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Ministry Battle

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Battle at the Ministry.

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A/N; Sorry for the long update for this story, for a long time I was stuck on how to begin this chapter, only recently I discovered I completely forgotten a scene I wrote in last couple chapters that needed an ending too, so with that scene in mind, I started this chapter.

Also sorry about the cliff hanger, I need some time to figure how to end this part of the story, but won’t be long.

In addition, I do not own Harry Potter and please review.


In the hallways four friends wearing colored Robes, walked towards the Great Hall looking worried as they walked in silence, since they knew in a couple hours they will be in a battle for their lives.

Great Hall

The professors were silent, as the students ate until the doors open for the four Elementals, whom were warmly welcomed by the Headmaster.” Morning Ms. Lakeshore, Mr. Longbottom, Ms. Weasley and Ms. Lovegood, would you all please sit at the Head Table so we can talk.” Dumbledore kindly asked, and the four Elemental nodded as they walked pass the shock students.

Once seated, Dumbledore looked to the White Robe Elemental.” Ms. Lakeshore will you guys be ready for the upcoming battle?” Dumbledore worriedly asked, as the young Elemental sighed.

“We are prepared to face almost everything the Demons can throw at us, that all I can say.” Clair gulped as her Headmaster nodded.

“As are the Order, we will try to keep the Death Eaters out of your way, so you can focus on the Demons as we planed last night.” Dumbledore started, but he was interrupted as hundreds of Owls flew in, and one landed with a Daily Prophet, which he paid for and began reading which he caused him to sigh a second later.” Ms. Lakeshore I believe you should read this.” Dumbledore warned as the startled teen looked to the worried Headmaster.

“Headmaster what is wrong?” Clair worriedly asked, but took the paper and gasped.” No Tom finally had done it!” Clair quickly cried out getting her friends attention.
“Clair what is wrong?” Ginny quickly asked, as Clair passes the paper

The Boy who is now The Girl Who Lived

It comes to our attention that the Savior of the Wizarding World is under a Gender Bender Curse, and is now posing as Clair Lakeshore, whom is repeatedly seem at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

In similar news, it appears that the young Weasley girl, is dating the Gender Bender Savior, and seen by reliable sources kissing each other in public.

It was all the young teen could read, as her face was red in embarrassment.” I don’t believe they wrote this, and soon after the other incident!” Ginny screamed as she looked to her Girlfriend, but unfortunately, she was looking out into the Great Hall, where the student body was voicing various feelings toward the news article.

“This doesn’t look good.” Clair worriedly thought, as she shivered thinking of what had happen just months ago.

“Don’t fret Ms. Lakeshore, I will try some damage control here, and later with Minister Madam Bones, since she will fully support you.” Dumbledore assure the frighten teen, before standing up to address the student body.

As the Headmaster stood up, the students quieted down, many look unkindly at the two Elementals in white and red Robes.” It appears the Daily Prophet had overstepped their boundaries again, I will personally look into this and correct this article.” Dumbledore firmly informed the unsure student body.

“Sir if this is lie, why it is that neither Lakeshore nor Potter is ever seen when the other is around.” Draco yelled, getting lots of Slytherin support for his claims.

“I’m not denying the Prophet claims, I simply correcting their error.” Dumbledore calmly informed the Slytherin, and with a glance to a defeated teen, he continued.” Ms. Lakeshore is indeed Mr. Potter, thanks to a Curse he was infected with during last summer.” Dumbledore started getting the students whispering to each other.” Unfortunately the Curse can’t be permanently removed, but it can be temporary removed, this is the reason Harry can attend classes as himself.” Dumbledore informed the students, as a Ravenclaw stood up.

“Sir what about the Prophet claims that Ginny is Dating Clair?” Cho called out, as many looked towards the Headmaster for an answer.

“Ms. Weasley IS Mr. Potter’s Girlfriend, but at the same time she will accept Clair as her Girlfriend.” Dumbledore answered while a few students accepted it while others looked disgusted.

“That is gross Headmaster, why would Ginny date someone who changes into her Gender!” A younger student called out.

“Speak for yourselves, I wouldn’t mind experimenting with both Genders, so I think Ginny is lucky to have Harry as her Boyfriend.” An older red-face Witch quickly defended the couple, while getting more support from other older students.

In a few minutes almost all of the students voice their support, until the Headmaster spoke up.” Thank you for understanding, but please this would be something you should keep to yourselves.” A smiling Dumbledore suggested, as he sat down leaning to a embarrass teen.” One down, one more to go to clear this mess you seem to find yourself Ms. Lakeshore.” Dumbledore smiled, but inwardly knew this could cause a huge mess especially during an all out battle that will begin soon.

