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You did What?

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Harry tells everyone what he did.

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A/N; Sorry for the long update for this chapter, but the next chapter is the finale battle with the Demons, and I'm planning to write another chapter, just to finished this story.

Also I'm starting working on a new story, this is a possible tittle.

Harry Potter and Rise of the Spirit Hunter

An evil Dumbledore is working to distroy the reputation of the Boy Who Live, but thanks to other worldly intervention, Harry is giving a chance to live.

This will be AU to both Yu Yu Hakusho and Harry Potter.

This story is just a thought I'm working on, and I will wait till I'm done with my current stories before working on it

Also I do not own Harry Potter and please review.

On a dark path, a three-foot diameter pure black gate appeared, and once a young Witch stepped threw she quickly looks around for dangers.” I’m home!” Clair smiled as she recognized the path that connects Hogwarts to Hogsmeade.” I better get going everyone will be worried about me.” Clair thought as she got her bearings and headed towards the school.

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