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Unholly Alliance

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Clair gets some Allies.

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A/N; As for this chapter, I was originally going to say a Demon had save Clair on it own occord, but I made the changes as I was writting it, and not sure how I came up with this version of who saved Clair, what had happen afterwards but I'm sticking with it.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Unknown Location

In a nicely decorative room, a messy hair Witch was sleeping peacefully until her eyes quickly open and she quickly sat up.” NO!” Clair shouted as she covered her eyes.

“Clair please calm down you are safe.” A very familiar voice sounded, and the young Elemental slowly peak to see her old Mentor sitting beside her.

“Lakeshore what is going on, and where am I?” Clair worriedly asked as she notices she was in an unfamiliar bedroom.

“Clair my dear, you are in my home, but for now please rest and gain some strength and we will talk later.” Lakeshore calmly suggested, as she stood and left the startled teen.

“I guess I should, I just hope my friends knows I’m alright.” Clair thought, as she got comfortable in bed and fell asleep.

For a couple days the young Elemental slept and ate to gain some strength, and on the third day her Mentor brought some Robes.” Clair please get dress, I believe its time for us to do some serious talks.” Lakeshore firmly informed an accepting teen, before leaving to give the young teen some privacy.

“Finally I can leave the bed.” Clair happily thought as she got out of her nightclothes, and quickly put on the bluish Robes, her Mentor left her, and once dress, she left the room.

Out of the room, the young Elemental was startled as she found herself in a hallway of solid rock. “That is odd, why do I have a feeling I’m in a cave?” Clair thought as she followed the hallway to its opening, and got a shock of her life.” No way…” Clair stuttered out, as she spied a red sky landscape filled with Lava flows, jagged mountains, and barren wastelands.” Am I in Hell?” Clair shockingly asked and got an answer.

“My home been called many names, but I would prefer The Demon Realm.” Lakeshore informed a shock teen.

“Demon Realm, does that mean you are a Demon!” Clair almost shouted in fear, as she quickly back away from her Mentor.

“Clair please relaxed if I wanted to hurt you, I would have done it a long time ago.” Lakeshore sternly informed an unsure looking teen.

“Then why did you bring me here!” Clair demanded, as her Mentor sighed.

“Because I saved you from a Level One Demon, didn’t I warn you Clair that you need all of power of the four Elements to defeat him.” Lakeshore scolded a shrinking teen.

“I thought he was a Level three, he must have masked his power level so I didn‘t know.” Clair quickly defended herself.

“It doesn’t matter, you should’ve been more careful.” Lakeshore sighed, as she looked out of the cave.” And thanks to your bungling we need to move the date of the finale battle.” Lakeshore informed a startled teen.

“What do you mean us?” Clair glared as she got back her courage.” Lakeshore what is going on, why are you helping us when you are a Demon yourself?” Clair demanded as her Mentor glared.

“Because you may not believe this Clair, but I’m a Level Five Demon, which is no more then, a servant or worst a slave in our Realm!” Lakeshore snapped at the young Elemental, whose eyes went wide as she realized what was happening.

“You are revolting against the other Demons, because you can’t move up to the higher Levels!” Clair quickly guessed, as the Sprite nodded.

“There is well over a Million Demons here that is stuck as a Level five, and many of us should be a level Two, or even a One.” Lakeshore sighed, as she looked to the young Elemental.

“Then why do you need me and my friends, looks to me we doing your dirty work just to get you to the Level you think you deserve!” Clair snapped and immediately regretted it, as she found her Mentor’s hand at her throat, squeezing the air out of her.

After a moment the Sprite quickly let go the now gasping Elemental.” Don’t you see what we have done, by giving you the power of the Elements, we gave you the chance to save Earth Realm from us Demons!” Lakeshore snapped back, as she looked down to the fallen teen.” Or maybe we should’ve let Lord Damon take over Earth Realm, so his forces here will be weakening enough for us to take our rightful place as High Level Demons!” Lakeshore sneered, loosing the friendly image the Elemental remembered.

“So this is your plan, while we Elementals weaken Damon forces at Earth Realm, you would attack here in Demon Realm.” Clair gasped out, as she fought to get more air into her.

