans when you Graduate?” Hermione asked as she looked to her friend.

“I don’t really know, maybe an Auror, since my Elemental abilities will gave me an edge against Dark Wizards.” Clair informed her friend with a shrugged.” What about you Hermione, what kind of job you will try?’ Clair quickly asked, as she sat up to face her friend.

“I’m not sure, maybe a job that deal with research.” Hermione thoughtfully informed her friend.

“That will be a good job for you Hermione you seem to be good at finding out things.” Clair smiled as she remembered all the times her friend help her during the past years.

The trio of friends was at the lake for another ten minutes before one of their stomach growled signaling that it was close to dinner.” Hey guys lets head back, I’m starving.” Ron complained as he stood up, to the girl’s disappointment of leaving their spots.

“I guess we should head back.” Clair started but stopped as a water spout shot out of the water before her, instantly it disperses leaving a six-inch woman standing on the lake.” Lakeshore!” Clair only could cry out in surprise as her Mentor walked over to her.

As the little Sprit was just feet from her Charge, she looked up to the young Elemental.” Clair it is time for our attack on Demon Keep.” Lakeshore gravely informed a stricken teen.” Lord Canker will keep the Demons busy in Demon Realm while you and our supporters here will attack Lord Damon stronghold.” Lakeshore finished, as the young Elemental gulped.

“What about Headmaster Dumbledore and his Order, we could ask for his help.” Clair quickly suggested, but the little Sprit shook her head.

“I’m afraid they are not powerful enough to attack the Demons at Demon Keep, it will be suicide for normal Humans to attempt a direct assault against them.” Lakeshore firmly informed her Charge before turning towards a Demon Gate that just appeared.” Your Elemental friends are being summoned as we speak, so make haste, we must go now.” Was Lakeshore only warning, as she disappeared into the Gate leaving the now very worried friends.

With her Mentor gone, the Elemental turned to her friends.” Hermione tell Headmaster Dumbledore what just happen, hopefully I will be back soon.” Clair gravely informed her friend, before getting a hug.

“Just stay safe, and bring everyone back in one piece.” Hermione sadly suggested, as they separated with tears in their eyes.

“Clare please make sure my sister comes back with you alright!” Ron warned before giving her hug, to the Elemental surprise.

“Ok I will accept the hug, but try give me a kiss and I will slug you.” Clair warned as she blushed.

“Hey you are a girl now, so there isn’t any wrong with it right.” Ron quickly protested, as his friend shook her head.

“Believe whatever you want Ron Weasley.” Clair sighed, as she looked to both of her friends.” I should be going, I promise we all will be back.” Clair sadly promised before stepping into the Gate, and disappearing from the grounds.

Mountain Valley

In a Hidden Valley surrounded by large foreboding mountains, hundreds of deferent types of creatures gathered waiting for four special guests, and it did not take long as four Demon Gates appeared, and immediately four teens stepped into the Valley, looking nervously at the various creatures before them.” Welcome Chosen Ones, we are here to aid you in your battle.” A large Centaur warmly welcomed the four Elementals, as he stepped before them.

“Is this all the Demons that will be helping us?” Clair only could ask, as the large Centaur shook his head.

“No this is only the Commanders and Generals, our Solders are waiting in hiding until we start our attack.” The Centaur informed four astounding friends.

“Exactly how many is backing us up?” Ginny shockingly ask.

“Well over three-thousand here in Earth Realm, and well over a Million in Demon Realm.” The Centaur informed four shaken teens.

“Ah how many Demons we are facing.” Neville nervously asked.

“A little over two-thousand here in Earth Realm, and about five-hundred-thousand in Demon Realm.” The Centaur warned, and then continued.” We are lucky, only five percent of their forces are Commanders and Generals, and only one Leader, because they were fighting amongst themselves for dominance.” The Centaur explained for the reason for the lack of enemies.

“That will put the odds in our favor, but when are we going to attack the Fortress?” Clair gladly asked, as she hopes this was enough to fight the bad Demons.

“We attack once our four Leaders here bring down Demon Keep Wards.” The Centaur started, as he glanced up to one of the tall mountain peaks.” We should see something about now!” The Centaur warned, instantly a huge Dark Fortress appeared on the top of the mountain to the Elementals surprise.

“That is ten times larger then Hogwarts.” Neville gasps out as his Battle Ax appeared in his hands.

“Well you know the saying, the bigger they are, the easier to bring down.” Clair gulped as her Broad sword appeared.

“This is it guys, lets end this today.” Ginny gulped as her Bow appeared.

“We better, since I’m planning to find the Crumple-horned Snorkacks this summer.” Luna informed everyone, and before her friends could reply a large Brontosaurus like creature step up.

“Did someone say they were looking for me?” The Demon quickly asked to the shock of three friends.

“You, you are a Crumple-horned Snorkack?” Neville stuttered out, as the creature nodded.

“In the flesh, but I prefer Snorkack please.” Snorkack gently smiled as another spoke up.

“I believe we need to charge the Fortress now.” The Centaur interrupted, as he turned to the Elementals.” While we storm the Fortress you four will use this Demon Gate to get to their Leader without trouble.” The Centaur informed the four friends as he created a Demon Gate.

“Wait you are not going to help us?” Clair quickly cried out, as the Centaur shook his head,

“We will distract the other Demons, so you will have only the Leader to deal with, since I’m sure Lord Damon will send all of his armies against us, leaving only him in his main room.” The Centaur then turns to the others.” Today we will fight for our right to be full pledge Demons, and never to be servants to another!” The Centaur called out, and got loud cheers.” Then let’s go and fight for our freedom!” The Centaur yelled, and all rushed towards the Fortress.

In no time battle sounds came from the Fortress, and the four Elementals gulped as they turn to the Demon Gate.” This is it guys.” Clair informed her friends, as she put on a brave face.

“It’s now or never, we must win to save our world.” Ginny firmly said, as they all agreed.

“And plus we got reservations from my father to that special beach resort, we were thinking of going this summer.” Luna smiled as the three friends blushed at the thought.

“Ah Luna is that the Resort that is Clothes Optional right?” Ginny embarrassedly asked.

“Of course Ginny, it’s really nice and scenic there.” Luna smiled as another embarrass friend cleared his throat.

“Lets talk about this another time guys, we got a Demon to destroy.” Clair reminded her friends, as they nodded before they all rushed into the Gate.
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