Ministry of Magic

The Headmaster guess was accurate, in the large atrium Wizards and Witches was in an uproar as they read the articles none of them noticed their surroundings until as a loud bang sounded throughout the building causing many to rush out of their rooms to see a devastated Atrium and a large snakelike Wizard surrounded by numerous Dark cloak Wizards.” My fellow Death Eaters, its time you show yourselves!” Voldemort magically enhance voice sounded and immediately many darker cloak Wizards rushed out of their offices and was at their master side.” Now my fellow Death Eaters, we…” Voldemort could not finish as another voice interrupted him.

“I think not Tom Riddle!” The aged Headmaster interrupted, as he, his Order, and a large Auror force appeared.

“Foolish old man, I don’t know how you knew about this attack, but coming here will the last mistake you’ll ever make!” Voldemort hiss madly as he turned to his men.” Death Eaters…” Voldemort started, but an explosion sent him and almost all of his men to the ground in pain.

“Sorry to interrupt you Tom, you will pay for the pain you caused me!” Clair yelled as she appeared with her Elemental friends.

“Potter…” Voldemort hissed in surprised, but froze as a ten-foot diameter dark circular gate appeared, and soon hundreds of eight-feet spiders began crawling out and attacking everyone in the Atrium.

Soon was utter chaos as Wizards and Witches of both Light and Dark fight for their very lives against the Demon spiders and each other, but as they focus on the battle two Elementals had no trouble clearing away the numerous Demons.” Clair there is too many Demons, there is no way we can protect the Order!” Neville shouted as he sent hundreds of metal needles at the incoming spiders, immediately a few went down at the onslaught.

“I know Neville, but we must try.” Clair firmly suggested as she waved her hand to send a icicle at a spider dragging a victim away, and luckily her aim was true and the Demon fell dead.

While two Elemental was on the ground fought, two others was on a moving platform of air, high above the Atrium sending out Fire and Air Arrows at the Demons.” Luna a little to the right, I can’t get a clear shot at the spiders headed to the Order’s blind side.” Ginny begged and the Platform move just enough for her to send several exploding arrows at the incoming spiders, killing a few and sending the others off running away from the Order.” Thanks Luna.” Ginny smiled as she her friend continue their attack.

As the battle progressed the two Elementals on the ground was started to be overwhelmed with spiders.” Clair if I don’t have a chance after this, I want to say I don’t regret being your friend.” Neville grinned, as he brought out his Elemental Battle Ax.

“Hey don’t count our chickens before they hatch, we are still alive and kicking.” Clair scolded, as she brought out her Elemental Broadsword.” And plus when this is over I’m having a large party in my tent, so I’m expecting all my friends to be there!” Clair firmly warned as both gulped before running threw the mess of Demons, leaving body parts in their wake.

The battles continue for another hour, with no signs of ending until a powerful blast tore threw the Atrium” WHAT THE…” Clair shouted as she and Neville was thrown from where they fought, and rolled onto the ground.

A few moments of silence, one Elemental painfully looked up to see two Humanlike Demons jump down a destroyed lift.” The Spiders was a distraction, they are after something under us.” Clair worriedly thought, before turning to her fallen friend.” Neville are you alright?” Clair worriedly asked, as she crawled to her friend.

“Hey Clair did you get the number of that Hippogriff!” Neville painfully asked, as his friend poured a dark blue liquid into his mouth.

“I’m afraid I miss the number, but I did see two Demon commanders heading downstairs.” Clair worriedly informed her equally worried friend.

“WHAT, ARE YOU SURE!” Neville shouted as his eyes went wide.” Dealing with one Commander is bad enough, but two is suicidal?” Neville quickly stuttered out as his friend started to get up.

“I know, but I must see what are they are up too, so please keep an eye on Ginny.” Was Clair only warning as a whirlwind of water encircled her, and shot up into the air, and down into the destroyed lift.

“Good luck Clair.” Neville sadly whispered, before getting up to continue his attack against the Demons.

Department of Mysteries

In the bowels of the Ministry of Magic a column of water splashed against the stone floors to reveal a young Witch ready for battle.” Good thing those Demons left a trail for me to follow.” Clair worriedly thought as she started her walk in a devastated hallway.

Not far from where she landed, the young Elemental walked into a round room with many doors, two was blown apart showing where the Demons she sort went threw.” Too easy, I thought these Demons were too dumb to cover their tracks.” Clair smiled, but as she stepped further into the room, it spun around for a few seconds before stopping causing the teen go dizzy for a few moments longer.” Boy that was unexpected.” Clair thought as the world stopped spinning, only to see none of the doors was damaged.” Great what I need a room to make my work harder?” Clair cried out in despair, that she had no choice but to go and explore each room.