“You are right Clair, and don’t make me regret teaching you Demon Magic, since I could easily remove it from you as easily as I gave it to you!” Lakeshore snapped, as she turned around.” Now follow me Human, you need to see the council of Demons, which is leading the war against Lord Damon!” Lakeshore firmly commanded, and walked away, with the young Elemental shakily following.

Not far from where she rested, the young Elemental was taken to a large chamber, filled with various Demons, many she recognized or almost looks like everyday Magical creatures she read about.” Um Lakeshore are these all Demons?” Clair whispered.

“As you can see Clair, many of your Magical Creature is in fact Demons, which had made Earth Realm their home for the last thousand years or so.” Lakeshore informed a wide-eye teen, as a larger then normal Centaur-like creature cleared his throat.

“Lakeshore is this Human one of the Prophesize Ones!” The Centaur uncertainly asked.

“She is Lord Canker, and thanks to her and the others, many of Lord Damon forces are decimated.” Lakeshore informed a nodding Centaur.

“Yes our spies been reporting that Lord Damon is calling for more of his forces that is still here, Earth Realm is lucky he can‘t bring no more then a thousand Demons a month, that is until he can reopen the main Demon Gate.” Canker snared as he looked to the Elemental.” You Human child, come forward!” Canker ordered and the young Elemental quickly stepped before him.” I believe you have some questions for us?” Canker unkindly asked.

“If we help you, what will become of Earth Realm when this is over?” Clair quickly demanded, as the Centaur glared.

“Nothing will happen, since we planning to seal all excess to your Realm so that means no Dark Wizard can summon us Demons to your world.” Canker snarled, as the Elemental quickly back up.” Just be glad that is all we are going to do, since we can easily take over your Realm even with you protecting it!” Canker snarled as he motions another.” Sharphook bring the parchment here!” Canker quickly ordered a birdlike human, and large parchment was place before the teen.” We made this contract to show that we will not harm you humans, as long as we are not betrayed by you!” Canker snarled as the young Elemental looked over the Parchment.

Declaration of Peace between Humans and Demon

1. Demons will not take over Earth Realm.

2. Humans nor Demons will not harm the other, unless one provoked first.

3. Both Humans and Demons will aid each other in our War against Lord Damon and his forces.

4. With the War is over, we Demons will leave Earth Realm in peace, unless the other betrayed.

5. The four Chosen one’s will be able to choose to keep their Elemental Powers once the War with Lord Damon ends.

Once both Demon and Human sign this Parchment, you will be Magically bound to them, and will lose your magical Core if none of the requirements met.

Once the young Elemental read the list, she looked up.” I will agree to the terms, but who will sign this?” Clair worriedly asked, as the Centaur picked up a Quill.

“You will represent the Humans child, and I will represent the Demons!” Canker barked out while getting lots of complaints from the other Demons, but was quickly silence by their leader.” SILENCE, I will sign this Magically Binding Contract to show our support to our cause and no one else.” Canker yelled, and signed the contract, before anyone could stop him.” Now child, it is your turn.” Canker Barked and Clair pick up the Quill, and sign her birth name.” Ah very good child, you do know your contracts well.” Canker now kindly informed a startled teen.

“I just wanted to show that I fully support this.” Clair committed herself, as the Centaur nodded in acceptance.

“Then you can take your leave child, and go in peace, and I do hope when we meet again, it will be before I finally seal our Realms from each other.” Canker kindly bowed as did the young Elemental, before her Mentor took her away.

Once out of the council room, the Sprite turned to the young Elemental.” The War with Lord Damon is drawing to a close, just wait for the signs that we are attacking, that will be your cue to storm Demon Keep.” Lakeshore informed a startled Elemental.

“What will the signs be?” Clair uncertainly asked.

“The weakening of the Wards, Lord Damon will need a couple more months before he can reinforce his forces in your realm, we can us this to our advantage by summoning our Allies in Earth Realm to both weaken his Wards and then Aide you to fight against him.” Lakeshore informed an accepting teen.

“We will be ready, and I’m sorry for making you angry.” Clair regrettably remembered.

“And I’m sorry for attacking you.” Lakeshore simply apologized before smiling.” I’m glad I didn’t do that after you sign the parchment or I will be in trouble.” Lakeshore grinned, before taking the young Elemental to safe place to open a Demon Gate to take her home.
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