By the now ruin fountain, a young Elemental severed the two front legs of a spider with one swing of his Battle Ax, and then with a second swing, he killed it as its head fell away.” Well done Mr. Longbottom, thanks to you and your friends, the Demons are defeated.” Dumbledore smiled as the young Elemental now notice the Battleground was now still.

“What about Tom and his Death Eaters?” Neville quickly asked, as the Age Headmaster sighed.

“Tom and many of his followers somehow disappeared sometime at the beginning of the battle, but where is Clair I thought you both were fighting close together?” Dumbledore worriedly asked, as the young Elemental looked to the damage lifts.

“Clair saw a number of Demons heading down the lifts, she went after them.” Neville quickly informed a startled Headmaster.
“This is not good and with the Lift destroyed, there is no way to get to the most secure part of the building.” Dumbledore worriedly informed his student as he noted the destroyed Lifts led too.

Department of Mysteries

After literally traveling threw space and time, then meeting the largest minds, the Elemental finally found the Demons examining an Archway, immediately she recognizes it.” A Demon Gate, what it is doing here?” Clair thought as she hid between the courtroom stands.” I guess I can find that out later.” Clair firmly thought and got ready to attack. “I have one chance I got to quickly take one out, before I reveal myself.” Clair thought and ran forward to swing her sword upwards sending a crescent wave at one of the Demons, and the second the Elemental attack hit him, a force thrown her backwards and landed painfully on the courtroom stands.

As Clair painfully sat up, she knew she was in trouble as she saw blood on her Robes.” A Backlash Protection Ward, only a Second level Demon can create something strong enough to reflect an Elemental attack.” Clair gasped out as a Demon turned to her.

“So we meet at last Clair Lakeshore, or should I call you Harry Potter?” A large humanlike Demon asked, he was wearing a red tuxedo, and could pass as a rich man.

“Clair Lakeshore…” Clair gasps out in pain.

“Oh please don’t move, I don’t want you to die yet, at least not before we fight the final battle.” The Demon unkindly suggested, as he turn back to the Gate.” Ah Merlin special Demon Gate, the very same Gate he used to vanquish us Demons a thousand years ago.” The Demon sneered as he remembered the event.” Too bad this was the only way you could have won against us.” The Demon grinned as he waved his hand, the gate imploded into a dark mass, and gone in a second.” And now for you Lakeshore, I think I will not give you another chance to attack me.” The Demon growled, and before the Elemental could move, he waved his hand, and she fell backwards into darkness.

For a few moments, two shock Demons could only stare as the Elemental was pulled into a Demon Gate that appeared behind her, and disappeared before he could do anything.” Find the Demon that save that Elemental, I want him skinned and then made to pay for this!” The Demon yelled as the other Demon nodded in fear.

“Yes my Lord, I will personally see that it is done painfully.” The other Demon stuttered out, as another Demon Gate appeared and both stepped into it.


The cleanup barely began, as Wizards and Witches began to slowly shift threw the bodies of Demons, in hope to find survivors, when a frantic child appeared before the Elementals.” Clover, what is you doing here, I thought Clair order you to guard the school.” Ginny quickly scolded, but stopped as she saw the scared looked the Guardian was sending her way.

“I know Ginny, but I can no longer sense sis, I think she is dead!” Clover cried out, as the Elementals eyes grew wide at the news.

“NO, NO IT CAN’T BE!” Ginny yelled, as she fell to her knees crying with the others trying to comfort her.

A few moments later, the Age Headmaster sadly stepped up to the destruct teens, and knelt before them.” I will send a team immediately to investigate this, but I think its time for you three to head back to Hogwarts.” Dumbledore sadly suggested, and with a nod from one of the Elementals, they all vanished as the Headmaster stood up to look at the small child.” Clover is you sure about this?” Dumbledore sadly asked, as the child shook her head.

“No I don’t know what to think, since if sis had died I would no longer exist.” Clover worriedly informed the Age Headmaster.

“Then in that case, I believe your sis is in fact alive, so please don’t fret alright.” Dumbledore kindly suggested, and the child nodded looking hopeful that the Headmaster was right.

After sending the child back to Hogwarts, the Headmaster sighed as he looked to the devastated remains of the Atrium.” What happen to you Clair, and please be alright.” Dumbledore thought as he got a group to search below the Ministry, and again started searching for survivors.

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